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The One Thing That Will Save Your Marriage And The One Thing That Will Impair It, According To Zodiac Signs


When you’re a little girl, you dream about your wedding day and it seems like something that will be a magical, fairytale day. That doesn’t really go away as you get older. You feel the same way when you meet the guy that you know that you want to marry someday. Even if it’s still early in your relationship, you can’t wait for the moment when he gets down on one knee and asks you to be his wife, and you know it’s going to be amazing.

Even though marriage seems like a dream come true, it’s definitely not always easy. You’re merging your life with someone else’s and even if you two have a lot in common, you’re not the same person. You have different interests and expectations and those things can cause a lot of friction and drama. What do you do if your marriage is in trouble? Well, you can think about how to fix it based on your zodiac sign, for one thing. It’s a great idea since your zodiac sign can tell you so much about yourself. Here is the one thing that will save your marriage and the one thing that definitely won’t, all based on your zodiac sign!

Aquarius: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… More Exciting Date Nights

If you’re an Aquarius sign, then nothing bores you more than when something is, well, boring. If your marriage is in trouble or not going the way that you thought that it would, then it’s definitely because things have gotten a bit too routine and stale. That’s just not what you want to be happening.

You can totally save our marriage if you and your husband schedule more exciting date nights. Whether you want to go dancing, grab a fancy dinner, check out a cool new hipster bar, or take a new class together doesn’t matter. What matters is if you and your partner feel like you’re reconnecting and doing something fun and interesting. You just need some magic and excitement in your marriage once again.

Aquarius: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Alone Or “Me” Time

If you’re an Aquarius sign, then there’s one major thing about you that you probably have already figured out: you’re not really big on hanging out by yourself.

Some people thrive on having alone or “me” time and this is something that remains true even when they get into a serious relationship. They want to grocery shop alone, go for a run, have time to read, listen to podcasts, or whatever else they enjoy. It’s awesome to do things by yourself and to be able to stay independent even when you’re in a long-term relationship or when you get married. But that’s not something that matters to you. If you want to save your marriage, taking some time for yourself and being away from your hubby isn’t going to help. Spending more time with him would probably help instead.

Pisces: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Checking In With Each Other’s Emotions On A Daily Basis

Every zodiac sign has that one thing that they’re known for. You’re a Pisces sign and that means that you’re in touch with your emotions. As in seriously in touch with your emotions. You’re a water sign and that means that you’re super sensitive. A lot of people might think that this is bad because people are scared of feelings, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s pretty awesome that you always know how you’re feeling.

If you want to save your marriage, it’s pretty simple: you just have to talk to your husband on a daily basis about how the two of you are feeling. Well, it’s simple for you, since this is something that comes naturally to you and that you would absolutely love to do. If he can do this too, you’ll feel much closer to him and things will get back on track.

Pisces: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Being Told To “Calm Down” Or “Stop Being So Sensitive”

Have you been told this a lot in your life? Of course, you have… because you’re a Pisces and that means that you’re known for having a lot of feelings. And instead of hiding your emotions or refusing to talk about them, you like to share them. You see nothing wrong with that.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, but it might cause some trouble in your marriage. That’s why if your husband tells you to “calm down” and stop being so emotional, well, that’s going to upset you and piss you off. It’s not going to change the problems that you’re having and save your marriage. Instead, it’ll do the opposite and make you wonder if he even knows you at all if this is the way that he’s acting.

Aries: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Making A Big Change ASAP

You’re an Aries sign and that means that you don’t like to wait for anything. You’re moody and patience is definitely not your middle name (or even in your vocabulary at all).

What would it take for your marriage to be saved? If you and your hubby can make a big change immediately, you’ll feel closer to him and more connected than ever before. This could mean buying a house together, moving apartments or condos, moving to another city or town, having a baby, etc. Sure, you shouldn’t make this change if the two of you aren’t ready and if it doesn’t feel right. But if it feels right, then why not? It’ll do wonders for your relationship and make things so much better for you and your husband. It’s what you need to feel like things are exciting because you’re a Fire sign and, therefore, passion is important to you.

Aries: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Fighting Fair

It’s obvious that couples are going to fight sometimes, but it doesn’t always have to be such a horrible experience. If you can learn how to talk to your partner about what you’re feeling instead of yelling or being really harsh, you’ll be amazed at how everything changes for the better.

But if you’re an Aries sign, that means that you can be moody at times, and you definitely don’t want anyone to tell you to change. If your marriage needs to be saved and fixed, learning to fight fair and stop being in such a bad mood isn’t going to help you. If your husband tells you that he wants you to talk to him instead of getting mad, you’re just going to get even angrier, so that’s not the way to go here.

Taurus: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Your Partner Giving You Exactly What You Want

Okay, so this doesn’t exactly make you sound like the sweetest person ever, but… well… you’re a Taurus sign. You’re super stubborn and that’s just the way that you are. Chances are, you’ve realized by now that you can never change and that you should just accept your personality.

If your husband gives you exactly what you want, whether it’s something you’ve been holding over him in a big fight or it’s something to do with your future, then you’ll be happy to stay with him. You’ll feel like he’s listening to you and doing what you want, and to you, that means a lot. It’s like he’s proving his love and care for you. That might not work for some people but to you, it’s perfect.

