5 beauty hacks that will never make you late in the morning

You get stressed every morning? This is how many women do not want to give up their daily beauty routine. With these 5 beauty hacks you can avoid time pressure and start the day without hectic rush.  

If you’re always late for work in the morning, perfect contouring and curls like hairdressing do not help to convince the boss of his job. This means that if you like to stay in bed for as long as possible and then at least one hour for the beauty routine needs, has a problem, because then you can make the work as good as possible and still labeled as a lazybones.

At this point, we would not recommend that you get up an hour early every morning, or just go to work unadorned and unkempt. We combine your previous routine with five beauty hacks that go so fast that it’s almost impossible to be late.

1. Hair styling in five minutes

If you wake up with hard-to-control hair on the weekend, just turn your hair into a Messy Bun . In the job, the messy hairstyle does not work. Instead, light, elegant waves can be twisted in less than five minutes by first tying the hair into a high braid and then lacing it in a strand. Then loosen the braid and fix with hair spray .

2. Prepare the skin

Anyone who takes care of the skin the night before saves a lot of time in the morning, which otherwise would be spent on a thick layer of make-up. For the always popular Glow instead of a night cream, apply a special overnight mask (for example from Clinique or Kiehl’s). Then, to prevent pimples and redness, apply a little tea tree oil to the affected area, which has an antibacterial effect and softens overnight.

3. The quick make-up

If you want to look fresh instantly, cover dark circles with a concealer(choose two shades lighter than your own skin color) and then use a tinted day cream that spreads quickly on the face. If you do not want to give up a bit of contouring, paint a large brush with the upper half through highlighter and the lower half with darker powder – stroking the cheek in one go.

4. For bright alert eyes

If you’re still tired (though we’re just telling you how to stay a little bit longer), but do not want to look like this: Apply nude kohl pencilto the waterline on the lower lash line, just above the eyelashes. This makes the eyes look bigger and make you look wiser.

5. The mascara as eyeliner

Probably the most elaborate procedure in the morning is an accurate line with the eyeliner. How to do it faster and easier? Instead of an eyeliner just use your mascara. When brushing the eyelashes with the brush intentionally push against the edge of the eyelid. The small mascara dots then blur with a brush to a straight line. Done, off to work.

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