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First Date Jitters: How To Hook A Man In 5 Minutes Based On Zodiac Signs

Making an amazing first impression on your date is something that paves the way for more dates and maybe even a future with him, if he’s the right guy for you. Understanding a person’s likes and dislikes in the first meeting itself is not an easy job, but that’s what gives you the edge to catch his interest.

If you know his astro sign, half the battle is won! Each and every astro sign carries some typical traits and expects their partners to have certain qualities, too. For example, some astro signs take time to open up, while others are just like an open book. Some pay attention to details, while others are easy-going. Knowing these traits will help you make an unforgettable first impression.

Are you interested in a certain guy and want to catch his attention? Maybe you are out on your first date and want to dazzle him. To get his interest and have him completely hooked on you, we have some surprising tips for you, so let’s dive into the amazing world of astro signs. These suggestions will make your date fun, interesting and comfortable. Get ready to rock on your first date and hook him within the first five minutes of it.


20 A Simple Touch Can Do Wonders For Aries

How do you catch the attention of an Aries man? After all, this fire sign is known for its restlessness. Did you know that they want to be treated with special care and prefer that all the attention is on them? So, start out with a simple touch on their hands and look them in the eye so they know you’re concentrating on them. Aries is always oozing with energy and they love to put it to good use. Physical activities, fun games, and even adventure sports are their weaknesses.

Suggest a first date where they can release some excess energy. Aries is like a grown-up kid! They like to get chased, played with, and of course, they love to win.

So do make sure to surprise with a fun activity and he is sure to invite you out on a second date.

19 Compliments Rule For Taurus

Taurus men have an eye for beauty. They love giving and getting compliments. To grab their attention in the first five minutes, just give them a good compliment and you have won them over. However, make sure to say something sincere — don’t fake it!

Arrange a relaxing date instead of a very sophisticated one. This earth sign is grounded and quite simple, so just accept them that way.

Make sure to choose a comfortable setting for your first date, such as a place with lots of good food choices. It’s even better if you can cook him a meal.

18 The Gemini Man Adores Gifts

Gemini men are very particular about their time and discipline, so make sure you value both. Get to the date on time and you will have already impressed the guy!

Cracking a good joke around a Gemini man will increase his interest in you since he’s born with a great sense of humour.

To further win him over, arrange a date where both of you can do something creative such as pottery class, cooking or dance class. Gemini are intelligent people ruled by the air element and they love to talk their hearts out. Be a good listener and he’s sure to call you again.

17 Cancer Needs His Caffeine

There are two ways to grab the attention of a Cancer guy: one is coffee and the other is a gift. Cancer men take time to come out of their shells and need some relaxing venues for their dates. Invite him for a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe where you both can talk without any formalities.

They also love to give and receive gifts, so go ahead and bring something cute for him and hand it over within the first five minutes of the date. It could be something that you both talked about, like the new cover of Time magazine. You will be surprised by what effect this small gesture can have on your relationship. Maybe you can gift him with a coffee mug that has some funny quote on it.

16 Leo Loves Eye Contact

Leo men are passionate creatures and they love being admired. To catch Leo’s wavering attention, make some serious eye contact with him. Talk to him while looking into his eyes,  and touch his hands or his face in a casual way to stay connected. Leos are adventure lovers, so use this to your advantage. Arrange some ice-skating sessions with him or go to an adventure park and you will win this game altogether.

Don’t get intimidated if this fire sign comes across as really strong and passionate. It means he is already hooked on you.

If you encourage a Leo’s passions, you will have him beside you, always.

15 Virgo Wants His Partner To Make The First Move

The Virgo man never opens up first, so you need to break the ice to let the love flow. To grab the attention of a Virgo male, you have to make the first move. Just walk up to him and hand over a tissue with your phone number on it. Smile and walk away. It’s an old trick, but it works on them. If you aren’t the bold type, then try sending them a friend request on social media and take it from there.

Virgo men don’t believe in showing off. For the first date, they love a comfortable venue rather than a fancy restaurant.

They prefer chilled-out dates such as relaxing on a couch with a bag of popcorn, pizza, and a lovely movie. Remember they are honest and easy-going. You need to make room for them to be playful and you can have fun together.

14 Libra Feeds On Appreciation

Libra men like two things that will help you make a great impression: make the first move and then appreciate them. Making your move can be done with a beautiful catchline, your phone number or even a selfie with him.

