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How Dangerous You Are In Love According to Your Zodiac Sign


Every sign acts a little differently in a relationship—so what do we mean by “dangerous” in love? Is it someone who falls too hard and too fast for their own good? Not quite. Someone who constantly fights with anyone that they date? While that can be dangerous, that’s not what we’re here to talk about either. Someone who will do literally anything to be with the one they want, even if it means moving across the country, destroying another relationship, or making other serious life changes? Yup, that would be it.

Some people are simply dangerous in love—nothing can stop them from going for the one person they’ve fallen for, even if that person isn’t interested. They will develop a single-minded focus and change everything about themselves and their life for the potential of this relationship. Why do some people become so obsessed with the idea of dating this perfect person? And on the other hand, why are some people able to remain so level headed and realistic when it comes to relationships?

As usual, the stars have a little something to say about the matter. Here’s how dangerous you are in love, based on your zodiac sign.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

When it comes to love, dating a fire sign can be a dangerous prospect—after all, you’re literally playing with fire. And we all know how that can turn out. If you play with fire, you get burned! So you already know that fire signs can be dangerous when it comes to love, but what aspects of their personalities cause them to act this way? Why do they become so intense when it comes to romantic desire? Well, let’s just say that all of these signs are grouped together under the element of “fire”—they will consume everything in their path in their quest to get what they want, no matter how destructive it is. That’s why they’re so dangerous when it comes to love—they don’t care who they burn.

Aries: Will Drop Everything For Love

It may not seem like Aries guys and girls get invested in relationships easily, and this is very true. They genuinely don’t. So it can be hard to imagine an Aries going after someone with everything they’ve got, but if they truly want to be with somebody, this exactly what they will do. This sign is known for being spontaneous. They have no problem with dropping everyone to chase after the object of their affections. And we mean “chase” in the literal sense. If an Aries girl meets a guy online and decides that she wants him, she will hop in her car and drive from Maine to California if that’s what it takes! We’re not kidding—this sign is relentless. If Aries loves you, they’ll never keep you guessing.

Leo: Will Become A Homewrecker

When a Leo decides that they want to be with someone, boundaries do not matter to them one little bit. Leos aren’t really cheaters by nature—some signs are, but this isn’t one of them. However, you know what a Leo WILL totally do? Butt into someone else’s relationship. If Leo meets someone who is already taken, do you think they care? Nope, not one little bit. They will just go for it anyway. Often, Leo’s friends will try to warn them that it’s a bad idea, that doing this will create more trouble than it’s worth, that if someone cheats WITH them, they will eventually turn around and cheat ON them…but don’t even bother trying to persuade Leo once their mind is made up.

Sagittarius: Would Go To The Ends Of The Earth

It’s tough to get a Sagittarius to commit. But once they are at peace with the idea of commitment, there is no telling what a Sagittarius WON’T do for love. Seriously, this sign will go crazy over someone they love. There is no stopping a Sag once they have fallen in love. And it will likely shock everyone around them to hear that they are actually sticking with one person. It takes a lot for this free spirit to settle down! So if they do, it means they really want the one that they’re with. Now, what if it doesn’t work out? Sagittarius will be so upset that they sacrificed their freedom for nothing. They will be absolutely heartbroken, and it will take a lot for them to love again.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

It’s hard to imagine an earth sign being dangerous in love, right? And with the exception of one sign (we’ll let you guess who it could be!), this is true. Earth signs might fall hard sometimes, but they typically manage to stay quite level headed when it comes to relationships. They will not simply throw their future away over a guy—they are basically the opposite of fire signs when it comes to love! So, is there anything that will really get an earth sign to make dangerous decisions when it comes to love? Honestly, that’s very rare for an earth sign. It’s simply not in their nature. What happens when Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn falls head over heels? Let’s read on and find out.

Taurus: Won’t Lose Her Mind Over A Guy

Taurus doesn’t see the appeal of going totally crazy for a man. Sure, she might see some of her friends falling hard and fast for a guy and talking about how passionate and alive they feel, but that’s just not her idea of happiness. She doesn’t want to lose her mind in a relationship. Instead, she really wants stability—and Taurus guys are the same way. When a Taurus falls in love, they stick to the motto “Slow and steady wins the race.” Does this sound boring? Maybe for some signs, but not for Taurus. To them, this sounds like heaven. They would much rather take things slow than just dive headfirst into dating someone. This is basically how they approach every single decision in their lives.

Virgo: Keeps Her Head Out Of The Clouds

When it comes to relationships, Virgo has a very similar approach to Taurus. This sign sees no reason to rush into anything and potentially make a huge mistake. It takes a long time for them to get invested, and they don’t want to find themselves with a broken heart somewhere down the line. So they take things one baby step at a time, hoping that they won’t regret it. This means that when it comes to love, Virgo is far from dangerous. In fact, one might say that they like to play it safe. Sometimes, though, they finally do let themselves go, and they do end up dealing with regret—try as they might, none of us can avoid it forever. Heartbreak is just a part of life.

