Love advice


Hear me out! This refers to you directly.

I’ve been beaten down and hurt too many times and I want you to give me some things that I need in order to feel comfortable and loved. I don’t want to risk getting hurt yet again, because I don’t have any more strength left in me to keep receiving blow-by-blow.

If we are going to start this thing and see where it leads us, I want you to put your heart at stake because I’m sure putting mine. So to start off clean and without beating around the bush, here are some things that I’m ashamed of but will share with you to make our relationship true and easy to handle (if that’s even possible).


I want you to…

1. Tell me what is on your mind

I want and need you to speak up your mind. Don’t hesitate in telling me anything that you feel you’ve got to say. If something is bothering you, making you feel uncomfortable I want you to tell me. And tell me right that moment. Don’t wait for the “perfect time” because there isn’t going to be any. That “perfect time” is when that something happens. I want you to tell me whether it’s about you or me. If you are going to hide things from me, we are never going to work out, so I’m telling you this right now.

2. Never stop trying

Please, don’t let me think that you don’t love me anymore. I beg you to never stop trying. Don’t let us lose that sparkle that brought us closer to each other. Arrange date nights and romantic dinners. Surprise me by telling me to dress up and to wait for you. Because regardless of the time we spent in our relationship we need to act as if we met yesterday. We need to keep that sparkle alive. Don’t let us enter a boring routine because that will eat us alive. I will respect this and I sincerely hope you will too.

3. Give me some space

I need this as much as you do. And since we are adults I want you to understand that we are equals. Don’t have double standards. If you feel that you need something just because you do, without any particular reason, don’t you think that I might need that as well? It’s the same thing with our personal space. You sometimes need some time alone, to gather your thoughts and to be left alone. Remember that I need that too. So when you see or feel that time has come for me to step aside and think, just let me be.

4. Act your age

The last thing that I want is that you act like a baby. If you don’t want to act your age, I don’t need you. If you are not going to act responsibly, we are done. I don’t want to raise you. Your mother should have done that. I need you to be completely gathered and I want you to be “wrapped package”. Of course this doesn’t mean there is no more place for you to grow, it just means that I want you to be the person who knows what he wants from life.

5. Be there for me

I want you to be there for me in good and bad. I need you to tell me I look great when I need to hear it. I need you to sense on your own that I need to hear that. I don’t want to be the one who has to ask for your feedback. I want you to see that for yourself. I need you to tell me that I look great when we are about to leave the apartment because I spent so much time getting ready so I could look pretty for you. Because I love you. I need you to be my ultimate support in each and everything that I do and I will be yours too.

6. Be passionate

I want to see that something special in your eyes when you are talking about something that you love. I want to recognize that passion within you. Because, if you aren’t passionate about things that you love, things that were there long before I was, how could you be passionate about me?

7. Make me feel loved

I NEED this. Every minute and every hour of the day. I need you to show me that you love me. I need you to write it, to say it. I need you to give me special nicknames that are meant just for me and no one else. I need you to make gestures that show your love for me and I need them to be only mine.

I love you more than anything in the world, more than you can imagine and I want you to feel the same. I’m done giving my heart on a silver platter to the ones who are not worth it. But you are, so I expect you to do the same.

8. Keep your social life

I’m not a possessive bitch! I want you to hang out with your friends as I’m going to hang out with mine. I don’t want you to forget about the life you had before me. The only thing I’m asking you is to make me a part of your life. I’m not asking you to abandon your own so you can enter mine. Be what you are, because that’s the reason I fell in love with you in the first place.

9. Be my future one

And finally, if you are all these things I want you to be, I NEED you to be my future one. You are that man I’ve been searching for my whole life. You are the future father of my children, you are my soulmate. No more broken hearts, no more tears, it’s is time for us to meet and to just BE.



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