With make-up to bed: That’s what you do to your skin

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If the night was long or the day stressful, you go to bed with make-up. What is already there? Some, as a dermatologist has now betrayed. This is how your skin suffers if you do not make-up before going to bed.

Just being lazy and going to bed with make-up is not a good idea. The consequences can be inflammation and even scars. An expert explains how this happens.

Clogged pores and oily skin

Dr. Tatiana Lapa, dermatologist and dermatologist, has told the portal “Popsugar” what you do to your skin if you do not make-up in the evening. And only because you want to sleep five minutes longer. “When you wear make-up in bed, you block your pores with an oily substance that helps pores become enlarged, inflamed, and possibly even scar,” says the expert.

With make-up to bed increases acne risk

In addition, make-up prevents our sebaceous glands from functioning normally. The obstruction of the glands could lead to increased sebum production and increase the risk of inflammation of the skin. “It’s important to understand that an oily layer does not mean the skin is well hydrated, in fact, oil irritates the skin and can lead to acne, and pigmentation problems,” explains the dermatologist. “There is a misconception that oily skin does not age so quickly, but that’s just not true.”

Unattractive consequences

And another danger lurks on you when you go to bed with make-up: “Make-up leaves an oily film on your skin that attracts dirt and bacteria,” warns. Lapa. “That means your skin will feel greasy, unhealthy, and dull afterwards.” So you better take your time off the evening. Even if you come home after a wet and merry night. Your skin will thank you.


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