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You Never Said I Love You But I Know You Do


There is something inside of you that prevents you from speaking your mind. You could tell me all sorts of things, you could talk about everything and nothing but you could never say, “I love you.” Those three little words would mean the world to me and sometimes it even hurts not hearing them.

I was questioning everything because of the lack of those words. I’ve actually thought about calling quits on us. I thought since you were not speaking about it, you were not really feeling it. What I failed to realize is that you are a man of few words but one of great actions.


Just because I never heard words of love doesn’t mean I haven’t seen them.

You show me you love me every morning and every night by simply wanting to know if I had a good sleep or by sending me goodnight kisses.You have showed me I am on your mind and that you couldn’t imagine your mornings or nights without me in them.

You show me you love me every time you ask about my day and every time you tell me how yours went. You want to know about my life because you are a big part of it and you tell me about your day, your thoughts and your dreams because I am an important part of your life too.


You show me you love me when you come knocking on my door with chicken soup while I am sick. By taking care of me and doing everything you can to ensure the healing process goes smoothly. By texting ‘How are you?’ when you can’t be with me.

You show me you love me by looking at me like I am the most beautiful woman alive. I know in your eyes I am. You stare at the freckles on my nose. You put my hair behind my ear so you can have a better look at my smiley face. You pull me close when you feel endearment because of something I’ve said. You can’t keep your eyes off of me, no matter who is around.

You show me you love me by being there when I am sad. By not leaving when my face is not smiling. By supporting me while I go through something. By being a man of your word and standing behind your promises.

You show me you love me by giving me your time. You always find time to spend with me no matter how busy you are. It lets me know I matter. I see that you can’t wait to be with me. Regardless of what we are doing or for how long, as long as we are together you are happy.

You show me you love me when I am mad at you and you couldn’t be sorrier for making me feel bad. You do your best to redeem yourself. The fact that you have never made the same mistake twice says a lot about the kind of man you are and your feelings toward me.

You show me you love me every time you kiss me and every time you hold me close. You make an imprint of yourself on my body by holding me just right, not too tight, not too loose, but hard enough so I know I am yours.


Even if you can’t say it, I still know you feel it because you show it in ways that no words in this world would suffice to describe that feeling. Everything you are showing me makes saying, “I love you” too common and too simple. I love you and I love your way of showing me you love me.



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