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The Secret To Winning Over His Trust Based On Zodiac Signs

It seems like we’re falling for him a little quicker than we expected. That’s why all we want now is to figure out how to completely win him over!

Whether we’re still getting to know each other or are basically official, there is still some work to be done. We need to win his trust completely in order for him to fully fall for us. Trust is one of the most critical elements in a relationship and it absolutely has to be present. For everything to truly work out, both people have to trust one another.

That’s why we here at TheTalko figured out some tips on how to win him over. If he’s been a little distant lately, it’s probably because he doesn’t know if he can completely trust his new lover. He’s been wronged in the past and isn’t about to be taken advantage of again. That’s why all we can do is try to prove that we’re in it for the long run.

It’s key to keep it 100% real and show our man that he can trust us. So get ready to figure out the secret of how to win him over! Find his astro sign and get ready to get some spot-on tips on seizing his trust.


24 Leo: Honesty Is The Key To His Heart

A Leo has been wronged more than once in the past, so he is so over being taken advantage of. If you really want to win his heart, you’re going to have to be honest with him. He doesn’t expect you to bend over backward, though. Just be 100% real with him at all times.

Don’t be surprised if it’s taking him a little longer than you expected to win over his trust. He’s struggling to truly let you into his life as he’s scared of being taken advantage of. If you’re genuinely going to be there for him whenever he needs you, make sure to show it. Be up front with him and he’ll appreciate it a ton!

23 How To Keep It: A White Lie Is Still A Lie

If you think that a white lie will slide with a Leo, think again. As soon as he gets the feeling that you might not be telling the truth, he is already halfway out the door. He’s not about to put himself in yet another situation where he is going to end up hurt.

While white lies might be okay in your book, they aren’t in his. Even if you’re trying to protect him in some sense, he doesn’t appreciate it. Try to be completely truthful over what’s going on. You’re only going to push him away if he catches you trying to sell him a little white lie.

22 Scorpio: Acknowledge His Feelings

Scorpios are constantly looking for someone who is willing to understand their complex thoughts. It’s difficult for us all to find someone who we can truly vibe with. That’s why if you truly want your Scorpio lover to fall for you, you’re going to have to acknowledge his feelings.

Don’t brush him off just because you don’t understand his point of view. Instead, try to get into a deep conversation over what he’s thinking. He’ll absolutely adore you for taking the time to figure out his complex mind. He’s looking for someone to share his genuine feelings and needs you to be willing to listen.

21 How To Keep It: Always Be There For Him

Once you seize a Scorpio’s trust, you still have to figure out a way to keep it. The secret to keeping his trust is to always be there for him through it all. He needs you to always be there for him at any second. His life can get a little chaotic and he needs to know that he can always depend on you.

There is no point in winning him over just to lose him again. Make it known that you’re willing to move mountains just to be there for him. We promise that he will appreciate this gesture more than anything else you can think of. Just because he puts up a wall doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need you to be there for him.

20 Sagittarius: Share Similar Experiences

A Sagittarius is basically looking for his soulmate. He needs a girl who he can trust completely. However, the main thing he’s looking for is someone who is his other half. In order for him to truly trust you, you’re going to have to earn it.

He’s looking for a girl who is willing to share similar experiences with him. If you’re not willing to live the same lifestyle, then he isn’t interested in getting together. He wants a girl who is willing to live a fun and exciting lifestyle with him. While this might be a little more than you signed up for, it’s what he truly desires.

19 How To Keep It: Be Up Front And Personal

If you want to keep his trust, you better get ready to constantly work for it. He’s going to expect you to be truthful 24/7. Tell him exactly how you feel rather than playing any games. He doesn’t want you to fake your emotions just to make him happy.

Rather, express your genuine emotions as he’s sure to appreciate them. If you’re not happy with something in particular, make it known. He so doesn’t need your passive aggressive behaviour over old issues. Relationships take a ton of communication and you better be willing to be upfront with your Sagittarius lover!

18 Cancer: Apologize When Wrong

If you’re not willing to put your pride to the side when you’re wrong, then dating a Cancer just isn’t for you. A Cancer is more than willing to forgive and forget if an issue arises. However, he won’t forgive you for your mistake if you’re not willing to apologize.