Capricorn: Is Ruthless In Love

Capricorn definitely stands out amongst all of the earth signs. This sign is ruthless when it comes love—especially compared to Taurus and Virgo! Let’s break it all down. Overall, Capricorn is a very ambitious sign, and many people make the false assumption that this level of ambition only applies to their career. Nope, not true at all! Their ambitious mindset affects EVERYTHING that they do, including relationships. Therefore, when they fall for someone, they are ready to give it everything they’ve got, and they will stop at nothing. Many people would be shocked to see just how far Capricorn would go in order to get what they want, and that includes the one they love. There is no stopping a Capricorn in love, so just get out of the way.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

It can be hard to predict how an air sign will act when they fall in love. This is partially because air signs are not known for their ability to commit. Some will do almost anything to avoid committing to a stable relationship, while others will more open to settling down, but run at the first sign of trouble. One thing is for sure: air signs will always keep you on your toes, and it can be tough to figure out where you stand. However, some air signs are more dangerous in love than others. If you do get tangled up with an air sign, we need to warn you about one thing: no matter which sign it is, they will be the one calling all of the shots.

Gemini: May Never Know What She Wants

So, let’s say that you’re interested in a Gemini. Well, you have probably already heard all of the warnings and rumors about their level of loyalty, so we won’t spend more time going over that with you. However, there is something else that makes a Gemini truly dangerous in love: this may never figure out what they truly want. They will go after someone with everything they have one day, only to turn around the next day and dial it way back. This will totally confuse the person they’re with, and they may even have a lot of trouble explaining their emotions. This is what makes Gemini dangerous in love—you may never know exactly where you stand with them, but they will reel you back in every time.

Libra: Might Have An Ulterior Motive

What makes a Libra secretly dangerous in love? They may not look it on the surface, but make no mistake, they can be dangerous. Well, here’s the thing about Libras—they may act like they love you, and you will most likely fall for it because this sign is so charming. But the truth is that they could easily have an ulterior motive. They might be after your money or your social connections, and they will never reveal their true intentions until you have already bought into their story and fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. It’s not easy to get out of those Libra clutches once you’ve fallen in, and in some ways, this makes them more dangerous in love than any other sign.

Aquarius: Is Hot And Cold

It’s easy to fall in love with an Aquarius. It’s not easy to convince this sign that they should actually commit to you, but if you do, you could be in for a wild ride. Aquarius likes to act like they are sure of what they want at all times, but frankly, this could not be further from the truth. This sign can be extremely indecisive. They are always on the look out for something better than what they already have. That’s why this sign is always so hot and cold, and that’s what makes them so dangerous to fall in love with. One day, they think they know exactly what they want, but give them a week or two, and they will turn your world upside down in the worst way possible when they say they’re not interested anymore.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):

Are water signs really dangerous in love? Well, that depends on which sign we’re talking about. Don’t worry, we’re about to break it all down and explain everything in just a minute. Water signs are so quick to fall in love. While these signs often come across as shy and quiet when you first meet them, that could all change when you see how they act in relationships. When a water sign is truly in love with someone, they will start to resemble a fire sign more and more. Their attitude will totally shift, and suddenly, they won’t be so shy and quiet anymore. They will boldly go after the person they want, and they will stop at almost nothing, even though they get their hearts broken easily.

Cancer: Falls Too Hard

Cancer might seem like a pretty chill sign, but don’t be fooled—when they fall in love, they are anything BUT chill. If they’re head over heels for you, you will definitely know it without a doubt. Like all of the other water signs, Cancer is very emotional by nature. They are totally an open book when it comes to emotions. But here’s the thing—if Cancer is upset with you, you won’t be able to run and hide. They hate it when their kindness is taken advantage of. If you think they’re putting up with that, you’re dead wrong. So if a Cancer girl is head over heels for a guy, and he breaks her heart, well, let’s just say you should sleep with one eye open.

Scorpio: Won’t Let You Go

If Scorpio wants to be with you, they will not be able to keep it a secret. Emotions run high for this sign, and they cannot escape or hide how they feel. That’s why Scorpio is so dangerous in love—they simply cannot keep their feelings to themselves, and their emotions over the relationship could come spilling out at the worst of times. For example, if you had a fight with your Scorpio girlfriend one night, she might just show up at your office the next day during her lunch break and freak out at you in front of all of your coworkers. Yup, falling in love with a Scorpio will always be a dangerous game—there’s no doubt about it. But sometimes, it’s worth it.

Pisces: Will Do Anything For The Man Of Her Dreams

Pisces may not seem like they have the potential to be dangerous in love, but there is so much more to Pisces than what you see on the surface. Now, most of the time, Pisces won’t be dangerous when it comes to love. But Pisces is prone to daydreaming and coming up with elaborate fantasies and hypothetical situations. If a Pisces woman meets the man of her dreams, the one who checks every box on her long list of perfect qualities, the one who has her practically falling over and swooning at first sight…well, all bets are off at that moment. If a Pisces meets someone like that, they are going to drop everything else and spend the rest of their time chasing that person.



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