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Combos That Should Never Go On Vacation Together Based On Zodiac Signs


As far as we’re concerned, there’s only one thing that has the power to make a good vacation miserable, and that’s poor company. Traveling with someone (or a bunch of people!) you don’t get along with means day after day of disagreements, quiet tension that distracts the focus from the awesome sights you paid lots of money to see, and sometimes, actual fighting. Where you can, you should always avoid traveling with people you don’t gel with.

You’d obviously never travel with your worst enemy, but sometimes even the best of friends at home can jump on a plane together and then realize that they can’t spend more than a day in each other’s company. So how do you know which people are good to bring along on a vacation, and which ones will drive you crazy? The stars may just have the answer!

They say that certain zodiac couples should never travel together, even if they get along fine at home. Sometimes that’s because their personalities clash so much that the hotel room will become a war zone, and sometimes it’s because they’re so alike that they just lead each other into trouble. Friendships and romantic relationships are one thing, but when it comes to committing to a vacation together, here are all the zodiac combos that should think twice before booking those tickets!

Leo And Leo Will Turn Into Real Lions By The End Of A Trip Together

For Leo and Leo, it’s definitely a case of too many similarities between them to make the vacation run smoothly. The Lion happens to be a very intense personality, known for being strong-minded and exceptionally passionate, as well as for losing their cool when they don’t get their way and seeking to be the center of attention at all times. See the problem when there are two people like that together for too long?

Leo will understand another Leo, and they’ll want to do the same kinds of things on their vacation. They’ll both want to party it up until late, meet a ton of new people and have exciting experiences rather than having a relaxing break. But they’re also likely to compete with each other and try to outdo each other until one is the Queen of the Jungle.

Cancer And Aquarius Will Stress Each Other Out With Their Different Personalities

Unlike Leo and Leo, Cancer and Aquarius don’t work because they are much too different. At one end you have Aquarius, who loves being free, values alone time, typically thinks in an unconventional way and doesn’t like to feel smothered by other people. And on the other end, you have Cancer, who gets very attached to others, values family and home life, craves affection and intimacy and can get offended pretty easily when they feel shut out.

Aquarius needs lots of alone time, especially if they’re cooped up on planes, trains and in motels with others. They’ll want to take time out from the schedule to explore on their own and just have their own space. That will probably be difficult for Cancer to understand, and this sensitive sign might even take it personally.

Aries And Pisces Is An Accident Waiting To Happen

For starters, Aries and Pisces probably want totally different vacations. Pisces’ idea of a good time is anywhere near water, but specifically lounging by the pool or the ocean in a five-star resort. They like to take it easy and spend their days daydreaming and enjoying the calm. Aries, by comparison, is much more likely to want a much more action-packed vacation, full of adventurous and stimulating activities.

Not only do these two signs want different things, but they can have problems communicating with each other, which will get frustrating after a few days together. Aries tends to say exactly what’s on their mind, which could offend a softer sign like Pisces. And Pisces is less likely to speak up when there’s a problem since they expect other people to be as intuitive as they are. No sign is as good at reading people as Pisces is—least of all Aries!

A Vacation With Gemini And Virgo Won’t Even Last

There would be so much conflict on Gemini and Virgo’s vacation that we honestly don’t even think it would last. Before long, one of them would be lining up to buy a ticket home!

These two signs just have totally different approaches to life, and neither can adjust enough to accommodate the other. Gemini loves exciting vacations where they can immerse themselves in new situations, meet new people and get out of their comfort zones. They don’t like to stay in one place too long and don’t like to waste any time relaxing because they tend to suffer from serious FOMO. Virgo moves at a quick pace too but in a much more careful and planned way. They organize absolutely everything and get stressed out if anybody deviates even slightly from the schedule. Since spontaneity is Gemini’s middle name, these two make the worst travel buddies.

Libra And Capricorn Will End Up Resenting Each Other After Traveling Together

Libra and Capricorn will get through the vacation all right, but afterward they’ll be so sick of one another that they won’t want to see each other for months. They won’t have any major blow ups while they’re away, but the little things that they do will bother each other inch by inch until they get to a point where they can’t stand to look at each other.

Capricorn is more of a quiet achiever and reserved personality who doesn’t like to have all eyes on them. Libra is a little more idealistic, is into grand gestures and doesn’t mind having people look at them. Libra also tends to be a bit materialistic, and they’ll want to spend a lot of time shopping, which could annoy Capricorn. Libra is the type to hold their party up at the airport because their suitcase is so overweight with new purchases, and practical Capricorn is the type to silently grind their teeth in the background.

Taurus Can Only Handle Scorpio In Very Small Doses

Taurus and Scorpio might be able to get along fine at home, but that’s because they don’t see each other frequently. If they only catch up once a week for a dinner that lasts for an hour and a half, there won’t be a problem—they’ll provide good conversation for each other and enjoy each other’s company. But it’s a different story when they see nobody but each other for more than a week.

