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The One Thing You Do That Makes Everyone Around You Miserable According to Zodiac Signs


What makes you miserable? Here are a few things that might come to mind: the thought of a snowstorm in July, having your expectations get let down, and having to work overtime on a day that you had dinner plans. As stated, these are just a few things, but we’re sure a handful of other things are on your mind right now that just aren’t making you happy. Different things can make us miserable; different things can make us happy or excited. That is just life.

But, have you ever thought of this idea flipped around? For example, if we were to ask your three closest friends what you do that makes them miserable, what do you think they would say? Would they say your annoying voice, your inability to be empathetic, or your bad attitude? Most of us, according to our zodiac signs, are unable to self-reflect and really see what our flaws or our shortcomings are.

So below we highlight exactly what you do, just one thing, that makes everyone around you miserable, according to your zodiac, your personality, and your overall demeanor. It may be a hard truth to swallow, but you will be better because of it, right?

Water Signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer): Emotionally Sensitive

As a water sign, you are completely in touch with your emotions on every level. You are sensitive, moody, intelligent, passionate, and kind (when you would like to be). Whether you are mad, sad, angry, ecstatic, or scared, everyone around you knows it. Your emotions are on your sleeve in a big way. Some people love the sheer and pure honesty that you show through your emotions, while others– mostly those that do not understand you– roll their eyes at how sensitive they think you are. When it comes to people and how you make them miserable, the water signs each have an emotional reason. Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer women are so incredibly idealistic and emotional with their decisions that it affects everyone around them in a big way.


Pisces: Taking Everything To Heart

Pisces, we love that you are so deeply connected to your emotions. You love to give good advice to those that have a hard time relying on their emotions for decision-making. You are really good at being a friend that listens to listen, not just to answer and then talk more about yourself. Your emotional intelligence matches, and sometimes surpasses, your mental intelligence. We love you for that! However, that one thing you do that makes everyone around you miserable is that you take all their words and actions to heart. Someone looked at you the wrong way, you assume you did something to offend them. A staff member forgets to say goodbye after their bad day and you wonder what you did wrong. Your boyfriend had a bad day and you think he’s mad at you. Relax! It just isn’t all about you, okay?

Scorpio: Obsessing Over Men

Scorpio women are very connected to their bodies the way a Pisces is connected to their emotions. This is not to say that a Scorpio is emotionally challenged by any means; however, they are passionate in a physical way and know how to please their significant others that way, too. They can pour out their heart with their words and their actions; it just comes naturally to them. However, that one thing that you do that makes everyone around you miserable, Scorpio, is that you obsess when it comes to the men in your life. It is pretty much all that you talk about. Any conversation you’re having you tend to bring it right back to that guy. We get that you like him and he’s nice and sexy and cool and funny, but we don’t need to hear about it all the time.


Cancer: Self-Centered Insecurity

Oh Cancer, you have such wonderful qualities! Like a Pisces, you are connected to your emotions in a deep way. Further, like a Scorpio, you are connected to your body in a great way too! That is, you know how to use it well when it comes to romance, passion, and showing people you care about them. You’re a great person to connect with; it is easy for men and for friends! You’re also intelligent, charismatic, and adventurous. The problem is that you can’t stop talking about yourself and your problems. Sometimes your friends just want to ask you to be quiet and help them feel better, but they are too busy listening to you obsess over how bad this guy made you feel or how terrible your friend was to you at dinner. Just take a chill pill, please.


Fire Signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries): Attitude Adjustment

Fire signs are just what you would think they are: feisty! They are like a flame… bold, fiery, and independent, beating to their own drum. A fire sign is blunt, too, having no idea how to discuss difficult things with someone without hurting their feelings and/or being offensive. They are capable of being good friends to those they look up to, but that’s where that ends. That’s why the thing that makes other people around them miserable is their attitude, in different forms, of course. They don’t know how to talk without being rude, hang out without being disrespectful, or love without being controlling. Read below to see more in detail of how the fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) make people pretty miserable.

Leo: Thinking You’re Always Right

Leo women… we do not think you are an idiot. We also don’t think you’re as cool as you think you are (although we do think you’re cool, just not THAT cool). We think you’re a rock star when it comes to leading a social event, giving a presentation at work, and taking control of a situation that no one else is capable of doing. However, you make people around you miserable because you think you are always right. News Flash: You are NOT always right. No one is. It would be best for you to learn how to empathize and try to understand others’ opinions because we know you’re smart and we know you make good points, but sometimes you’re just wrong– plain and simple.


Sagittarius: Too Much Fun Too Much Of The Time

Sagittarius girls, you are truly the life of the party. Similar to your fire sign friends, Leo and Aries, you are a natural born leader that can be aggressive in the best way. You take control when others cannot and you naturally know how to tell people around you what to do in order to get what you need (or what you want). You are also a great friend (unlike your fellow fire signs) to all of those around you. The problem, Sagittarius, is that you do not know when to take a break from all of the fun. It is great to be adventurous, aggressive, and impulsive with your decisions, but only sometimes. It can get old for those around you for different reasons. Learn to take a break and find ways to enjoy your routine a little bit more.

