Permanent make-up: Permanently beautiful?

Is permanent make-up an alternative to daily make-up? Star make-up artist Horst Kirchberger explains what’s important in permanent make-up and what you have to look out for.

Perfect make-up in every situation – that’s what permanent make-uppromises  . It’s basically nothing more than a  tattoo . The advantage of the cosmetic procedure to ordinary make-up: Whether sports, rain or tears: Permanent make-up smeared and does not run.

That can be permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is able  to condense and accent light  eyebrows . Narrow lips not only get  contours , but also more  volume . A pretty birthmark can be placed sent and the perfect  eyeliner  is the permanent make-up of  life , that is, you do not have him apply afresh every time.

Durability of a permanent make-up

How long does permanent make-up last, which varies from woman to woman and depends on  skin as well as  age . It usually takes two to five years before you need to freshen up the cosmetic tattoo.

Tips from the expert

How permanent-make-up works and what you should pay attention to, fem.com talked to  Horst Kirchberger  . He is one of the most sought-after  make-up artists in  Germany. In his Munich studio he performs permanent make-up treatments as well as professional make-up consultations. He also has his own make-up line that bears his name. His goal: women should of course look beautiful . 

How does permanent make-up work?

The technique is very similar to  tattooing because it uses needles, but the needles are not pierced so deeply into the  skin . In addition, the composition of the colors is different and the  pigmentation lasts at most five years. For example, Kirchberger works exclusively with  natural colors .

Is it possible to remove the permanent make-up?

You can not remove it, but it is possible to mitigate it with  skin-identical color .

What do you have to pay attention to in a permanent make-up and in choosing a beauty salon?

Absolutely  cleanliness and hygiene! The form and color technology must by a trained  specialist personnel are applied – and the selected studio should not  stencilled  work as they may never see the individual’s face with his  eyebrows  and lips can be underlined perfect.

What are the most popular places for a permanent make-up?

Lips and eyebrows

Are there women who are not eligible for a permanent make-up treatment, for example because of atopic dermatitis?

For each  skin type , a permament make-up can be applied. You should only be careful when taking  blood-thinning medicines .

What are your prejudices against permanent make-up?

It is  painful , it often  mistakes and if then the wrong color is taken … Therefore, you should always go into  professional hands and be well advised.

Which women do you recommend a permanent make-up – and when do you advise against it?

Sporty types  are usually less needed. For women with little eyebrows and thin lips, however, permanent make-up can make for a radiant look,  eliminating the need for day -to- day  make-up .

More information on the topic can be found on the homepage of Horst Kirchberger.

What else should you know about permanent make-up: costs

How much a permanent make-up costs, can not say exactly because it always depends on what exactly should be done. For the perfect eyeliner or a redrawn lip contour, however, you can expect a price of about 300 to 550 euros . More elaborate treatments are accordingly more expensive.

Since the prices vary greatly from studio to studio, a price comparison is worthwhile in advance . Important: Do not choose the cheapest studio, but one that performs the treatment professionally and hygienically.

Disadvantages of permanent make-up

With a permanent make-up you save yourself the everyday make-up ritual in the bathroom. But there are also disadvantages that you should weigh before taking a beauty treatment with the benefits . This includes:

  • relatively high costs
  • the risk that you are dissatisfied with the result and something needs to be improved
  • The make-up fades after some time.
  • There is a risk of allergic reaction. Anyone who suffers from intolerance should consult a dermatologist before treatment


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