To put it simply, Taurus doesn’t like drama. This is a very patient sign, but they don’t have a lot of time for people who are overdramatic or who make big deals of things that could be smoothed over. Scorpio is a little different—they don’t enjoy drama, but it can’t help follow them around. And the very last place Taurus wants drama is on their hard-earned vacation!

Leo Will Probably Drive Capricorn Nuts On A Trip

The essence of who Capricorn and Leo are differs greatly between them, and that could lead to a few problems if they decide to get away together. Capricorn is quiet and keeps their thoughts to themselves, whereas Leo basically has no filter between their brain and their mouth. Leo is always looking for a party, but Capricorn prefers to have downtime alone, and couldn’t think of anything worse than wasting vacation time by being hungover. Once the two have it out, Leo is likely to get their way because Capricorn prefers to give in than fight, but they’ll probably be cursing Leo’s name to themselves.

The types of vacation these two want might be different as well. A European Contiki with a different club in a different city every night is perfect for someone like Leo, while Capricorn is more the type to pace themselves as they explore a new place in detail.

The Fighting Won’t Stop Between Aries And Scorpio

Aries and Scorpio should avoid spending too much time together at the best of times. Both hotheads, they are both prone to temper tantrums and fighting relentlessly to get their way. What’s more, both signs are emotional and care about others deeply, which opens them up to very hurt feelings. This combination isn’t a good idea under any circumstances, let alone on an eight-hour plane trip or in a claustrophobic motel room.

These two signs might like to do the same sorts of things together on their trip, but sooner or later they’ll get on each other’s nerves. And once the fighting starts, it won’t stop. Each will have hurt feelings, neither will say they’re sorry and the vacation they were looking forward to will turn in a misery fest.

Aquarius And Taurus Won’t Even Want To Visit The Same Location

Somehow, we don’t think Taurus and Aquarius will arrive at their destination and then find out they’re terrible travel buddies. They probably won’t even get there in the first place, since their tastes are so different!

Aquarius has a reputation for being quite unconventional and has an affinity for the wackier things in life. They’re not the type to want to visit popular tourist locations, and if they do, they won’t want to see the major sights that have thousands of people waiting to get in. They’ll more likely want to see things that nobody else knows about, off the beaten track. Taurus, on the other hand, is a simple, no-fuss sign. They’ll probably prefer to see the more well-known cities and landmarks, and will be much more traditional in all their travel choices.

Leo Might End Up Throwing Virgo’s Schedules Out The Window (Literally)

There are certain things you have to accept if you want to travel with Virgo. This sign likes to be in charge of all organization and will be the resident travel agent of the trip. They want to pre-book all transport, accommodation, activities, and anything else they can, and they’ll keep all those plans neatly in their travel folders. You don’t plan or ask questions with Virgo; you just go where you’re told.

If you can’t be bothered with all that organization, this is a blessing. You get to your destination and everything is waiting for you without you having to lift a finger. But if you like to be in control (like Leo does), or you like to take each day as it comes and be spontaneous (like Leo does), this is a curse. And with Leo’s temper, those travel folders are sure to go flying.

Aries Won’t Understand Aquarius Enough To Spend More Than A Day With Them

Aries isn’t the best sign at understanding people. This strong-minded personality cares about others a lot and tries to relate to them as best as they can, but most of the time, they just can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes. Because of this, the more complex somebody’s personality is, the less chance they have of enjoying spending time with Aries.

Aquarius is a mysterious sign who tends to have interests that vary from the norm, and chances are Aries just won’t understand how their mind works. In a vacation setting, Aries will spend most of their time trying to get why Aquarius wants to see and do certain things, and when they can’t, they’ll feel frustrated. In short, this won’t be a very relaxing vacation for anybody!

Gemini And Capricorn Want A Totally Different Trip

Gemini and Capricorn are two more signs who probably want totally different trips to begin with. Gemini is a wind sign, and you guessed it—they like to float in the wind. They want a vacation where they jump from location to location and try new things. They want to sample new foods and try new cultural activities—they’re the type to want to take a cooking class in Florence or a salsa class in Barcelona. They don’t like to miss out on anything, so there’s no going slow. They need to fit absolutely everything in!

None of that really works for Capricorn. This sign is a master at taking things slow and prefers quality over quantity. They’d rather get to know one city very well than see five in ten days.

Traveling With Aries Will Give Virgo Major Anxiety

Virgo won’t get on a plane or train without planning as much as they can beforehand. If they don’t know exactly what’s happening, where they’re going and who they’ll be seeing, their stress levels tend to rise (and they’re already higher than everybody else’s, to begin with). For this reason, they should avoid traveling with someone who doesn’t like to plan anything.

Aries trusts that things will work out, even if they don’t know how that’s going to happen. They like to leave their problems up to the universe to solve, and can even get annoyed when everything is laid out for them and there’s no room for surprises. Aries can also be forceful, so they might insist that Virgo throw away their schedule and just live in the moment. Cue Virgo’s panic attack!

