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The ONE Thing She’ll Resent About Him, Based On Zodiac Signs

If there’s one thing that’s out of reach for every single human, it’s perfection. Even the most accomplished, successful, and impressive people have flaws. When it comes to relationships, the key is not to look for someone who has no flaws or to try and hide one’s own. Instead, it’s to find someone whose flaws an individual can accept, and who can accept their partner just the way they are.

The twelve signs in astrology each have their own common flaws that tend to irritate the people around them. Every sign has their strong points too—they all have a list of positive qualities which they bring to the table. But there are also things about them that might not be so positive in the eyes of others, and those things can often lead to resentment.

Sometimes people can work on their weaknesses and shortcomings. Other times, though, they’re part of their personality. If whoever they end up with doesn’t learn to love those things, they’ll have to be content with quietly resenting them from afar.

Read on to find out what girls tend to resent most about each of the astro signs, and what gets under the skin of the elements themselves!


20 Aries: His Controlling Nature

Aries has all the qualities that you’d expect of a leader. He is disciplined, loyal, and is able to see the big picture, plus he’s great to lean on in tough times. The downside, though, is that he tends to get controlling and dominating. This is the kind of guy who always has to be in charge because he is a born a leader. He likes to have the final say, take on a lot of responsibility, and make most of the decisions in the relationship. Particularly for people who also like to be the boss sometimes, that can get pretty annoying.

19 Leo: How He Has To Win All The Time

Another fire sign, Leo is similar to Aries in that he likes to hold a certain power when he’s in a relationship. He’s less concerned with being the boss and controlling things and much more worried about winning every argument he gets into, whether he’s right or not.

This is probably one of the most competitive signs, and he’s even more competitive with the people he loves than he is with strangers.

The person who dates Leo will have to get used to long drawn-out fights that never seem to end, because if they’re not the ones to say sorry first, Leo certainly won’t be the bigger person.

18 Sagittarius: The Way He Disappears Every Now And Then

The thing to accept about Sagittarius is that he likes to remain his own person, even when he is in a relationship. He’s not the type to completely fuse his life with someone else’s. Adventure, travel, and excitement still mean a lot to him, and he won’t give those up just because he’s fallen in love. This sign can be a little difficult to keep tabs on since he tends to go off and do his own thing every now and then—not to do anything bad, but just to do him for a while. For someone who has trust issues, this can be a nightmare.

17 She’ll Resent The Strong Personality Of The Fire Signs

Being fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius were blessed with very strong personalities. They’re outgoing, opinionated, and passionate and live their lives to the fullest. Now, sometimes that’s a good thing. Other times, it’s overwhelming for the people in their lives.

There’s a chance that anybody who ends up with a fire sign may come to resent this strong kind of personality.

They might get tired of having arguments that are like big explosions, setting off tempers, and being with someone who always speaks their mind. At the same time, they’ll probably love the passion and sense of adventure that comes with loving a fire sign.

16 Taurus: How Hard-Headed He Is

There are a lot of good things about being with a Taurus. He’s considerate of other people’s feelings, he loves to spoil his date, he is always good company, and he isn’t prone to mood swings. Plus, he dislikes drama so isn’t one to play mind games. But he’s not perfect. Being a bull, Taurus can be stubborn.

He sees the world in a particular way, and it is near impossible to get him to adopt another point of view.

It’s super difficult to convince him that he’s wrong, even when he is, or to get him to change his mind when it’s made up.

15 Virgo: His Critical Voice And High Standards

The good thing about Virgo is that his pickiness and criticism will be obvious from the beginning. Being a very honest sign, he doesn’t feel the need to lie about his personality. The bad thing is, well, his pickiness and criticism. Virgo has a reputation for having the highest standards of all the signs and being the most critical sign, both of himself and of others. And it’s a well-earned reputation! Someone who doesn’t like having their flaws pointed out will resent the heck out of this sign. Even though Virgo will give harsh feedback, he does it out of good intentions, not bad ones.

14 Capricorn: The Way He’s A Workaholic

Capricorn is a workaholic, plain and simple. He feels the most satisfied when he’s working hard and he always has big goals that he’s working towards. Though there is plenty of good to come out of this type of personality, like the fact that he’s a great provider and is extremely reliable, it can be a little irritating too.

Capricorn tends to neglect other things in favor of his work.

Being quite practical and a logical thinker, he isn’t one for public displays of affection or deep conversations about emotion. At times he can seem unreachable, which may lead to resentment from his partner.

13 She’ll Resent How Stubborn The Earth Signs Can Be

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, otherwise known as the earth signs, are among the most ambitious and determined. Once they set their minds to something, it pretty much takes a miracle to split their focus or even get them to change their minds. In other words, these signs can be stubborn. Their partners may come to resent how stubborn they are because we all know how frustrating it is to argue with someone who’s so bull-headed. That said, sometimes being persistent and obstinate works well for the earth signs, who rarely fall short of meeting their goals at work and in life.

12 Gemini: The Way He Doesn’t Always Keep His Promises

When it comes to being reliable, Gemini has a way to go. This sign doesn’t necessarily have bad intentions, but he can get so carried away with other things that he completely forgets to follow through with his promises. While he tries to be loyal, he tends to suffer from serious FOMO, which can sometimes lead him to betraying his partner. Even though he said he’d be there to talk to, he might have received a better offer afterwards. Gemini is undoubtedly fun and good company, though. He is great to cheer you up. He’s just not so great when you need to rely on someone.

