Why Your Ex Was Totally Wrong In 2020 For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

There might have been a number of reasons that led to your break-up, but your personalities might have not been compatible to begin with.

Your past lover is not in your life anymore because they were simply wrong for you and your zodiac sign can tell you why that is so.


Aries are extremely playful and full of life. You are known to be extremely charming and people always have a fun time when they’re around you. You are also very extroverted.

A partner who is more on the quiet side doesn’t know how to appreciate when an Aries is extremely giving and caring. Aries shower the people who are important to them with affection, without expecting much in return.

As an Aries, you simply got to the point in the relationship where you saw that you were giving more love than you were receiving. It got to the point where you became impulsive and short-tempered because your partner was simply aloof.

Aries usually don’t get along too well with aloof people who are always finding excuses as to why they can’t spend quality time together.


Tauruses are known for being extremely romantic partners, who can seem a little bit needy at certain times. Of course, this isn’t a problem of any kind if someone knows how to treat them well.

Tauruses give everything they have into a relationship and they are not afraid to love. Your ex wasn’t right for you because they weren’t meeting your needs for romance and they weren’t creative with the dates you went on.


Your ex might also have not met your intellectual needs. If your ex made you think that you were annoying for talking about topics that meant a lot to you, he was always meant to be your ex.

The right person for you will create a safe space for you where you can talk about anything and everything. The right person will fulfill all your romantic needs.


Geminis are known as the social butterflies of the zodiac. You hate being alone and you hate when you’re not intellectually challenged.

Your ex must have put you in a very stoic relationship where you simply didn’t find any challenges. You love to spend your time around people and they simply didn’t allow you that comfort.

Your ex might have left you alone more times than it was OK. They were simply never there for you when you needed them, so you had no other option but to terminate the relationship.


If you’re a Cancer, you’re highly sensitive and intuitive. Cancers are ruled by the moon which means that you are extremely emotional.

A partner who doesn’t understand that and is very emotionally unavailable simply can’t stay in your life long-term.

You might have even been manipulated or gaslighted by your partner to the point where you forgot about your own personality.

That is why they’re your ex. They simply didn’t care about your emotional needs and that led to a lot of heartbreak.

You, as a Cancer, are probably huge on commitment and loyalty. Today, it’s quite hard to find a partner who’ll meet those criteria.


Leos are the most confident of all the zodiac signs. At times, your confidence might seem a bit snobbish to other people. But at the end of the day, you are a very strong person who knows what they want from life.

Your ex wasn’t like that and Leos don’t like insecure or indecisive people. Your partner has to have the same amount of confidence radiating from them.

So, you simply can’t be with someone who has a weak personality, because it will never end well. Your ex is a perfect example of that.


Virgos are very logical and practical, which makes their need for safety very obvious. You need someone who will create a safe space for you, where you can express your emotions without fear.

Because you very often forget to feel worthy, your ex didn’t remember to remind you how beautiful and worthy of love you actually are. You often fall for passive partners who tend to forget about words of affirmation.


Libra is an air sign, which means that they value communication more than anything. You are gentle, outspoken and you hate feeling lonely.

As well as this, Libra loves the thought of traditional love. Your ex probably didn’t work out because you wanted a long-term relationship that could surpass any obstacles.

Your ex wasn’t that hopeful or simply had commitment issues and any talk about the future made them uncomfortable. However, you need to know that you are not at fault here.

You don’t have to feel bad about it, as your ex is the one who should be sorry because of his commitment issues.


If you’re a Scorpio, you are very sensual and passionate, but you can get very jealous at times. Because of that, you should be looking for a partner who is equally as passionate and honest as you are.

Your ex wasn’t able to reciprocate your passionate side. They weren’t as dedicated as you were to the relationship.

Scorpio loves intimate time with their partner, and if they don’t get that, they can get very irritable. If your ex was boring and simply didn’t give you any room for compromise, you two separated for a very good reason.


Sagittarius is very extroverted and they have a great sense of humor, which people adore about them. If your partner was clingy and didn’t give you your own space to grow and explore the world, they weren’t the right one for you.

Sagittarius hates being the only source of happiness for their partner. Your ex probably put you in a situation where you were meeting their needs day in, day out.

So it ended because you finally figured out that you deserve someone who will meet your needs as well. Instead of always giving unconditionally, you finally understand that you deserve to get at least the same treatment in return.


We all know that Capricorns are people who love reason and responsibility more than anything. This leads you to become very emotionally unavailable at times.

Your ex gave up on getting to know the real you and it became obvious after some time.

When a Capricorn is truly in love, they will do whatever it takes to make sure their partner feels loved and appreciated. Until then, they are very guarded, because they won’t trust just anyone with their heart.

Therefore, your ex chose to stop putting effort into tearing down your walls instead of giving you time to open up.


Aquarians will run away from emotional expressions, limitations, and boring situations as fast as they can.

You are very independent and it takes you a lot of effort to ask for help from someone else. However, your ex simply wasn’t the right one for you because they tried to give your free spirit limitations and there must have been a huge number of broken promises.

You need someone who will always set you a challenge because you get bored with people quite quickly. When an Aquarian loves, they love to be very creative with their date ideas and not everyone knows how to appreciate that.


If you’re a Pisces then you are overly trusting and sensitive. People take advantage of your good heart and you aren’t always able to see that.

Pisces are also very often the victims of abuse, be it emotional or mental. Your ex probably lost you because they were extremely cruel in any type of way. They weren’t as blindly loyal as you were either.

A Pisces is simply too good of a person for anyone, so your partner’s flaws were more obvious next to you.

Don’t forget to look for a trusting and sensitive partner just like you are, because unless you find someone as kind as you, you will always end up heartbroken.


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