Taurus And Gemini Won’t See Eye-To-Eye From Day One

Taurus and Gemini are both social signs, and they’re both easy to get along with and agreeable most of the time. Even though they have a lot of differences, they’re likely to plan a trip together anyway, because they seem like they get along so well at home. But things are likely to change once they get to their destination.

Once they start spending every minute together, they’ll see how different they really are. Taurus loves safety, stability, and security, while Gemini likes to live life on the edge. Right from the start, Taurus will realize that Gemini is just too unpredictable for them, and they’ll feel like they made a mistake committing to this trip. Gemini will feel bored with Taurus and similarly have some major regrets.

Sagittarius Loves Traveling, But Won’t Love It With Virgo

Sagittarius is usually the best travel buddy in the zodiac, naturally because this sign is the adventurer and the traveler of the zodiac in general. They are at their best when they are on vacation and are happy with any kind of trip that allows them to leave home. They’re easy to please and will happily come with you wherever you want to go.

The only time Sagittarius doesn’t like traveling is when they’re with Virgo. Sagittarius can handle all of Virgo’s neuroses and planning for a while, but sooner or later, they’ll want to cut all those strings and stop being so safe. Something new will catch their eye and they will want to break away from the schedule, and then start to resent Virgo for trying to force them to stick to it.

Aquarius Will Need Another Vacation After A Vacation With Pisces

If Aquarius goes away with Pisces to have a break from life and charge up their batteries, they’ll need to do all that again when they get home. These two signs can make good friends, but when they’re totally surrounded by each other for a certain period of time, it can be really exhausting for both of them, but especially Aquarius.

Pisces is a very emotional sign that loves to have deep conversations with whoever they happen to be with, and connect on an intimate level. They love being close to people and aren’t the best at giving other people space. Some signs are energized when they’re around people like that, but Aquarius is one sign who feels worse after too much time with personalities like Pisces.

Taurus Will Be Out Of Their Comfort Zone Throughout The Whole Trip With Sagittarius

If Taurus and Sagittarius were to go on a trip together, Sagittarius would have a lot of fun. Taurus likes to keep people happy and hates conflict, so will likely agree to anything that Sagittarius wants, as long as it’s not too outrageous. But while Sagittarius is having the time of their life doing whatever they want to do while Taurus follows them around, Taurus will silently be struggling with leaving their comfort zone.

Chances are Sagittarius will want to do things that make Taurus a little nervous. This sign, who is super practical and conventional, wouldn’t be into anything that they’re not used to or is daunting in any way. They might go along with it to keep Sagittarius happy, but they probably won’t have the best time.

Aries Does Not Have The Patience To Travel With Cancer

Spending too much time with Cancer requires either a specific personality or a whole lot of patience. This emotional and sensitive sign is the happiest traveling with someone who understands their mood swings, and who never says or does anything too careless. If you’re not the type of personality that works well with Cancer, you have to at least have the patience not to lose your cool with them.

Aries isn’t great at keeping their cool. Cancer can be a very overwhelming travel buddy because when their emotions get too much for them, they can totally shut down until they’re ready to start dealing with it all. Aries won’t be impressed when Cancer throws up their hands and says they’re not coming for that walk or to that restaurant because they’re too upset, and will probably react in a way that will make Cancer even more upset.

Gemini And Scorpio Will Spend The Whole Time Arguing

Neither Gemini nor Scorpio has a problem saying what’s on their mind or arguing with other people. Both signs are stubborn and don’t like it when they don’t get their way, and can be cold when they feel they have to be defensive. Because these signs are so alike, their fights will be particularly intense, and could even ruin the whole trip.

Both signs fight in the same way—when they get upset or offended, they retaliate by saying hurtful things that they probably don’t even mean. But once they’re said, they can’t be taken back, and they provide fuel for the other person to respond with something even nastier. These signs both need to cool off when they get angry, so are better off not putting themselves in a situation where they have to see each other.

Leo Will Feel Like It’s Not A Vacation With Taurus

For Leo, vacations are about letting loose and having fun. They want to do things they don’t normally do when they’re at home or working, and get the chance to satisfy all their urges and live life to the fullest. If they happen to travel with someone who doesn’t feel the same, and isn’t as passionate about all the things that they are, they feel like they’re being held back.

After a few days on vacation with someone like Taurus, Leo will feel like their vacation is being ruined because they’re not doing everything they want to do. Even if Taurus goes along with what Leo wants to do, Leo can tell if they’re not genuinely having a good time, which will also ruin it for them.

Scorpio Should Not Travel With Another Scorpio, Ever

Some signs have a good time when they travel with others of the same sign, but Scorpio is not one of them. This sign has such a strong and intense personality that there’s actually not enough room for another one on the same trip.

Two Scorpios together on one vacation might appreciate the same sorts of things and want to go to the same places, but all of that will be overshadowed by their emotions. Each person will get incredibly hurt feelings when something doesn’t go their way and both can get nasty when their feelings are hurt. This sign is much better off with a travel buddy who can complement their personality and who will understand them without thinking in exactly the same way and wanting the exact same things.


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