We all know that Venus is the ruler of everything that has to do with beauty, desires of the flesh and so on, which is why the retrograde holds quite a lot of importance in our lives. 

As you know, it went into retrograde on the 5th of October, and will go right into Libra after a point of time, say in the beginning of November.

It will also go into Scorpio at around  the same time, the division being that of a 60 and 40 percent which implies that Scorpio will has considerable effect on our lives.

Scorpio means that the intensity of all feelings will rise up- be it love, lust, friendship, hate or whatever.


There will be a lot of questions that will make us think and these questions will demand in depth analysis of our feelings.

This might be a little uncomfortable but it will pass soon enough, when the retrograde moves completely to Libra. When that happens, everything will have a lighter shade.

This whole moving back business is pretty important, it basically signifies that past resurfacing in our lives in some way or the other- it might be a situation or a person.

This would be greatly helped if you are comfortable with your past. If you are not, to start working on it would not be a bad idea.

A lot of questions will come into the forefront- these might be uncomfortable questions, but they cannot be ignored.

These questions will probably have to do with your partner and if your relationship is truly the one you want, if you are above feelings like jealousy and control and finally, if you feel loved. 

These will only come up because of what you think and believe subconsciously so make sure to at least try to think about these questions even if you do not have a straight answer to them.



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