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Irritation And 5 More Stages Of Family Destruction That Are Worth Knowing About!

irritation and 5 more stages of family destruction that are worth knowing about!
Let’s look at how these droplets accumulate – and perhaps this will help you determine how full your family vessel of discontent is…

First stage. Irritation.

Severe anxiety, everything irritates me. The wife becomes nervous and begins to explode with or without reason. All pairs go through this stage during the grinding-in period.

Where does irritation come from?

Since in such families, the man has no faith, there is no goal in life. His life becomes a monotonous routine – work-home-work-home-fishing. A woman gets irritated on this basis because any woman always wants development (but for someone to do it for her, and she will tell you how).

The man doesn’t understand why his wife is unhappy – I do everything for her, I work, I don’t go out… It’s hard for him to understand where her irritation comes from.

A vicious circle of the first level – he does not believe in anything and does not strive for anything. She stops trusting him and her irritation accumulates. Her disbelief reinforces his disbelief.

What can a woman do at this stage? Learn to trust your husband, no matter what path he chooses.

And then they have three paths. Someone begins to develop relationships – and restores harmony. Tries to transform his irritation into good feelings.

And some will immediately run away, frightened by difficulties. And they will continue to look for happiness and a prince.

Some understand that divorce is not an option. But they don’t know how to develop relationships. That’s why they stay and endure. But if they do not develop, then they move on to the second stage of family destruction.

Second stage. Husband’s aggression and wife’s secrecy.

When a man doesn’t believe in anything, a woman gradually loses trust in him. She cannot be completely frank with him, she cannot hope for female happiness. Because a woman becomes truly happy when she can open her heart.

When a woman stops trusting her husband, she immediately begins to look for another point of support – and most often in her head. Some ideal man who could make her happy. This could be a dad, a brother, an ex-man, or a colleague from work.

Most often, there is no physical betrayal at this level. But the very fact of betrayal is already present. Mentally, the wife gives up on her husband, believing that he is not the best option for her.

A man feels it. Even if it is not said. He feels this female betrayal on a subtle level, and it drives him crazy.

He becomes very aggressive because he does not understand what is happening. The wife does not open her heart to him, because in her heart there are thoughts about another man. However, the husband cannot understand his wife’s behavior.

Whatever he did is wrong. Because Dad did it differently. Or because her ex-man never gave her bouquets of fewer than 21 roses. Or because the older brother always washed the dishes.

A man is not a telepath by nature. Therefore, the wife, opening her heart, makes his life easier.

He calms down knowing what she is thinking and what she wants. When he doesn’t know this, his wife becomes a pig in a poke. A time bomb that can go off at any moment.

The wife’s secrecy increases the husband’s aggressiveness, and the husband’s aggression increases the wife’s secrecy.

It becomes a vicious circle that must be broken by someone alone. If we are talking about us, women, then at this stage we need to learn to open our hearts to our husbands, no matter how difficult it may be.

Third stage. The greed of the husband and the lies of the wife.

When a wife stops being faithful to her husband – even in her mind – he gradually becomes stingy and petty.

He simply does not want to invest anything in a “strange” woman. Although the man does not voice these thoughts, he feels it all. That his wife does not belong to him, that he is being compared, and dissected. Then why try and invest in it?

And a wife who is faced with her husband’s pettiness begins to lie. Starting with simple things – the cost of her dress or children’s boots. Then she can deceive him about where she is going and why. She has her own “stash” – and here women are much more inventive than men!

I remember one woman who bought all her husband’s and children’s clothes in Second-hand. I took some other parts from friends who no longer needed them. Then she attached sticky price tags and wrote up the cost of the “new” shirt.


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