He won’t be able to move on from the situation if you’re not willing to admit your mistakes. There is no way he can trust you if you’re not able to see where you went wrong. If you’re truly trying to prove to your lover that he can trust you, you better be willing to apologize when you misstep.

17 How To Keep It: Don’t Play Games

The last thing that you want is to play games with your lover. If you really want to keep him around, don’t do anything to push him in the opposite direction. Stirring up problems by playing games is absolutely the last thing that you should do. Your partner doesn’t deserve to be pushed away.

Rather, express your feelings to your partner. He doesn’t have the time or energy to play these little mental games with you. Tell him how you feel instead of making him guess. If playing games is your way of getting attention, know that it’s not going to work on a Cancer.

16 Libra: Open Up First

In order for a Libra to trust you, you’re going to have to be willing to open up. He is not going to tell you everything about himself if you’re not willing to be completely open with him. While we understand that you don’t exactly want to put yourself in a vulnerable position, it’s the only way you’re going to be able to win a Libra’s trust.

He just doesn’t feel like opening up to someone who might leave. However, if you show him that you’re here to stay by opening up first, he will meet you half way. We’re guessing you might not be used to putting yourself on the line, however, with a Libra, it’s the only way.

15 How To Keep It: Always Communicate

The secret to keeping your man is simple communication. There is basically nothing else that you can do to keep your lover happy. It already means a ton to him that you were willing to open up when he was a little more hesitant.

Don’t worry about doing anything crazy to keep him happy. Simply openly communicate with your lover over how you feel and the status of your relationship. This is truly the key to making everything work between you and your guy. While it sounds like a cliche that communication is the key to the relationship, it actually is!

14 Virgo: Don’t Pretend Everything Is Fine

The absolute worst thing that you can do in a relationship is to pretend that everything is fine when it’s actually not. You can’t expect your lover to trust you if you’re not willing to be honest with your emotions. He doesn’t deserve to have to figure out your emotions just because you’re not willing to be completely honest.

It’s time to spend some time with your partner and get to know each other on a deeper level. If you’re not comfortable with a certain situation, make it known to your boo. He’s not about to try to force you to express yourself. Rather, it’s your responsibility to tell your lover when things aren’t going as planned.

13 How To Keep It: Don’t Avoid The Truth

We completely understand that it can be rough to be upfront with your partner over what’s going on. However, we recommend that you take some time to discuss with your man how you actually feel. While you might think that pretending that everything is okay is a good idea, it’s totally not.

Rather, it’s time to come face to face with the truth and what’s going on. All relationships are guaranteed to undergo some serious issues here and there. However, it is your responsibility to figure out how you feel about certain situations. Stop pretending that everything is okay and start expressing yourself!

12 Gemini: Be Honest

While you were probably expecting something a little bit more significant as to how to win your partner over, it’s actually completely simple. Be honest with your Gemini man and he is guaranteed to trust you. You don’t have to do anything crazy to make it known that you’re in it for the real deal.

It seems like we often over complicate relationships. We often think that there is some huge change that we have to make in order to win our lover over. However, all that a Gemini really needs is someone who is going to be completely honest with them. Yet, this might be a little difficult for you to do is since honesty might not exactly be your best quality.

11 How To Keep It: Don’t Even Think Of Lying

While you might think that lying is a good idea here and there, it totally isn’t. The second that you start lying is the exact moment that your partner is going to start to create distance in the relationship. All that a Gemini desires is complete honesty.

That’s why as soon as you start throwing a few lies into the picture, he’s over it. There isn’t anything major that he demands rather than having someone be there for him at all times. Don’t put yourself in a difficult (and awkward) situation by lying to your man. Even the thought that you might be lying could be enough to push your partner away. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

10 Taurus: Speak Through Actions, Not Words

A Taurus couldn’t care less about all of your promises. Rather, he wants a love who is willing to show their dedication through their actions rather than their words. We can all say that we’re going to be the best partner in the world, however, there is no guarantee that we actually will.

If you really want to win over his trust, you’re going to have to prove it. Get ready to make every promise into a reality for your man. A Taurus isn’t willing to put up with anyone trying to take advantage of him. If you truly think you’re the girl for him, you better get ready to put in the work to make that into a reality.

How To Keep It: Put In The Work

Upholding a relationship with a Taurus isn’t exactly going to be easy. It’s going to take a ton of time and energy to make things work. While we would love to pretend that relationships are easy, they’re hard work. In order to keep a Taurus satisfied, you better get ready to put in constant effort 24/7.