Aries: Mean Girl Status

Okay, Aries girls, we are going to be real with you. Your fellow fire signs are mean girls, too, but you are coy about it. A Leo woman is obvious about her feelings and often looks down on those who handle their emotions differently. A Sagittarius is a great friend that has a hard time being a good listener but is always supportive. You, however, make everyone around you miserable because you make people feel little without doing much. Socially, you are quiet in demeanor and this makes people think you are kind, but you are secretly always judging them. Once people figure that out, it makes them pretty damn angry– and miserable. Try not to be so judgmental. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.


Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Excessive Opinions

As Earth signs, the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn girls are strong pillars for those around them. In a professional way, they are always turned to for support, advice, and ways to make themselves better. They know exactly how to lift people up in any realm of their lives. Personally, the Earth sign women are very strong but do have struggles on the inside like the rest of us. They have the capability to have bad tempers, be overly opinionated, and tend to hide their feelings from those that are important. Sometimes their negative qualities are bad and sometimes, believe it or not, those positive qualities can be a bit excessive.

Taurus: Overly Opinionated And Judgmental

Taurus women, you are so strong! It is incredible how wonderfully you help others, how easy things come to you, and how easy you make even the hard things look. You give sound advice that makes sense to even those insecure or easily confused friends. You are generous and loyal to all of those close to you. However, what they are not telling you is what you do that makes them miserable and unhappy. What is it? Well, we will tell you. Taurus, you are judgmental. You have opinions– everyone does, but you make sure everyone knows them. You make sure that everyone sees your point to the umpteenth degree because you think it’s the best solution/idea/decision. People do not think like you, so take a step back when it is necessary.


Virgo: Too Nice? Kinda Fake

Kind and patient Virgo women are quiet, often introverted, and down-to-earth. They are pretty easy to get along with because they tend to shake and nod their head when in a social setting, often laughing and connecting to make people feel comfortable. They feel more comfortable sitting on their couch watching their favorite television show or having a girls’ night out with their closest friends. Those closest friends, however, aren’t telling you that you make them miserable with how nice you are all the time. Do you know why? It’s because you don’t fool them! As a Virgo, you are overly critical and judgmental, but you tend to convince yourself that you hide it from everyone. The cat is out of the bag: you don’t. Be honest, yet be kind.


Capricorn: Never Takes Bold Moves (Snooze!)

A Capricorn woman is similar to her Earth sign counterparts: she is grounded by her thoughts and decisions, in touch with her patient side, and very practical. She is always responsible for her decisions, never being impulsive or confused by her emotions. You are so unimaginative and uncreative, however, that you are pretty darn boring, Capricorn. You never make bold moves or take a leap of faith– and why is that? You like your routine and stability, so it scares you to do anything out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t so much make people around you miserable as it does make them really bored and really darn frustrated. If you don’t jump, you will never know if you can fly, Capricorn. Judge others less; live more!


Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini): Don’t Wrong Them

The air signs– loyal Aquarius, easygoing Libra, and social Gemini– are all very confident and casual. Women with these signs feel very comfortable in their own skin, love to go out and connect with different kinds of people, and are incredibly intelligent in many aspects of life. Things come easy to them, usually. They are friendly, loving, charismatic, and social in all parts of their lives. Despite these amazing qualities, they all have flaws, too. Their shortcomings, however, are things like unemotional sarcasm, unreliability, superficiality, and incredible deviousness when they feel wronged. They can be pretty evil if they need to be because they don’t like being offended or looking bad. Read more below to see which sign makes people particularly miserable and specifically why.

Aquarius: Superficial And Dramatic

As a kind yet pretty indecisive Aquarius woman, you are incredibly loyal. People rely on you because you are a great friend– a good listener and loving to those you care very much about. At times this falls short, but not for the most part. You are pretty social when you want to be. However, if you are not in the mood to be charismatic, you will be reserved and distant with anyone in your life. You make everyone around you miserable, though, because you don’t know how to stop being so superficial. Dig deep, be more empathetic, and care about others a little more than you care about buying the cutest bag or posting the best quote on Instagram. Also, stop being so dramatic about your feelings. It will all be okay…


Libra: Inconsiderate Sarcasm Within Their Cockiness

Libras, just like Gemini women and Aquarius girls, are very confident when it comes to their friendliness, their social capabilities, and their ability to connect to others pretty easily, whether it is family or friends or strangers. They are easygoing and pretty peaceful in their relationships unless they feel wronged. What happens when you offend a Libra women? Well, it isn’t pretty. She’ll be sure to be clear about how she feels about you. She wants to hurt you the way you hurt her. She’ll be passive-aggressive. She will be inconsiderate, too. Her magical use of sarcasm will shine through. Libra girls, take note and try not to be so mean. Most of the time, people don’t mean to offend you. Think before you speak so people aren’t so miserable around you.


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