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Wait For It, Love Will Find You Some Day

Don’t be greedy. Don’t demand everything right away. Stop for a moment and look at your life. It’s not that bad. You have plenty of things to be grateful for. So, love is, at the moment, not one of them, but it will be. Just be patient.

You’ll find that someone who’ll embrace your fears and your anxieties. You’ll find that someone who’ll understand why you’re closing up and taking it all in. He will understand that you are chronically dissatisfied because things are not going the way you want them. He’ll know that you’re frustrated because you try so hard and you get nothing in return.


Wait for the man who thinks you are the most beautiful woman everywhere you go. Wait for the man who’ll erase your insecurities and make you walk proudly, happy about yourself. Wait for the man whose love feels like home.

Wait for the man in whose arms you feel the safest. Wait for the man who’ll dry off tears from your eyes. A man who’ll always stand in front of you to defend you from evil. A man who’ll sacrifice himself for you out of nothing more than pure love.

Wait for the one who’ll put a smile on your face when everything seems blue. Wait for the man who makes you feel the happiest woman alive just from hearing his voice in the morning or reading his good morning text.


Wait for the man who’ll show you why every relationship you had so far was completely wrong.

Wait for the one whose words are not empty, the one who makes his promises come true. Wait for the one who’ll show you he loves you, who’ll actually act upon his words. Wait for the man who’ll never leave you hanging and keep asking yourself is what you have real and worth fighting for. With him, you’ll just know. Because when true love pops in, you don’t need an explanation. You don’t need an announcement. You just know.

Wait for the man who’ll never disappoint you. A man who’ll try as hard as you do. A man who’ll care equally as you do. Wait for someone who’ll make you never ever regret choosing him over everyone else.

Wait for the one who’ll never convince you that you are not good enough, that you have to change. The one who’ll support you and learn to love the fact you’re weird and the fact you have quirks that no one can understand. Wait for the man who doesn’t care about perfection because he is not perfect either.


Wait for the man who’ll show you what true love is. The man who’ll ignore the whole world just because he has you and that is enough. Wait for the man who would go to the ends of the Earth for you. Wait for the man you would also do all these things for. Wait for his true love because it will find you one day.

Wait for the one who knows that life is fucked up and messy. The one who knows nothing is easily given to anyone, the one who’ll fight for something he wants. Wait for the man who knows that love is not all flowers and candy. The one who knows there will be fights and there will be tears, but in the end, it will all go away because your love, true love, will win and overcome all obstacles and tests that God has put before you. Wait for the man who’s afraid to lose you because if he did, he would be saying goodbye to a huge chunk of his own heart.

Wait for the man who makes love easy and effort…wait for it…less.


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