Beauty ABC – Please what is a Corrector?

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You want to look alert and fresh, even though the night was short again? A Corrector can quickly make you shine in the face. But how does the beauty tool actually work and how do you use it best? Beauty icon Bobbi Brown has told us.

Make-up artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown  has her own cosmetics line and makes up many important fashion events. She talked to her about her favorite item in the beauty bag.

What exactly is a corrector and how does it work?

A corrector in combination with a concealer  is the most important step in make-up. Fits the color perfectly and the products are applied correctly, they can improve the look in no time – my absolute insider tip, to look super fresh and awake. The  skin  under the eyes is very thin, so often the blue of the veins shines   through what we perceive as dark circles. The Corrector serves very dark  eye circles brighten and conceal. A corrector is based on the colors peach or pink. The Rosaton optimally corrects the violet or green color of the eye shadow best.

How do I apply a corrector?

The Corrector is applied to the entire lower part of the eye , starting from the  inner corner of the eye. He is gently dabbed, even directly to the lower  eyelashes , because the skin is often dark there. For very dark circles, it may be that a second layer is needed.

How do I find the right color for the corrector on the palette?

The right shade should be one or two shades lighter than the actual skin tone . Incidentally, this also applies to the concealer.

What is the difference to a concealer?

The Corrector  best reduces the blue of the eye shadow through the  pink pigments . But since most people have yellow pigments in the skin tone, pink is often too  unnatural . That’s why I recommend using the corrector to apply a concealer. Concealer is based on the color yellow and thus adapts optimally to the skin tone. The result: a fresh, alert and natural look.

Is it okay to only use concealers?

Yes, with very weak eye shadows, a concealer is enough. Just try it out and get the best result. For  eye shadows , which are almost non-existent, I use only a  foundation that is a little bit lighter than the actual skin tone. It is important that the eye area   looks fresh , of course.

Which product should I use to treat skin blemishes or bumps?

Corrector and concealer are there to  dark circles  to conceal, not to cover  blemishes  and redness. To hide tattoos, blemishes, scars, redness or even bruises, there are special cover pens. Because Concealer and Corrector are brighter than the natural skin tone, the  redness  or blemish of the skin would be even more emphasized. The best way to cover blemishes, redness, etc. with a yellow based foundation that perfectly matches the skin tone. 

What else can you do against dark circles

It’s good that the dark shadows can be put away under the eyes, even better if they do not even arise at all. In addition to sufficient sleep, you can also proceed with a healthy diet and sufficient liquid against dark circles. Make sure you eat well, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

As for the ideal amount of water, the old 2-liter rule is now considered outdated . So a study published in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences came to the conclusion that we should listen better to our bodies. Everyone has different needs. One hint can also be the swallowing reflex: If it is difficult to continue drinking, you should stop and not force you.


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