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Plucking beautiful eyebrows can not be that hard! That’s not the case with our tips. We explain how to make your brows fit perfectly.

Seemingly neglected or plucked away too much: To learn to pluck one’s own eyebrows perfectly is a life’s work for many. Shorten the learning process! We help you  to find the  perfect shape for you and transfer it to your brows.

Naturalness as a trend

Permanent make-up or even the shaving of the eyebrows are also no solution. On the contrary: In recent years, the trend towards naturalness is unbroken. Proof beauties like Cara Delevingne  and Duchess  Catherine prove that  . You have long known that the eyebrows should not be plucked too narrow, but the bow may only undergo a slight correction. But even the natural look requires a little effort and dexterity. And to make it worthwhile, we explain step by step how to get beautiful eyebrows.

Plucking eyebrows: the right preparation

Before you start plucking, you should first find out what the right eyebrow shape looks like for you . Stephan Schmied, make-up artist of Max Factor, explains how the natural eyebrows go:

“The  inner brow lines  stay a bit thicker and the brow line runs narrower from the highest point of the brow towards the end.” The  optimal length  can best be found out with the classic pencil test: Simply place the pin vertically next to the nostril, into the axis All the hairs that are between the pencil and the nose should be plucked.The correct width of the bow depends on the desired shape and the original  eyebrow line  , which should always form an arch that is ยพ rises and falls to ยผ. “

Before plucking, you should comb the eyebrows with a brush in the  direction of growth . Once you have found out the right shape, you can sketch it with the  eyebrow pencil – so the result of both brows is even.

The right tweezers for beautiful eyebrows

To get your brow perfectly shaped you need good tools: the right  tweezers . It is important that this is not too bulky and big. Otherwise, she  sometimes can not grasp the  fine, short  hairs and pinches into the skin instead. Better are  small tweezers, the flattened and tapered tips  have .

Pluck eyebrows without pain: tips

Especially the first time, the plucking of the eyebrows can be uncomfortable. But there are a few tricks to succeed without pain. It’s best to pluck your hair after showering. Then the pores of the skin are opened and the hair is easier to pluck. If you are very sensitive to pain, you can also  cool the affected areas with  ice cubes in advance . But watch out: The cold pulls the pores back together and the hair can not be pulled so easily.

Instructions: pluck eyebrows with tweezers

To pluck the skin , use your thumb and forefinger to pull apart the part below and above the brow. Then pluck the hairs in the direction of growth on the  hair root with tweezers . For most eyebrows, it is enough for a clean bow to pluck the dark hairs under the eyebrow. Dark hair over the root of the nose should also be removed – otherwise your eyes will look dark. The light, fine hairs belong to the normal  facial hair . Those who remove them must reckon with a condensed growth afterwards.

Eyebrow waxing: The perfect shape with a jerk

Completely independent of current  trends , women are always concerned with a clean and symmetrical shape. Often, however, we have too little time or no patience to bring the brows to their  best . A faster and, above all, more precise method must therefore be: preformed  cold wax strips , especially for the eyebrows. The application is very easy and all annoying dark or light hairs can be  removed in just  60 seconds . In addition, the hair is  removed to the  root of the hairso that they can regrow only sporadically and much slower. The wax strips are rising in the ratio of two-thirds rising and one-third sloping preformed – so you can not really “pluck”. Small  markers  help you to position the stripes correctly.

It’s that easy:

  1. Pull the wax strips apart so you have  two stripes  .
  2. Apply both strips one after the other  underneath the eyebrow and press firmly.
  3. Then  pull off from the outer to the inner  corner of the eye with a jerk. Zack and ready!
  4. It is optimal if you then the wax residue with an  oil cloth removing. The result is impressive and lasts up to  four weeks .

A little tip:  You can also use the cold wax strips as a template before peeling off and make up your brows quickly with an eyebrow pencil.

Warm wax for silky-smooth skin

You have a sensitive skin and do not dare to touch cold wax strips? No problem! Then the hair removal with the help of  warm wax is just right for you. It conjures a  smooth  skin  in every season. The hairs are removed with the root and there are no  hair stubble such as after a shave. However, shaping your brow is harder than using the cold wax method because you do not have any preformed strips at hand.


  1. Soak the warm wax in a crucible in a  water bath .
  2. Apply the molten wax with a spatula in small strips over a small area to the appropriate areas of the  skin .
  3. After a short time – if the wax is still soft, but no longer sticks –  pull off against the  hair growth direction .

Right make-up, otherwise there’s bars!

Beautiful eyebrows are clearly shaped and dense. So the next step is to fill in small gaps with an eyebrow pencil or loose  eyebrow powder. But always just  chop and paint no beams! The color of the powder or the pen should be the same as that of the eyebrows or the hair. Under no circumstances should the color used be darker than a shade of the original color. Following this, once more with a  brush . When the hairs are very unruly, eyebrow gel helps   in shaping the eyebrows.


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