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Do Not Start A Relationship With Such A Person, Under Any Circumstances!

Do NOT start a relationship with such a person, under any circumstances!
Several signs signal that you should not start a relationship with this person. Under no circumstances, under any conditions. Pay close attention to these signs!

Do NOT start a relationship with such a person, under any circumstances!

There are people with whom you should not start a relationship. Everyone knows that such people exist, but not everyone knows how to identify such a person. Well, I admit it too – I don’t know the 100% list either. However, I know for sure several signs that signal that you should not start a relationship with this person. Under no circumstances, under any conditions.

But first, a necessary preamble.

People sometimes quarrel. This doesn’t always happen brightly, and maybe it can’t always be called quarrels, but quarrels happen in any couple, and there’s no way around it. We are not telepaths, sometimes we don’t understand each other, and sometimes we misunderstand, interpret incorrectly, speculate, twist, and everything like that.

This is a natural part of our life, and we should not expect anything else. Only twenty-year-old naive young ladies can think that living together is always in perfect harmony. Even a very loving couple will have disagreements and disagreements (and, with some desire, quarrels).

After most quarrels, reconciliation occurs. This is where you can understand whether it’s worth starting any serious relationship with a person or whether it’s better to stop now.

By the way, a little to the side. It’s common for people to turn off their heads at the beginning of a relationship and not notice the obvious signs of, um, harmful relationships (let’s call it that). A man in the heat of the moment pushed a woman, but she didn’t notice. In five years he will beat her in front of the children.

Here is a woman, in front of her friends, making a sarcastic comment about her boyfriend’s clothes—he didn’t notice. In five years, she will be blaming him with her last words in front of her employees and business partners.

Remember, you can’t skip these things. Never.

If you give him a slap at the very beginning of a relationship, it may very well turn out that the person will think about it and change his mind (may, of course, not change his mind – anything can happen). But if you don’t give them a hands-on, the person won’t change lanes for sure.

Now that all the preliminary part has been said, let’s move on to the mentioned feature. It is not always noticeable, but only after quarrels (that’s why I talked so much about quarrels).

But the most important point is different. If you approached, offered to make peace and the person – attention! – he says that he was wrong, he also got excited, got angry in vain, went too far, got too wound up, overreacted, did not follow his words, and the like, then you can deal with him further.

But if a person – attention! – says that you need to be more restrained, not get so excited, watch your language, don’t talk nonsense, and so on, then you need to stay as far away from such a person as possible.

Don’t start a relationship with such a person!

Why is that? A person who, at least in words, acknowledges his participation in creating your quarrel, in principle understands that a relationship is a matter of two. And that everything that happens in a relationship is also the business of two. This is a person ripe for relationships. He may not yet be very good at them, but he can already learn.

And a person who is sure that it is you who is to blame for the quarrel, who in no way, in any way recognizes his contribution to the quarrel (or any other disagreement), such a person is not ready for a relationship. Not ripe. You can hang out and have fun with him, but a serious relationship with him is contraindicated.

You won’t be able to have a serious relationship with someone like that. Don’t get your hopes up. It’s better not to start a relationship with such people.

Let’s summarize. You can build a relationship with a person if he acknowledges his contribution to your disagreements. It is impossible (forbidden, senseless, stupid – substituting any word with a similar meaning) to build a relationship with a person if he blames only you for all disagreements.
That’s all I have, thanks for your attention.


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