There was a big Full Moon in January, which was actually the first one of this year: it has been a Super Blood Moon, which means that there has been a Total Lunar Eclipse and a Super Moon. This Full Moon was a beautiful one to see in the sky, and it influenced our intuition and emotions.

That is why it would also be good to feel the energies of another such event, a New Moon, happening on the 4th of February. New Moons always bring great energies for beginning new things or making changes, and the one that is about to come is not a different one.

Just like other moon phases, this phase of the moon is going to affect every one of us in a different way. There are several signs of the Zodiac which will be affected the most during the New Moon.

The February New Moon would be the best one of any other phase of the moon for more than a year. The Sun, the Moon and the Mercury sextile Jupiter will bring us good luck, optimism, good news, happiness, and generosity. As this New Moon is sitting at the middle of Saturn sextile Neptune, we are going to experience some spiritual wisdom which may help in making our dreams become a reality.

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This will be the perfect period of starting something new because New Moons always represent the finish of an old cycle and then the start of a new one. This particular cycle is going to provide us with a burst of energies and initiative which is going to help us make serious moves, or release some old habits which don’t serve us any purpose anymore.

Here are the four signs of the Zodiac which will be affected the most by the New Moon in February:


For those people who are born under Taurus, this is going to be the perfect time for them to step up in their career. This February New Moon is going to bring new job opportunities or projects to them because their creativity is at its highest level.


For those people born under the sign of Leo, this will be an excellent time for romance and love, but only if they are cautious. This February New Moon is going to bring them new relationship and even new dynamics in their current relationship on their way. They are not supposed to jump fast into love but think better before jumping.


For people born under the sign of Scorpio, there will definitely be specific changes on their way. Their inner visions and dreams will change, embrace their wisdom and truths – even when it is quite hard, they have to remember that they are transformative – rolling with punches and evolving.



The February New Moon falls in the sign of Aquarius, so people born under it will really feel all of its effects. This is a luminary focus on them. They can make changes such as getting new look or haircut in order to improve and spice up their look – they will not regret it.


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