Smokey Eyes make-up: step-by-step tutorial

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You want to make-up Smokey Eyes to score with an expressive look? No problem, in our guide for beginners we explain step by step the way to seductive Smokey Eyes – whether in black or brown. Pull the brush and get started!

Smokey Eyes , the dark, blurred eye shadow frame around the eye, is a make-up technique , allegedly already provided Nefertiti in ancient Egypt for a beguiling look. Making up Smokey Eyes is not as difficult as you might think – with our tutorial, you’ll be a make-up professional in no time.

Smokey Eyes makeup: Instructions for beginners 

What beginners often do not know: For smoky make-up eyes, the technology is crucial in the first place – and you can easily implement that with the right material. You need an  eye shadow palette in the desired colors, a kohl pencil, clean eye shadow brushes, a brush for shading or cotton swabs and facial tissues.

Smokey Eyes Tutorial: Step by Step

On the brush, get set, go …: The preparation

1. Before applying the eyeshadow, you should thoroughly clean and cream the skin. Then you tupfst the eyelid with a  facial tissue from, so it is free of grease.

2. As a base for a better hold you prime the eyelid with transparent powder  or an eye-primer.

3. Using a kohl pencil, tighten the upper and lower eyelashes . Cover the line with an eyeshadow brush immediately after application.

Shadow games: The base

1. Test the color intensity of the light eyeshadow on the back of the hand and apply it to the immobile eyelid to the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid. To control how far you should apply the color to the outer edge of the eyelid, it helps to apply the brush to the nostril like a ruler and draw an imaginary line to the end of the corner of the eye.

2. Now it’s time for the middle, smoky sound: It comes on the moving eyelid, on the outer corner of the eye and on the lower lash line . The darker the Smokey Eyes are to be, the more intensively you apply the color.

3. Then add a darker shade over the moving lid and eyelid crease until the desired effect is achieved. But it should not be too dark, which makes the eyes visually closer together. 

Delusion: the highlights

1. Now it’s time to fade with a cotton swab. Hide the transitions with a dull hue.

2. With the brightest tone of your eyeshadow palette, you can set gentle highlights below the highest point of the brows .

The final stroke

1. Tighten the upper lash line with a dark Kajalstif t again.

2. Optional : The eye radiates when you apply a fine line on the lower eyelid with a light kohl and pull it slightly outwards.

3. For an intense look now lash the eyelashes – done.

By the way: Green Smokey Eyes is recommended to use brown mascara. Who it very urgent, the make-up even with kohl make-up . For this you blend the line with the foam applicator or the fingertip and swipe the eyelashes. Add an eyeliner finish and the drama queen is done!

Smokey eyes with brown eyes – what fits?

It does not always have to be classic black, especially with brown eyes this can be too hard. Dark colors can make your eyes look smaller and look tired. Smokey eyes are better for brown eyes in  dark purple tones or warm gray . Also mocha tones in combination with highlights in beige or cream go well together. By the way, metallic eyeshadows look like a highlighter, while matt colors create more depth. Blue tones are also suitable for a glamorous make-up.

Smokey eyes for blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, you should do without blues on Smokey Eyes. Better: brown and violet or nude tones. Discreetly applied, also suitable for  day make-up  , they are available to most women. Rosé tones are also doing well in the office.

When applying make-up you go in the everyday version as well as the dramatic Smokey-Eyes-Look: Only on too hard transitions you should do without . Finally lash the eyelashes and round off with a tinted day cream, blush and a little lip gloss.


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