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To Every Girl Who Has Lost Herself To A Heartbreak

We have all been through this at least once in our lives.

It is tough to love for the both of you, because at the end, someone gets hurt. You have to accept that you are the one who loved the wrong person. Leave that battle with your head held high and save your energy and your love for someone who deserves it.

You need someone to share the unconditional love with, otherwise you will be settling for less. What you did was settle for the one who broke your heart.


Accept your heartbreak and turn things in your favor. Turn your heartbreak into a positive lesson.

Anything different to what you have been through would be forced because it had to happen with the wrong person. You can’t and don’t have to be the one who will predetermine your fate. Unfortunately, you can’t be the one who will decide whether you are going to be heartbroken and are going to be in pain or not.

Life doesn’t work that way. Life gives you bumps in the road you have to take. You trip over those bumps and you fall. You get bruises and you bleed. But you stand up every time and you wash the blood away and you move on.


This time, it will be the same. You’ll pick up the shattered pieces of your heart and you will glue them back together. They will fit perfectly together and your heart will look like it has never been broken before.

I can hear what you’re thinking right now. I can actually hear the thoughts running through your head. I know all the questions you’ve been asking yourself, like, “How will I move on?” and, “How will I heal?” but I can’t give you the right answers. The answers are never the same for anyone.

I wish things could be so easy and that there was a secret code to love that would solve every heartbreak in a heartbeat. I wish love wasn’t so cruel. I wish I never had to write this article, because I wish no one would need to read it. I wish…

But everything that God puts us through is a lesson. Your every experience is a journey along which you discover your strength. If you hadn’t survived this, you would have never known how strong you are and how much you can take. You still don’t know, because there are a lot of journeys still ahead of you. Wouldn’t it be silly to get lost on the first one and miss out on everything that comes next?

Your pain and your heartbreak weren’t for nothing. You had some nice moments and you still have lovely memories. Those things are real. The love the two of you had was real, even if it was just for a moment. And that was only a small glimpse of the future. A glimpse of what is waiting for you when you meet the right person. This should only encourage you to move on.

Heartbreak teaches you to heal and heartbreak makes you see that you lost the wrong person, so you know the right one is somewhere out there waiting for you.

Don’t lose yourself on this journey. Allow yourself to feel pain and cry your feelings out. But when the time comes, let go and move on.



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