You will never reach a stage in your relationships where you no longer have to keep trying. The moment when you stop putting in the hard work is the moment that your relationship will completely fall apart. That’s why it’s your responsibility to figure out if being with a Taurus is actually worth it or if it’s a complete headache.

Capricorn: Analyze His Emotions

There is nothing that shows a Capricorn that you care more than analyzing his emotions. He’ll completely appreciate you for taking the time to try to figure him out. This shows him that you care and that you’re in it for the real deal. You’re not trying to manipulate him, but rather show that you’re there for him whenever he needs you.

The secret to winning over his trust is putting in the time to get to know him. Rather than keeping the conversation on the surface level, get in a little deeper. While he might be a little hesitant to express himself at first, he’s sure to let you know eventually how he’s feeling. Sometimes all you have to do is make the first move.

How To Keep It: Be More Understanding

It’s totally easy for us to be hard on someone when we disagree with them. However, when you’re in a relationship with a Capricorn, you better get ready to be there for them all the time. Rather than getting mad at him immediately, try to understand where he’s coming from.

If you think that freaking out on him will work, it won’t. Rather, he needs a partner who is willing to be a little bit more understanding. The second you express your anger against him is the exact moment he’ll begin to push away. That’s because he doesn’t feel like you’re genuinely there for him.

Aquarius: Don’t Betray Him

While you probably would never think of betraying him, we’re here to warn you that you shouldn’t. An Aquarius is willing to put up with a ton of issues. However, the second someone completely crosses the line with him, he’s out of the picture.

If you’re trying to win over his trust, make sure to never betray whatever trust he has already offered. It’s hard for an Aquarius to open up out of fear that his lover will take advantage of him. He’s been through this situation in the past and has promised to never land himself in a similar one again.

How To Keep It: Keep It Simple

It truly doesn’t take much to seize an Aquarius’ trust. As long as you don’t betray him, he’s willing to always be there for you. Don’t stress over making any romantic gestures to truly show how much you adore him. The last thing you want to do is to push him into doing something that he isn’t ready for.

As long as you try your best, he will eventually begin to genuinely trust you. There is no point in trying to rush things as he prefers to go at his own speed. Keep on being the best version of yourself and you’re guaranteed to eventually win him over.

Pisces: Don’t Be Scared To Express Emotion

The key to seizing his trust is being your genuine self. A Pisces is super smart and has all of the capabilities to tell if someone is in it for the real deal or not. While you might think that you can wear a mask and win him over, think again.

He’s been through some tricky situations in the past and is now able to read anyone like an open book. He’s not about to let anyone get the upper hand on him, especially his lover. That’s why we recommend that you keep things 100% real with your man at all time. As long as you continue acting like your genuine self, he is sure to fall for you!

How To Keep It: Be As Transparent As Possible

Lying just isn’t going to slide with him. While you thought you might be able to manipulate him a little here and there to get your way, it’s just not going to work. Instead, we recommend that you keep it real with your man and tell the truth at all times.

While you might be a little hesitant about being completely truthful, it’s what you need to do. Your lover is more than willing to be his genuine self with you and expects you to do the same. You won’t be able to get the upper hand on him as he has everything under control. He will be able to tell if there is something that you’re keeping to yourself. If you find yourself in a tricky situation, just tell him the truth!

Aries: Listen To His Feelings

Sometimes all we need is for someone to be there for us. We don’t need any intense romantic gestures since knowing that our partner will always be there for us whenever we need them is enough. That’s why all an Aries lover requires is for someone to be by his side whenever possible.

If you really want to win him over, simply listen to him. Make sure that you’re always there for him and are ready for him to help figure out any issue that might be present. While we completely understand that you might not be able to help him resolve every conflict, you’re going to have to try. Otherwise, things with your boo are simply never going to work.

How To Keep It: Don’t Put On An Act

No one wants to be manipulated. If you truly want your relationship to go somewhere, you’re going to have to be yourself. While we understand that it might be difficult for you to be 100% real, it’s what you’re going to have to do.

He’s going to figure out eventually that you’re putting on an act. Rather than reaching that moment, it’s much better for you to be honest with your partner over what’s going on. Only then will things finally work themselves out. Be the best version of yourself, and we guarantee that your partner will totally fall for that awesome person!



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