What Each Zodiac Sign Prioritizes Above  Themselves In 2020


You put your dreams first. You chase after them, even if it means losing friends and relationships along the way.


You put your spirituality first. You don’t think about your happiness when making decisions. You think about your morals.


You put fun first. You don’t like to take yourself too seriously or think about the consequences. You just want to have a good time.


You prioritize your family first. You’re overprotective of them. You would do anything for them.

For centuries, the mountain has been used as a metaphor for the big challenges we face, especially ones that seem impossible to overcome. To scale our mountains, we actually have to do the deep internal work of excavating trauma, building resilience, and adjusting how we show up for the climb. In the end, it is not the mountain we master, but ourselves.


You put social media first. You don’t care about being happy IRL. You only care about looking happy to the rest of the world.


You prioritize your career over everything else. You want to be the best at what you’re doing. You don’t want anything to get in the way of your success.


You put your partner first. You put most of your energy and effort into keeping your relationship strong.


You prioritize exercise. You never sit still. You are always moving.



You actually do put yourself first. You know how important it is to pamper yourself and you don’t let anything get in the way of your self-care.


You put money first. You are cautious with how you spend it. You always make sure you have enough to support yourself.


You put your boss first. You care more about making them happy than making yourself happy. You’ll do anything to please them.


You put your friends first. You are always there to listen when they need you and to help them out of trouble.


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