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The One Mistake She Can’t Stop Making In Relationships According To Her Zodiac Sign

Don’t even sweat it! The truth is that when it comes to love, no one is perfect. We all have our flaws that are basically our plus-one when we find ourselves in a new relationship.

However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to improve. Just because we’ve come to terms with our flaws doesn’t mean we’re going to let them take hold of our lives. We have to recognize what we have to work on and promise that we’re going to make a change.

It’s safe to say that the hardest part is recognizing the mistake we seem to always make in a relationship. Each astro sign seems to always be falling into the same loophole when it comes to love. Rather than being sad about it, it’s time to make a change! Once we know what we have to work on, we simply have to get after it.

That’s why we thought it was only right to grab our astro experts at thethoughtcatalogs and figure out which one mistake each sign keeps making. We also included some advice to help us figure out how to improve. We’re all capable of overcoming any flaw that might be holding us back. And when it comes to our love lives, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to help things flourish.

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Taurus: Over-Sharing

While you might want to completely express yourself to your lover, we’d highly advise against it. Because sometimes, sharing a little more information than necessary will push your partner away rather than bring him closer. While that might be the absolute last thing you desire, it might just happen if you’re too open.

On one hand, complete honesty is the key to making things work. However, there is no need to give your partner any unnecessary information that will only make him worry. Instead, you want him to know that you truly trust him by only telling him the essentials.

23 Taurus: How To Fix It

Rather than being an open book, keep some things to yourself. While you might have genuine intentions at heart, they’re not exactly what your partner needs. Rather, he needs someone emotionally stable able to withstand any issues that may arise.

When you overshare all of your closely held info, he might feel that you’re not emotionally secure and that you’re seeking security in him and your relationship. Even though you’re simply trying to create a basis of trust, this isn’t exactly what he sees. Instead, try to be a little bit more choosy about what you reveal. This will totally push him towards you rather than away. Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

22 Capricorn: Being Problematic And Always Complaining

We can all be a little problematic here and there. But when we’re constantly stirring up drama in our love lives, our partners definitely won’t be too thrilled about it. That’s why we recommend that you take a second look at what you might be doing wrong when it comes to love.

If you’re being problematic, you will want to change your ways ASAP. No one wants to date someone who is always complaining about one thing or another. He probably wants someone with a chill attitude who doesn’t have too many issues to complain about. If stirring the pot is your middle name, it might be time to make some changes.

21 Capricorn: How To Fix It

The trick to fixing this issue is figuring out what might be pushing you to create drama. Often times, being problematic is someone’s way of getting attention out of their partner. You might be putting your lover to the test when you stir up conflicts.

This is your way of seeing if he’s willing to fight for you and the relationship or if he just doesn’t care. While this might be some reverse psychology, it’s actually totally toxic. Your partner might be willing to bend over backward for you initially, but eventually, he will be so over this. Especially, if you’re literally creating conflicts out of thin air.  If you’re planning on dating a Capricorn then you should know the Brutally Honest Secrets things about Capricorn.

20 Leo: Trying To Change A Lover

As a Leo, you have incredibly high standards as to what you truly desire. You’re not willing to be with someone who isn’t constantly striving towards being their best self. If you’re dating someone who isn’t willing to make some major life changes, it seems like he simply isn’t your guy.

However, there is a major difference between trying to motivate someone to be a better version of themselves and trying to change them. We’re getting the vibe that rather than helping your partner, you’re actually pushing for him to completely change who he is. If you think you can date someone who you’ve basically constructed, that’s never going to work.

19 Leo: How To Fix It

While we understand that you have high standards, that doesn’t mean that you can change your parter. You have to let them be their genuine self and hope that you can love them for that. If you’re unable to adore your partner for who they truly are, then you shouldn’t be together.

Pushing your partner to be someone else will only push them to want someone else. It’s time to be a little bit more understanding as to who your partner is. If you’re getting into relationships with the hope of changing your lover, you’re way off. You have to love your partner for who they truly are rather than the person you’re trying to convince them to become. Leo Man easy to get, but easy to Lose. “HOLD TIGHT” Know the SECRETS

18 Scorpio: Becoming Way Too Dependent

Scorpios are known for being incredibly independent, so this may come as a surprise. Yet since they’re so independent in their lives, not relying on their family or friends, they actually seek stability in their romantic relationships. You still need a foundation of security that you’re able to maintain within your relationship.

While stability might be what you truly desire, it’s causing a little bit of conflict in your relationships. Beyond working to better things, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to stay together. You can become way too dependent on your lovers which only causes them to question your stability. Rather than forcing your partner to be there for you, you have to be able to look after yourself.

