Make-up tricks that eliminate the need for Snap chat filters

WEDNESDAY, 31.10.20182

#nofilters and #wakeuplikethis often do not correspond to reality. How to make your snapchat filters obsolete with a few make-up tricks is explained in this article. 

Did you #wakeup this? No, it’s just a  snap chat photo . Covered with a nice filter. That’s one of the key benefits of social media that works through images. Who is currently or has a pimple on his nose just did not feel comfortable in your own skin, must be before digital is not hidden world and still can be a  selfie   post, on the one thanks  filtering face  looks fantastic with Blur – on as a little extra with flower crown the head or even with dog ears and long tongue.

In the real world, you might pull the covers over your head instead of participating in social life. The beauty industry understood this quickly and took advantage of the filter principle. With clever beauty products named after the foundation “Flawless Filter” by Charlotte Tilbury.

We know the best  beauty tricks that you have to look twice to see if the bathroom mirror did not suddenly get a built-in Snapchat filter.

1. Contour the nose

Many women love the beauty filters on Snapchat and Instagram, especially because they cheat their noses. This also works with clever contouring of the nose, which plays with light and shadow. Using a powder that is slightly darker than the skin tone, trace the sides of the nose and run it together below the tip of the nose; powder another horizontal line approximately in the middle of the nose. Finally, apply highlighter along the bridge of the nose. Blend everything well.

2. Make-up big eyes

The second advantage that all  beauty filters  have: They make big eyes that you can lose yourself in. The eye shape can not really change in reality, but at least visually open the view. Using a nude make-up pen, trace the waterline over the lower lash line until the color is complete.  Form and lash the eyelashes with eyelash curlers.

3. Perfect the skin

For skin to look like Snapchat, like a porcelain doll, you do not even need Photoshop skills. So that the complexion in the reality perfection comes at least pretty close, there are a few essential tricks. The basis of this is care, so always cleanse, exfoliate, cream and protect from the sun. Before the make-up, apply a primer that already hides the pores (no one is allowed to know that you have them). Then apply make-up with light-reflecting particles and apply  highlighter  with gold particles to the highest points of the forehead, cheeks and nose. Special setting sprays fix the look – and are thus an advantage over a volatile photo filter.

4. Apply fresh

One of the most popular filters is the flower crown. Because you can not only pretend to be at a hip music festival, but also because the filter covers the face with a fresh make-up. To apply the filter effect, perform steps one through three. Then give a very light  rouge generously on the cheeks. Highlighter everywhere on the forehead complement where the flower crown should sit. 

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