11 Libra: His Flirtatious Personality

There are a million good reasons to be with a Libra. This tends to be the Romeo of the signs and he is particularly skilled at sweeping people off their feet. He’s charming and has great social skills, so he knows exactly what to say in order to make people melt.

When someone first hits it off with him, they’ll feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Then they’ll realize that the flirting isn’t really exclusive. Don’t get us wrong: Libra is one of the most loyal and trustworthy signs. But he likes a little flirt too, and not everyone can handle that.

10 Aquarius: How He Can Be Emotionally Unavailable And Aloof

Aquarius can be similar to Sagittarius in that he likes to maintain his own identity when he’s in a relationship. When he feels like he’s being controlled or smothered, he tends to flee the scene. And if he can’t flee physically, he’ll do it emotionally. In other words, he can be emotionally unavailable when he’s feeling uncomfortable in a relationship or when he’s just getting to know someone. This aloofness means that he’s not demanding or possessive, which is good. But it can also be extremely frustrating for someone who really likes him and is trying to get closer to him.

She’ll Resent The Way The Air Signs Make Her Feel Insecure

The air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—are fun-loving, energetic, and positive. They like to make the most of life and live in the present, and most of the time that makes them exciting partners to have.

But they all tend to have a way of making their partners feel insecure.

Gemini isn’t always there when he says he’s going to be, Libra likes an innocent flirt every now and then, and Aquarius doesn’t like to reveal his emotions. All of these things can leave an earth partner feeling like her relationship is unstable, and she might end up feeling resentful.

Cancer: His Crazy Mood Swings

The thing to know about Cancer is that he is one sign who is prone to mood swings. One minute he’s feeling on top of the world and the next he’s angry at the universe.

The person who dates him might end up resenting that kind of emotional roller coaster.

But the upside is that his bad moods never last long. It’s also useful to know that Cancer is always a little reserved until he feels comfortable enough to come out of his shell. So the Cancer you’re dating in the beginning of the relationship may be totally different to the one who comes out in the end.

Scorpio: The Snide Remarks He Sometimes Makes

Scorpio’s most powerful weapon is his tongue. Inclined to take things personally and get quite heated, this sign may utter remarks that hit below the belt when he’s angry. His heart is in the right place and he only gets so upset because he’s so emotionally invested in the relationship, but still. He knows exactly what to say to get on someone’s nerves and kick them where it hurts, and when he’s upset enough, he does it. That can be hard to take and may make his partner build up a lot of resentment toward him after a while.

Pisces: How He Appears To Be Lazy

Pisces isn’t lazy per se, but he can appear that way to his partner. This is a sign who doesn’t like to rush anything, prefers to take his time and let life flow naturally, and spends a lot of time planning and dreaming.

He talks about all the great things he’s going to do, but it can seem like he never actually gets around to doing them.

Of course, this is super annoying for the person he’s with. But Pisces does have the ability to make amazing things happen in his life; he just takes his time to get there.

She’ll Resent The Rollercoaster The Water Signs Drag Her On

Being with a water sign definitely has its benefits. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the most sensitive signs, and in general, are creative, expressive, and passionate. As they experience strong feelings and emotions, they tend to drag their partners on emotional roller coasters. This might be because of their mood swings, or because they get so angry that they say things that cut deep. A partner who’s emotional and open about their feelings is a good thing some of the time, but it can also be exhausting. Water partners may love the signs, but they could also resent the ride that comes with them.

The Fire Signs Resent Aggression And Malicious Behavior

The fire signs themselves resent certain behaviors and character traits too. In particular, these signs don’t take well to those who are overly aggressive toward them. When challenged, the fire signs get their backs up rather than standing down, and will react with even more aggression.

They don’t like the taste of their own medicine and might find a lot of problems with someone who is as outgoing and direct as they are.

While they may do things in an aggressive way, the fire signs have good intentions and take it personally when someone acts maliciously or isn’t genuine with them.

The Earth Signs Resent Laziness And Dishonesty

Above all else, the earth signs resent laziness. A strong work ethic is in their blood and they don’t have time for those who don’t believe in hard work. They may even take it to extremes and resent people who aren’t workaholics like they are. They tend to be quite hard on themselves, so they hold the people around them up to the same standards without realizing it. The other pet peeve of the earth signs is dishonesty. Even when telling a lie is easier than telling the truth, they always opt for honesty. Anyone who lies too often to an earth sign may find themselves cast out.

The Air Signs Resent Personalities That Are Too Dominating

Though they enjoy being in love, the air signs tend to fear falling into a rut. They abhor the idea of losing their lifestyle and following a routine that is boring rather than one that is filled with spontaneity. Because of this, they will very quickly resent anyone who tries to dominate them, control them, and force them to live a life they’re not comfortable with.

The more someone tries to box them in, the more they feel like they want to get out and be on their own.

They also don’t enjoy conflict, so are more likely to quietly resent someone who controls.

The Water Signs Resent Insensitivity And Disloyalty

The three most sensitive signs in astrology, the water signs naturally don’t like it when they come across someone who is insensitive. They get offended when people say and do things to them without thinking out the consequences first because they are overly considerate and wouldn’t cross that line if the situation were reversed. In the same way, the water signs tend to be very loyal to the people they love, so they find it totally unacceptable when a loved one betrays their trust. They resent those who aren’t loyal and take a long time to build up their trust in that person again.



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