Make bridal make-up yourself: That’s how it works

Making up the bridal make-up yourself is a real challenge. Our pro explains what to look for so that your wedding look is just as perfect as the day itself.

At a wedding , the focus is above all on the bride. That’s why everything should be on the best day of your life. In particular, the perfect bridal make-up is part of a glamorous appearance .

Make-up on your own make-up

Many women take the bridal make-up into their own hands for costor taste reasons . So that this but keeps the whole day and the bride especially on photos looks perfect, there are some things to note.  

When it comes to bridal make-up, you should not take any risks: renounce flashy new trends and try not to look completely different than usual. Rather, the make-up should be timeless and subtle and thus underline your natural look sexy. After all, you should like the wedding pictures even after ten years. The professional make-up artist Bobbi Brown  gives tips in her book “The Makeup Manual” on how to do your bridal make-up yourself.

Gorgeous bride: the make-up rules

The bridal make-up has to compensate for a white or light coloreddress . There is a big difference between everyday clothes and a wedding dress , so make-up should stand out.

When applying bridal make-up, it is important to make sure that your skin looks smooth and even . A daytime exfoliation can remove dead skin cells, a mask moisturizes the skin so it looks fresh the next day. In general, then: Bring cheeks and lips with color to the radiance. Then emphasize the eyes but do not exaggerate it. On the wedding day you should plan for 45 to 60 minutes for makeup , so you do not get stressed.

Step 1: Central to bridal make-up is daylight

Ideally, wear your bridal make-up near the window or take an extra-light lamp – the best way to see it in daylight . Make sure you use moisturizer as make-up preparation. Emphasize the eyes by brightening dark circles with Corrector and Concealer.

Flash light emphasizes pink tones , so pay attention to a yellowish foundation. First treat redness around the nose and mouth and then adjust the rest of the face. Inflamed red pimples can be concealed in green with a concealer. Then blur the foundation thoroughly, especially in the corner of the eye , because visible make-up transitions on photos are even more prominent.

Concealer and foundation should be fixed with a transparent, loose powder . If you apply the powder with a tassel, it is more durable and prevents unwanted shine – a must when taking photos. If the wedding dress has a low neckline, you should give some bronze powder on the neck and decollete. As a result, you’ll match the skin tone to the bridal make-up on your face.

Step 2: Twice Rouge for the ideal bridal make-up

For pretty, persistent red cheeks, take two different rouge tones . Start with a neutral tone, put it on the cheekbones, blur it towards the hairline and then down. Finally, a swab of stronger rouge comes just on the cheekbones. To emphasize the bridal make-up, you can still give it balsam or shimmer .

Step 3: Strong lip color for the wedding

Neutral, brown and pale lip colors appear washy on photos. So choose a lipstick that is slightly stronger than your normal color. If you’re otherwise wearing a neutral tone, use it for your bridal make-up as a foundation, and put pink or pink on it.

If you normally use a dark tone, apply a strong pink on it to lift the color. Pink, pink and plum look best on a bride. In order for the lipstick to last a long time, you should first line the lips with contourpencil and complete it as the basis for the lipstick.

Step 4: Waterproof mascara for bridal make-up

Contour the eyebrows with a matte eyeshadow that matches the hair color. Put white eyeshadows under the eyebrows as a highlight of bridal make-up if you have fair skin. A darker complexion makes a vanilla tone better. You should use dull eyeshadow because it does not reflect the flash. Emphasize the eyelid crease . But do not use too intense or too dark colors that would distract from the eyes.

Take a waterproof eyeliner that does not get smudged by tears. If you prefer to contour your eyes with eye shadow, apply it with a slightly damp eyeliner brush, then it will last longer. Use the eyelash curler in front of the mascara and always wear waterproof mascara . She lasts longer and can stand a few tears. After the eye make-up you emphasize the eye area again with a light, matt eye shadow . Lightly dab the color with the finger on the outer edge of the brow bone. Et voila: It’s done, the perfect bridal make-up.

Would like more?

The text comes from the book “The Makeup Manual” by Bobbi Brown published by teNeues , in which the make-up artist summarizes her long experience: from skincare basics to professional tricks! 


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