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15 Types Of Hugs Ranked From Tight To Sloppy (And Their Meanings)



You would all probably agree with me that hugging is something that people do to express their emotions about others. People did it a long time ago and it won’t change in the future as well. And if you ask me, hugging is something that brings people together and makes them feel good. It also has some positive effects on people’s health. It can reduce your anxiety and make you feel like you belong to someone. It can also reduce your stress hormone and in that way let you sleep better. Want to know the best part? Scientist found out that couples that hug more in their relationships end up the happiest and in most cases they have less marital problems.

Now, you all have been doing this for a long time and you know that there are different types of hugs. So, how you will know what each type of a hug means? Is there a way to know what it means when someone gives you a tight hug or when someone hugs you sloppily? If you didn’t know what each type of hug means, worry no more because I am here to help you understand them better. I will talk about different types of hugs and their meanings so it can be easier for you to understand what it means when a person gives you a hug. So let’s start!

1. The tight hug

This is my favorite type of hug. I just love when someone hugs me with all their power because I know that type of hug can only give you a person that loves you so much. It looks like it is the last time they will see you and they want to show you that they love you so much and that they will miss you once you are gone. If your partner gives you this kind of a hug, it is just a subtle sign that he likes you. It means that he is into you but is scared to admit it, so he uses this type of hug to show you how much he cares about you and how much he misses you. If you ever had this type of squeeze, you probably know what it felt like and I hope that you will have many hugs like this in the future.

2. The side hug


This type of hug is the most relaxed one. It is also called the armed hug. People often hug like this when they are in a good mood or when they hug their friends and acquaintances. It is not as romantic as the tight hug but it is sweet. You can often see that kind of hug when people pose for a photo as the best way for both to be seen in the photo is to give each other a side hug. So, if a man hugged you in this way, it doesn’t have to mean that he likes you. It is just a sign that he sees you as a friend and that you will have to go the extra mile to get his attention for something more. And until that happens enjoy this type of a relaxed hug and be happy. You sure have reasons for that!

3. The bear hug


This type of hug means wrapping your arms around another person and showing them that you want to protect them. It is similar to when your mom or your dad hug you and when you feel so cozy and protected in their arms. Guys really like girls that hug like this and when they do that, they feel some kind of emotional attraction towards them. Also, this kind of hug is quite popular in sports where, for example, rugby players hug their opponents from the back and in that way immobilize them. Now, they can do whatever they want because their opponents can’t move. Even when it is used in that way a bear hug is more popular in love relationships when two people are in love to show each other how much they are head over heels in love.

4. The long hold


If you have ever had a hug like this, I am sure that you felt protected and nice. This is the kind of hug people give you when they want to tell you that they miss you and that they feel protected in your arms. In this way, they want to tell you that they need help. Maybe their day was bad or they just feel down for no reason but if you get this kind of hug, make sure that you help that person. If you get this kind of a hug from your partner, it means that he really loves you and that he is happy to have you. He probably thinks that you are his best friend and the all he can lean on where life gets tough. But one thing is for sure: No matter who gives you a hug like this, if you get it you can consider yourself a lucky person!

5. The hug from the back


People of often feel comfortable when they get a hug like this. It makes you feel so good to be hugged even if you don’t actually see the person that is hugging you. But you know that no matter who hugs you, that person has some deep feelings for you and that he or she missed you when you were gone. In case your loved one hugs you like this, it means that he is totally relaxed with you and that in this way, he just wants to show you how much he loves you and how much you are important to him. If he kisses your hair in the middle of the hug, you can be sure that he is head over heels in love with you and that it is just a matter of time when he will put a ring on it.

6. The straddle hug


This is the type of a hug only people in love do. It is very intimate, done in private and a sign of a sexual tension. You can’t hug all people in this way because it is only reserved for those special ones. Mostly girls give this kind of a hug to guys and in that way they get totally exposed. You need to trust someone a lot to give them this kind of a hug, so think twice before you actually do it. This hug reveals a lot of lust form the person that receives it and shows that you and your partner have a very good physical connection.

7. The London bridge hug


This is quite a specific kind of hug because both persons touch each other with the upper part of their bodies only while the lower parts of their bodies are far away. If someone hugs you in this way, you should know that they don’t love you so much and that they don’t want to make any deeper bond with you. They just want to be acquaintances and they don’t have the need to get to know you better. You might be wondering why people hug in this way in the first place, right? Well, they do that not to act uptight but they don’t show their real emotions to the person they are hugging.

8. The Eye-to-Eye hug


This type of hug is reserved for those that are in love. I am not saying that you can’t hug your friends or parents in this way but mostly people hug their loved ones in this way the most. When people look in each other’s eyes, they can see into their souls and feel the love that is between them. If your loved one hugs you like this, you can consider yourself lucky because it is a sign that he is truly, madly and deeply in love with you. Nothing can shake your relationship because both of you are so devoted to it.

9. The pickpocket hug


This is the kind of a hug you can give to your loved one only. It means hugging them in a way where you will put your hands in their back pockets. They can do that to you at the same time and if they do it, it means that they feel super comfortable with you. They don’t have a problem doing it when the two of you are alone or when you are with your friends. It is a sign of deep love and affection and feeling good in your own skin. If you are the one that can give this kind of a hug to your partner, congratulations because you two are a true match.

10. Quick hug


Most people say that they don’t like to get this kind of a hug because the people that are hugging them are not interested in developing any deeper bond with them. But that is so far from the real truth. You must have been in a situation when you wanted to hug someone but you were late for job or school so you just gave them a quick hug. Giving that kind of hug doesn’t mean that you are not interested in those people (why would you hug them in the first place) but only that you don’t have time for a long hug but you still want to show them your love and affection. Now you can be calm because even a quick hug is a hug!

11. The hug with laying heads on each other


Did you ever get that kind of hug from your man when he would lay his head gently on yours? If you did, you know how amazing that was. It felt like you are the most loved woman of them all and that he has eyes only for you. This kind of hug is extremely comfortable and cozy and it shows that you have feelings for each other. It can also tell you that the two of you are a perfect match and that he wouldn’t be able to imagine his life without you.

12. The hug with twirling you around


If you girls have been in love with the man who gave you this kind of a hug, I am sure that you will remember him for the rest of your lives. By giving this kind of a hug to you, a man shows that he enjoys spending time with you and he is not afraid to show you his playful side. It means that he loves to see you smiling and giggling, so he will continue do that until you say it is enough. For me personally, this is one of the most fun hugs to get, so you are lucky if you have someone to hug you like this.

13. The hug around the waist


This kind of hug suits people that are in relationships and it shows a lot of love and affection. It is also a sign that one feels comfortable and that they enjoy every second spent with you. Also, some people consider this type of a hug as a sign of lust. You can recognize that if there is something more involved with that hug like neck kissing or cheek kissing. When boys are trying to find out how to seduce a girl, they use this kind of hug. They don’t feel awkward because of that because they are not close to you but yet they feel that there is something more than just a friendship between the two of you.

14. The right doll hug


This kind of hug happens between two people where one of them doesn’t care about another one. If you receive this kind of a hug it is a sign of one-sided relationship. No matter how much one person tries to make that relationship work, it is all in vain because the other one doesn’t give a damn. It is the same for love and friendship relationships because for both of them, this kind of hug is not something a person looks forward to.

15. Sloppy hug


This kind of a hug might be long but that doesn’t mean anything because it is sloppy. You hug people like that when you don’t care about them so much but you do that because it is polite or because all others hug them. It doesn’t show any love or affection and it looks like you just do it for no reason. Believe it or not, people give this kind of hug from time to time.



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