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What Touches A Woman Even More Than Her Beautiful Appearance?

What touches a woman even more than her beautiful appearance? And no, this is far from the delight that a man constantly wants to see in the eyes of his beloved woman, although, of course, this is important. We all know that “one meets people by their clothes…”. But is it only appearance that plays such a big role, especially when it comes to women?

After all, you’ve probably noticed more than once couples where a handsome, stately, I would even say a chic man walks arm in arm with a completely inconspicuous young lady, some might even describe her as a “gray mouse.” But the way this man looks at her, while gently squeezing her hand, leaves no doubt – he is really in love.

What catches you in a woman even more than her beautiful appearance: Attractive appearance is not a woman’s main trump card

How can we understand this? It turns out that it’s not just a matter of attractive appearance and model parameters.

And I will answer you what this man found so special in his woman, and in general, what men, but only truly mature men, look for in a woman other than a pretty appearance.

And no, this is far from the delight that he constantly wants to see in her eyes, although, of course, this is important. But one should not think that a woman who is far from a model in appearance directly prays for her man, and that is why he is with her – in this way to constantly confirm her importance.

This is not at all true, because a truly mature man, who has normal self-esteem and adequate self-perception, is looking for a partner who is equally confident in himself and his worth, and therefore in his appearance, and not just his “fan.”

What touches a woman even more than her beautiful appearance? And this is what attracts men even more than an incredible, but sometimes such “lifeless and cold” appearance – it is a calm confidence in oneself and one’s irresistibility and uniqueness.

This quality in a woman is noticeable to the naked eye – she may not be wearing clothes from the latest fashion collection, and may not have model parameters, but the way she presents herself, the sense of dignity with which she treats both herself and others to others, she seems to create some kind of magic, and men simply cannot help but notice such a luxurious woman!

If a woman accepts herself, it means she loves and accepts her body, it means she enjoys all manifestations of her life, it means she is in harmony with herself and the world and is simply happy to be “here and now.”

 And it’s incredibly attractive! After all, a man will feel that such a woman knows how to accept and love herself, knows how to be real, and gives her love and warmth, which means she can also accept and love him. And then they will enjoy life together.

Therefore, of course,  you need to look after and take care of your appearance – this is unconditional. But don’t focus only on her.  Don’t make it your main trump card. Because you will attract only those men who value only a woman’s appearance and how you can improve it further to “fit” it to your ideal. I’m sure you don’t need this at all.

If a woman is attractive, but “cold,” emotionally empty, as if not alive at all, and even unsure of herself, which she is trying to hide behind this unapproachable appearance, this will be something that will more likely repel than attract.


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