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Take someone else’s husband away. 5 reasons why you shouldn’t do this

Take someone else’s husband away. 5 reasons why you shouldn’t do this.
Traditionally, it is believed that having an affair with a married man is bad. I will not judge anyone, but will simply name the reasons why this could be bad for you personally and for your relationship in the future if you still manage to take him away.

Take someone else’s husband away. 5 reasons why you shouldn’t do this

Reason number 1.

Take someone else’s husband away. Has this thought ever occurred to you? If you are not sure of your feelings for him or if you are only doing this to improve your financial situation, do not waste your time.
Because men, like children, perfectly feel the insincerity of intentions and the dirty trick. Because, even if you manage to do this for mercantile reasons, he will protect himself in such a way that after the divorce you will not get anything.

And because after you get it into “your possession,” you will lose interest in it, and you won’t be able to live without loving, pretending all your life. And he, feeling deceived, will hate you with all his soul.

He will blame you for the fact that he left his wife (who, at the very least, but loved), and in this case you will be left alone, again, without everything, and having lost several years of your life. You will have to return to the search for your one and only.

So think three times: if you don’t love, don’t even start. Taking someone else’s husband away is not like going to the store for bread. This can ruin more than one life!

Reason number 2.

Family life is, first of all, love and patience. Because if you believe numerous psychologists, psychoanalysts, and simply life observations, passion lasts two years. After that, there can be good and regular sex, there can be a deep feeling and there can be respect. But not a crazy all-consuming passion.

And of course, there will be everyday life. Even if everything goes well for you, sooner or later you will still be faced with everyday life.

Perhaps you will be more attentive than his previous wife, perhaps you will be more caring, but think about it, is a man who has enjoyed passion with one woman so reliable and is looking for a new passion on the side? And won’t you end up in the place of that very wife after five years of marriage, who they will want to exchange for a new princess?

Of course, it all depends on the individual and the situation, but at least ask yourself this question.

Reason number 3.

It often happens that in competition, a person cannot soberly evaluate the object of his adoration. It’s like the last thing on the shelf that two people want to buy at once. It seems to be a little worn, and there’s a scratch here, but since “if not me, then this blond hen will take it,” we willingly buy it and are very happy!

But when you come home and take a good look, you think: where did I look when I bought this? The same with a manWhile he is not yours, you want him more than anyone else in the world.

He seems to you the most – the most, he seems to you to be your person, and in general pure gold, one in a billion inhabitants of the planet. But when you finally get him into your “possession”, you may suddenly see that he has plenty of flaws, and perhaps his wife was not such a devil-possessed bitch, and that he is not a gift either.

Reason number 4.

Knowing how skillfully he can lie to his wife about where he is and what he is doing (while being with you), you may begin to go crazy with jealousy.

For example, he tells you that he is late at work, and you remember that this is exactly what he rubbed into his wife when you were in the car with him in the parking lot… And away we go.

Jealousy can grab you in its sticky and strong embrace, and then your relationship will be greatly shaken. In general, you may have a very big problem with trust (on your part) precisely because you know from your own experience how two-faced this person can be.

And even out of nowhere, such pictures will be born in your head that without a psychologist you will not be able to figure it out.

Reason number 5.

You are young, and youth is a perishable product. It is better to spend time and energy finding another man who is suitable for you than to take him away from the family.

Believe me, this requires a lot of strength, nerves, and patience and in general, this is a long-distance race. This will not happen quickly and painlessly. So at the very beginning, it is worth assessing whether all this has at least a minimal chance of success. And maybe this energy would be better spent finding another man?


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