Taurus: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Learning The Art Of Compromise

People say that compromise is a crucial aspect of any relationship, and that definitely makes sense. You can’t do whatever you want when you have a partner by your side. Well, okay, you technically can, but… you won’t exactly be able to sustain a relationship like that. You can’t act like you’re still single when you’re supposedly someone’s girlfriend or wife.

If you’re a Taurus sign, then the one thing that definitely won’t save your marriage is learning how to compromise. In your mind, compromise is a horrible idea and it’s never something that you want to even entertain. Why? Because if there’s one thing that you’re known for, it’s being super stubborn. This is your inner nature and it’s not something that you can change (or that you want to).

Gemini: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Hanging Out With Your Family More Often

You’re a Gemini and that means that family is super important to you. It’s something that you’ve always cared about and nothing, not even being married and theoretically starting a family of your own, is going to change.

You could definitely save your marriage if you and your husband spend more time with your family. That will mean a lot to you and make you feel like he cares about the people that you care about. This goes beyond holidays and birthdays, of course, and would mean a lot of weekends and weeknights, too. If your husband is cool with this, it’ll go a long way toward making things right between the two of you. If he has a problem with it, then that’s probably something that has bugged you for a while, and then you have your answer.

Gemini: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Hanging Out With Your Partner’s Family More Often Than Your Own

Family is important to a lot of people, and it’s especially important to you as a Gemini zodiac sign. But that means that you want to hang out with your own fam a lot… and not your partner’s.

Sure, it’s only fair that you see your husband’s family on a regular basis, since you want him to spend time with your own. But if you spend more time with his relatives than your own, that’s not going to save your marriage. It’s going to do the opposite and make you feel like he doesn’t care about your family and what you want. It’s going to feel unequal and will make you feel pretty lonely. This is something that you’ll definitely have to work out if you want to stay married.

Cancer: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Spending More Time At Home Together

Being a Cancer sign means that you’re a total and complete homebody. Going out on the town just doesn’t do it for you. Instead, you like curling up on the couch any day of the week, and it’s your favorite place to spend pretty much every weekend. Having your husband with you by your side would make things even better, so this is a way to save your marriage if you’re having problems.

Hopefully, the guy that you married is a homebody, too, so the two of you can spend more time alone together and reconnect. If he’s not, then that’s probably an issue that the two of you have been ignored. So hopefully he gets what you want and need and the two of you can fix things this way.

Cancer: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Going Out More Often

For some couples, it’s all too easy to get into a comfy routine and lose the magic, the romance, and the so-called spark. That’s what happens when you’re with someone for a long time. There’s a simple fix for these couples: all they have to do is go out more often and have some more fun and all of a sudden they’ve found the spark and the love again.

If you’re a Cancer zodiac sign, then going out more often with your husband isn’t going to save your marriage. Not at all. Nothing could actually be further from the truth. Why? Because you’re a homebody and would rather stay home than do anything else. When you think about it, the opposite would actually save your marriage.

Leo: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Being Showered With Gifts

As a Leo sign, you love being the center of attention, and you’re not capable of being anything but the life of the party. It just wouldn’t even occur to you to let someone else be in the spotlight every now and then. Why would you ever do that?!

When you’re having marital issues, there’s only one fix for you: if your hubby showers you with gifts. You love when people pay attention to you and you’ve also got a healthy ego and high self-esteem. You would be all, “Of course you’re buying me a present, I’m the best wife ever” and would immediately fall in love with him all over again. It might not sound like the greatest way to fix a marriage, but hey, this is your personality and it’s going to work for you.

Leo: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Making Things More Equal

Leos don’t really have the best reputation when you think about it because they’re known for being conceited and kind of stuck-up. They’re the kind of people who always want to be the center of attention… and if they weren’t in the spotlight, they would actually be kind of confused about why they weren’t.

You can’t save your marriage by making things more equal if you’re a Leo sign. Well, you could try, but it would probably be a total and complete disaster. You don’t want your relationship to be equal because you want to be the one in charge and you want to do whatever you want all the time. It does sound like this would make being married kind of a challenge, which is why you would have to find another way to fix your marital problems.

Virgo: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Having A Serious Conversation

Being a Virgo sign means that you’re a very intelligent, logical person. You have a reputation for being a bookworm and for being good at listening and having good conversations.

If something is wrong with your marriage, you’ll want to sit down with your partner and have a long, honest talk about what’s going on. This is the one thing that will save your marriage and it’ll work better than anything else. Since you’re so smart, having a serious talk is the best way to your heart. You’re also a very cautious person and always need to make sure that you’re comfortable with the decisions that you’re making, and getting the chance to chat about what’s happening will make you feel a lot better about everything.

Virgo: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Being Physically Intimate More Often

Intimacy is a key part of any relationship, but if you’re a Virgo sign, it’s not the way that you can save your marriage. It’s not that you don’t like getting physically intimate with your partner. It’s just not something that would make you feel closer to your husband and make you feel like the two of you can get through what you’re going through.

