Fairy tale bridal make-up: So the complexion is perfect


A perfect complexion is also part of a perfect bridal make-up. Fresh and flawless, it should work to make you radiate on your big day.

Whether you make up your  bridal make-up yourself or make-up by the make-up artist – the look stands and falls with the complexion. Because it forms the basis for making the eyes and lips really effective. So, despite the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, take time to give your skin the deserved attention.

The colors for the bridal make-up

It’s best to think about what your bridal make-up should look like when you buy clothes. If the wedding dress is opulent, the make-up should be rather restrained, to a simple dress, however, you may like to apply a little stronger. Accordingly, the complexion should also fail – the tone of your foundation should be in harmony with both your natural complexion  and the colors that make up your eyes and lips.

The right preparation

Just a few days before the wedding, you can revitalize your facial skin with a gentle exfoliation and a moisturizing mask. When the big day arrives, put on a light day cream for grooming – do you get married in the summer or are you planning a photo session in the open air, then you should resort to a moisturizer with SPF.

Then cover off redness or dark circles with concealer . To make the eyes look especially fresh, you can use a special fine brush to gently spread the concealer to the lower lash line. A pink or rosé tone balances shadows under the eyes, with a slightly greenish concealer you hide redness.

Finish for the complexion

For a perfect complexion, apply a foundation adapted to your skin tone. When bridal make-up, make sure that the color matches the white or creamy tone of your wedding dress – too much self-tanner is less appropriate here. Too dark nuances make you look older as well.

Finally, apply transparent powder over the foundation to cover shine, soften the skin, and give the complexion a flawless finish. For photos you refresh your bridal make-up in between with transparent powder. Maybe your mistress will keep the compact for you in her handbag.


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