17 Scorpio: How To Fix It

The last thing you want is to become over-dependent on your partner. There is no guarantee that he will actually be there for you all the time. You’re putting yourself into a situation where your partner might leave you at any given moment. The best thing that you can do is find stability in yourself.

In life, no one is guaranteed to look after you when things get tough. That’s why you should always be ready to look after yourself. Once you’ve found stability and security within yourself, then you are ready to seek out other romantic relationships. No one wants to date a person who is using them for security rather than for who they truly are. If you’re planning on dating a Scorpio then you should know the 15 Brutally Honest things about Scorpios.

16 Sagittarius: Keeping Things Hidden

While you don’t have to be a completely open book in your relationship, you don’t exactly want to lie to your partner. Keeping secrets is one of the surefire ways to push your relationship into chaos. Rather, try to be as honest as possible.

Yet, it seems like being truthful doesn’t exactly come easily to you. Rather, you’re constantly holding onto little details when you find yourself in a relationship. It seems like these aren’t earth-shattering things, but rather little tidbits. You’ll have to figure out why you’re not willing to be completely truthful with your partner. If it’s not you that’s the problem, perhaps you’re dating the wrong people! You can also read our another Secrets things that make Sagittarius the most romantic partner ever

15 Sagittarius: How To Fix It

In order to stop keeping things hidden from your lover, you’re going to have to figure out why you’re doing it in the first place. Often times, these details might just be the truth about how you feel. You might not feel fully comfortable letting your partner know the truth about your emotions.

You’re pushing your partner away as you keep the truth to yourself. If you’ve been taken advantage of in the past when it came to love, you might still be scared to open up. It’s going to take some time for you to be able to fully express yourself in your relationship, but it’s something to work toward.

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14 Cancer: Giving Up Too Quickly

You’d be the first to admit that when things start getting tough, you’re ready to throw in the towel. Rather than working things through or trying to find the truth, you’re already moving onto the next best thing. While we totally understand your point of view, it’s still something that is causing major issues in your love life.

No one wants to date a person who is willing to give up on the relationship just because a minor issue occurred. Rather, you want to be completely open with your lover about what’s going on and what you can do to better things. While we understand you might be completely stressing out, you have to confide in your parter.

13 Cancer: How To Fix It

The last thing you want to do is give up on your relationship just because things got a little difficult. Instead, you should be open with your partner about how you feel and what you can do to better things. You don’t have to run away when things get a little chaotic in your relationship.

However, you should make sure to date someone who is willing to help you through these difficult times. Perhaps you’re running away because you don’t see your relationship as worth fighting for. Figure out if the issue is the person you’re dating or your character when it comes to dealing with issues. Once you figure out what’s pushing you away, you’ll finally be able to deal with the problem! Here are some qualities of Cancer men and how you should treat them the right way. 

12 Libra: Desiring Control

As a Libra, you’ve been taken advantage of in the past and are so not willing to relive that again. That’s why you’re always looking for the upper hand in a relationship, in order to make sure that you end up on top. You’ve not about to let your lover control you and would rather be the one doing the controlling.

While we totally understand where your paranoia comes from, you’re not exactly right. Rather than having power over your partner, you should aim to create a balance of power in the relationship. No one should be looking for ways to have the upper hand over the other as that is not what genuine love is.

11 Libra: How To Fix It

While it’s natural to desire control, it might not be what’s healthy. It’s time for you to figure out if your partner’s similar desire for control is threatening you. An open conversation about the state of your relationship might be what you and your lover both need to shift your relationship in the right direction.

It’s completely fine to not want to be taken advantage of, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of taking advantage of your partner. Try to find a balance of power in your relationship where both people get a say. While it might be difficult to give up control, you’ll see your relationship grow once you do! How to get a Libra Man fall for you

10 Aries: Not Putting In The Work

The main issue that you’re constantly faced with in relationships is an inability to put in the work. The truth is that relationships aren’t able to flourish and grow on their own. Endless time and effort are required on both ends to truly make things work.

Your lover won’t be able to keep the relationship going if you’re not willing to contribute. If you’re over your relationship, it’s better to break up than just going with the flow. Everything is sure to fall apart in no time if you keep things going how they are. If you want your relationship to grow into the future, you’re going to have to overcome this mistake that you can’t stop making.

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Aries: How To Fix It

If your relationship is worth it, then you better be prepared to put in the time and energy to make things work. Both you and your partner need to be willing to put in an equal amount of energy for things to truly prosper. If one of you isn’t giving it 100%, things are sure to fall apart.