Virgos love conversation and books and cleaning, and they’re very loyal and logical. You’re a careful person and like to have all the facts and information before deciding on anything. You’re definitely not the type to jump into anything. You didn’t jump into your relationship or take the decision to get married lightly, and now that your marriage is in trouble, you’ll have to find something besides bedroom activities to fix it.

Libra: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Compromising With Each Other

If you’re a Libra sign, then compromise is basically your middle name. You’re pretty much a peacekeeper — you like when things are fair and balanced, and you absolutely hate when you feel like someone is getting the short end of the stick. You’re the kind of person who still thinks (and says) “that isn’t fair” on a regular basis. Yes, even though you’re not a kid anymore.

If you and your husband can compromise and do things that the other person wants, you can save your marriage for sure. Whether that’s about making some major decisions about your marriage or just choosing what activities to do on weekends, compromise will be your saving grace. You won’t be able to sustain your relationship without it.

Libra: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Pointing Out Each Other’s Flaws In An Effort To Fix Things

Libra signs don’t like to fight or disagree with anyone, and they definitely have a tendency to feel sorry for themselves. That’s not the best way to be, but hey, everyone has their flaws and this is yours.

Sometimes it can be helpful to ask your partner what they would change about you and the way that you act in the relationship. After all, they would know, and you can’t always see what’s really going on. But this isn’t something that you should try if you’re a Libra sign and it’s definitely not something that is going to save your marriage. In fact, it might even make things worse. You don’t want to hear what’s wrong with you and you don’t want to have this kind of conversation. It won’t be productive and will end up making things worse.

Scorpio: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Keeping A Secret

You’re a complicated person if you’re a Scorpio. One of the worst things about you is that you can keep a secret… and, more than that, you really hate when someone finds that secret out. So if you want to save your marriage, then there’s only one thing that will work for you: if you can keep a secret.

Hopefully, this isn’t something that would ever hurt your husband if he found out (like a one-time cheating thing or, worse, a longer affair)… but even a small secret that’s basically like telling a little white lie is probably not something that anyone wants to hold close when they’re married. To you, though, this isn’t a big deal. You don’t mind keeping a secret and you don’t want to spill the beans.

Scorpio: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Not Being Honest With Each Other

If there’s one thing that you hate as a Scorpio sign, it’s people who aren’t honest. You really find it tough to forgive people who have lied to you or in general.

If you want to save your marriage, it won’t be by not being honest with your husband. The two of you have to tell each other how you really feel about each other and your relationship, and you can’t lie and act like everything is totally fine. That’s not going to get you the result that you want. Even if your husband isn’t interested in being super honest with you, you’ll have to find a way to get through to him and have him tell you what’s happening. Otherwise, things aren’t going to get better.

Sagittarius: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Going On Weekend Trips/Travelling More

The Sagittarius absolutely adores travel. If you’re having trouble with your marriage, then the key to fixing things is definitely to travel more.

For you, travel lights a fire in you like nothing else. It makes you happy, it makes you calm, and it inspires you. You just can’t imagine not doing that. If you’re unhappy in your marriage, then it’s probably because you and your partner are sticking close to home way too often. That’s just not something that will ever do it for you. Once the two of you can start traveling together, even if it’s just a weekend trip every now and then, you’ll feel like your partner cares about you and what you need. It’ll do a lot for you and your happiness in the relationship.

Sagittarius: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Sticking Close To Home/Nesting

Sagittarius signs are free spirits who love travel pretty much more than anything. To you, travel is the best thing ever and is something that truly makes life exciting and magical. You can’t imagine not traveling… which is why becoming a homebody is definitely not something that’s going to save your marriage.

If your husband suggests having regular date nights in and nesting/getting cozy in your home, you’ll have to tell him that this isn’t something that is going to work for you. Sure, it’s not that you never want to be home, but you do need a certain amount of adventure and excitement. And for you, that means not hanging out at home all that often. Being home has to be the exception for you, not the norm.

Capricorn: What Will Save Your Marriage Is… Creating Some Couple Routines

Capricorn signs love anything that has to do with tradition. If your marriage is failing or just doesn’t feel right, then it’s probably because you feel like you’re not connecting to your husband anymore. You feel like he’s far away and distant and you want to create your own traditions together.

Want to save your marriage? Of course, you do, right? Then go ahead and create some couple routines. This could mean going out for brunch every Sunday (or making it at home), going for coffee and to the farmers market, going to a yoga class together, taking a wine tasting class… The list literally goes on and it could be anything that you two decide on. If it brings you closer together and fosters that bond, that’s what counts.

Capricorn: What Will Ruin Your Marriage Is… Going To Couples Therapy

The decision about whether or not to go to couples therapy is a super personal one. For some couples, it’s a great way to save their marriage and can be the difference between figuring it out and getting divorced. That’s totally not the case for you.

Being a Capricorn means that you have a few personality qualities that are a bit tough to deal with. You tend to think that you know everything about anything and everything, you don’t like to be told that you’re wrong, and you can adopt a patronizing tone sometimes. You can see how you would be a nightmare in couples therapy, right?! There are some other things that could save your marriage, but going to therapy to talk it out won’t be one of them.


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