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This Is What He Will Miss About You, Forever



Haven’t we all wondered at some point of our lives what is going on with our exes and how they are doing without us? The thing that we are interested in even more is if they still miss us.

They don’t necessarily have to get back in touch with us, nor do we plan to get back together with them, but there is this need caused by our vanity to be still present in their lives. We want to believe that we made that kind of impression. We want to believe that we made such a strong impact, that even after all this time, they are thinking about us.

The sad part is that there is no way for us to be 100% sure what’s going on in their head, but would 99.9% satisfy you?


He will miss the way you made him laugh.

You could make him laugh no matter what the situation. That’s what he loved about you. You were the one that made his stomach ache from laughing even when he’d just like to crawl into his bed and sleep.


He will miss how you made everything fun & exciting.

You had the power to make the most boring things exciting.

He’ll miss those bowling nights, or your late night walks when you made him carry you on his shoulders, or all those concerts you went to together and you make him sign until he lost his voice and God knows what else. He will miss those moments with you.


He will miss how you made him feel safe & loved.

You were his safe haven. You were the one that always gave her best to understand him and see things from his perspective. He knew he could always count on you.

He will miss the way the two of you cuddled and how he could fall asleep in your lap while you’d run your fingers through his hair. No matter if he is in a relationship or not, this is the thing that he’ll be clinging on to forever.



He will miss how you made him see extraordinary things in new ways and encouraged him to think outside of the box.

More than having fun with you, he will miss being the one to be funny. You helped him with that, remember? You encouraged him to see things differently and to always observe everything from different perspectives, so although a thing may be boring from one angle, thanks to you, he’d be able to find the fun in it from another angle.

He will miss how you helped him see the bigger picture and if he was stuck with something, you helped him to think outside of the box. Such a person is hard to find, and I think he’s capable enough of realizing this on his own.


He will miss how much importance you would put on his opinion.

With you, he was feeling worthy. He felt like his opinion is important to somebody and he felt free enough to always speak his mind and express his feelings. Not everybody will devote so much time and attention to somebody else.

Mostly, we try to be heard and we barely ever try to listen because we’ve been taught how to speak from the day we have been born, but nobody stressed how important it is to hear the other person’s opinion as well. Fortunately, you knew that and you gave him space to express himself, and that will be something that he’ll be missing for the rest of his life.


He will miss being a part of the coolest couple.

You remember those moments when people were looking at the two of you together and nodding their heads or smiling at you or even speaking to you saying that the two of you looked so nice together. You remember how others would say that you were totally compatible and that you fit perfectly together?

Can you recall those moments when you were out with your friends and although you were the only couple at the party, you were the coolest of them all? Well, I’d dare to bet that he’ll miss that feeling and that may be the one thing he will crave for. Whether he will be able to have it with somebody else is a totally different question, but what are the odds?


He will miss the passion in which you live your life.

And who wouldn’t? There is nothing half-assed about the way you do things. Whatever you choose to do, you do it with your body and soul.

And not only will he miss the passion you had towards life and things you were doing but also the passion that the two of you had together. The way you made him feel desired and as he was the only man in the world is just too easy to be hooked onto. If he had a saying in this, his decision would be to live with such passion till the end of his life.


Too bad the two of you broke up.

He will miss you and he is supposed to miss you. That’s the way life’s telling him he should’ve known what he had. He will miss you while you’re making somebody else happy.


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