Yet, since you’re the one not willing to make a change, it’s your job to change your ways. Let your partner know how much you truly appreciate them and want the best for your relationship. Give them that extra time and effort to showcase your love and desire to be together! Only then will things begin to grow into something magical! how to love an Aries and Secrets Things You Need To Know About An Aries

Virgo: Living In The Past

It seems like you’re simply unable to grow into the future and are stuck living in the past. Instead of pretending that everything is okay, it’s time that you come to terms with what’s really holding you back. Your partner won’t be able to wait around forever while you figure out what’s truly going on that you can’t move past.

If you’re unable to leave the past behind in order to go into a new relationship, you simply shouldn’t be in one. If there are past mistakes that your lover made that you simply can’t forgive, you shouldn’t be moving forward with them. Come clean about how you truly feel if you want things to change. Here are the secrets things that you should know about loving a Virgo

Virgo: How To Fix It

It’s safe to say that there are some loose ends that you just haven’t tied up yet. You’re living in the past while everyone around you is trying to live in the present or go into the future. You have to figure out what is holding you back that you simply can’t move past.

It’s completely okay to take some time for yourself and figure out exactly what’s going on. Rather than jumping into something new, find out what you’re not able to move past. Unless you truly heal from your past, your wounds will only reopen again. If your lover isn’t supportive of you taking some time for yourself, then this isn’t the relationship for you.

Gemini: Pretending Everything Is Okay

As a Gemini, you have one of the most positive attitudes out of every astro sign. You’re able to see the good in every situation and always want the best out of life. However, since you’re able to see the positive in absolutely everything, you sometimes ignore the negative.

It’s time to stop pretending that everything is going okay when it truly isn’t. It’s time to wake up and figure out everything that is pulling you and your lover down. Unless you fully resolve these issues, you will never be able to grow into something new and special. While it might not be easy to do, it’s time to find everything that might be holding you back. Gemini Man Flirts. But NOT if You Know The Secrets of HIM

Gemini: How To Fix It

You’re about to be incredibly stressed as you come clean over what’s going on. While you might want to live in this false reality and pretend that everything is totally okay, it simply isn’t. You can’t keep pretending that everything is going exactly how you want it to be when everything is actually falling apart.

Make a list of all of the issues you need to tackle and get on them. You’ll realize how absolutely easy it is to get things done one by one when you finally open yourself up to them. You’ll no longer feel scared and like you’re living in the dark. Rather, you’ll finally be able to deal with your issues head-on rather than living in fear!

Aquarius: Manipulating The Truth

As an Aquarius, you’re so used to getting your way and therefore expect nothing less. You’re not about to put yourself in a situation that is less than ideal. However, let’s just say that you aren’t exactly scared to do whatever it takes to get your way. Even if this means being manipulative in getting things to work out your way.

However, the main reason that your love life seems to be falling apart is your inability to tell the truth. You keep complaining about how everything is your partner’s fault when you’re equally to blame. It’s time for you to stop manipulating the truth for the sake of your relationship and, most importantly, your mental health.

Aquarius: How To Fix It

The reason why you might be manipulating what’s going on is simply that you’re not happy with how things are going. You’re trying to get the world to fall into place for you when you’re just not doing the work. Instead of complaining about how things are going, you’re going to have to put in the work to change them.

Only then will you finally be able to see the world open up for you in all of the ways that you want it to. It’s time to stop manipulating the truth for things to fall your way and come clean about all of the places where you’re wrong. You’ll see if your relationship can withstand the truth or was meant to fall apart. How to get a Aquarius Man fall for you

Pisces: Expecting Perfection

While your standards are incredibly high, it doesn’t mean that everyone around you feels the same. You can’t keep pushing your partner to act like a completely different person than who he actually is. Especially since your standards for what perfect is are probably completely different from your partner.

The one mistake you endlessly make in your relationships is forcing your partner to be someone he just isn’t. Rather than accepting him for who he truly is, you’re pushing him to be your ideal partner. Your lover will never be able to merge into the person you want him to become as that just isn’t who he is.

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Pisces: How To Fix It

It’s never too late to change. While you might be wishing for your partner to be the one to change, it’s actually going to have to be you. Rather than pushing your partner to be the best version of himself, it’s time that you push yourself. The only person who you can truly change to fit your ideals is you.

Also, you might want to consider adapting to who your lover truly is. If you’re not willing to gently lower your standards in order to let your relationship work, you might want to move on. No one is about to change who they are to fit your standards, especially if you’re not willing to change yourself first! Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces Here the secrets ways to make a strong relationship with a Pisces!



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