These 5 make-up mistakes make you look older immediately


It’s an open secret that you can do a lot wrong with makeup. But did you know that some make-up mistakes actually make you look older? You can find out how you look young-fresh with Foundation, Eyeliner and Co. here.

Some make-up mistakes make you look a few years older than you actually are. Stop it! Try to avoid the following 5 make-up-faux-pas in the future .

1. Foundation: Less is more

To cover small wrinkles or impurities, the motto applies to you: rather apply an extra layer of make-up. But too much foundation damages your natural glow and makes you look older too . The reason: The make-up settles in the wrinkles and pores, making them look more pronounced than they are. Before applying a make-up you should always use a moisturizer . This keeps your skin sufficiently hydrated and the make-up pigments can not settle in the pores and wrinkles.

2. Beware of concealer choice

Without question: Concealers are true miracle drugs in everyday beauty. Dark circles disappear in no time, provided you use the concealer properly. A gross error is a too puddiges copy . But it also depends on the application: It belongs in the corner of the eye and on the side wall of the nose and not in the outer corner of the eye

3. Bye, bye matte finish!

Another make-up mistake that makes you look unnecessarily older is a too dull finish . Young skin is full of moisture. Remember: Shine makes you young – but do not exaggerate! Ideal are BB creams with light-reflecting pigments. For the finish you can apply powder, but only shine where you can start to shine – on the forehead, nose or chin. To emphasize the cheeks, you can use some highlighter .

4. When exaggerating in contouring …

Many celebrities swear by the Contouring . This is understood as modeling, contouring and defining facial features. This effect works best with Foundation, various shades of brown and highlighters. But too dark tones make old. Delicate peach, coral or pink tones make you look fresher and younger . You should therefore refrain from dark bronze powder.

5. This is how it works with the Sexy Eyes

For the perfect look you should avoid the following make-up mistakes: Better not wear a black eyeliner on the lower eyelid. Because even big eyes look pretty small. A fine eyeliner on the upper lash line, however, can provide a radiant look. And while we are on the subject of sexy eyes – even the thickness of the eyebrows can make you look older. Eyebrows à la Cara Delevingne are in fashion and provide a youthful look. What makes her? They are not plucked into a thin shape, but are bushy and natural.

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