Libras love to know that they are truly cherished and people around them are totally in awe of them. Libra men also love music. Even if they don’t tell you about it, they will enjoy going to a live concert on a date with you.

If you can play a musical instrument for him, then you have stolen his heart without a doubt. If nothing else, get him a good playlist and he will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

13 Scorpio Loves Honesty And Affection

There is more to Scorpio than meets the eye. While you think that you are casually chatting, you are being observed deeply by this Scorpio man. To attract his interest in you, share something interesting about yourself with him, but please be honest. If this man finds out that you were lying, then he will never meet you again.

Scorpios love affection. Make sure you shake hands with or hug the Scorpio guy within the first five minutes of your date as this will establish a physical connection.

When you enter into a relationship with a Scorpio man, he will love you like no one else can.

12 Sagittarius Needs To Learn A New Skill

Sagittarius men will fall head over heels for you when you take them on a date in which they can try, or learn, something new.

That’s because Sagittarius men are activity lovers who want to explore their creative sides.

This astro sign is always looking for opportunities to grow in life, be it learning a new skill or practising spiritualism. So, suggest a first date for a yoga class or maybe a TED talk. They repel stress more than all of us so you better not talk of anything sad or gloomy on your first date. Just be your cheerful, active self and you will get a call from this man soon after your first date.

11 Capricorn Wants To Keep It Short

Capricorn men are not the laze-around type of males. They don’t like to spend a whole weekend with a stranger (in this case, you), so keep the date short and give them some time to think about you and miss you. They are like a bird who feeds on breadcrumbs, one at a time. So let the bird come to you at its own pace.

Great first-date ideas include grabbing a drink with him, chatting for a short while, and then leaving. After all, Capricorn men have many goals to achieve.

Let one of them be to pursue you, not the other way around. Always leave him wanting more.

10 Grooming Matters To Aquarius

Just compliment the Aquarius man’s rugged jeans or shirt and you will have impressed him within the first five minutes of your date.

This sign puts a lot of effort into choosing their clothes, so if somebody notices that effort and appreciates it, it makes them really happy. 

Aquarius men like to talk, about anything under the sun. Nothing entices them more than an interesting conversation. They are not fussy about the date location or the level of luxury it has. So, just enjoy talking to him at your favorite place, be it the beach or a coffee house, and you’ll both have a great time.

Pisces Wants To Help

Pisces are born healers. They want to know your worries and then try to resolve them. The Pisces man loves to be made to feel like the hero, so allow him to save the damsel in distress.

Share something that’s worrying you, but keep it simple and make sure it’s nothing too heavy.

It is a first date, after all! Allow him to comfort you and the second date will be a piece of cake for you. Choose quiet, relaxed places for your date. Go for long nature walks, holding his hand.  Pisces are among the most romantic astro signs, so once you guys are in a relationship, he will be very romantic every time he is around you. What a great sign to be with!

Earth Signs Appreciate A Minimalistic Approach

Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus are ruled by the earth element and have some common traits in them. These earth-based astro signs are simple, honest and hard-working people. You must take things a little slow with these signs, and beware of making any sudden or impulsive moves.

Show your earthy date some love and care, even by doing something small like asking if he has a ride back home, and he will be hooked.

Guys ruled by earth signs take time to make a move as they want their relationships to grow and flourish. They want to discover whether or not you are the right person for them. So, if you’ve managed to hook them, they will want to get to know you better.

Intelligence Flows In The Air Signs

Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. They are intelligent and sharp, but sensitive too.

To impress an air sign, don’t behave like an airhead. Instead, be as intelligent as you can be. Look smart and talk smart. Taking an interest in learning new things about them is an obvious sign of intelligence and attraction.

Ask them questions and show some eagerness to listen and learn. Ask them about their hobbies and what fascinates them. Read up on what interests them so you can add these to the conversation topics for your first date.

Fire Signs Love Bold Moves

Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are the fire signs, famous for their bold moves. If you want to impress a fire sign, show them a bold move such as by giving them a hug, a kiss, or busting out with some dance moves. Doing this will help you line up your next date!

Fire signs are charming, philanthropic, lovable, and idealistic by nature. They want to change the world for the better.

So, if you are interested in doing some good deeds, don’t shy away from sharing your plans with them. You will be amazed at how fast you become a team, on a mission to save the world.

Water Signs Like Flirting

Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces are ruled by the water element of nature and thus are constantly moving. They feel everything deeply and tend to be wise thinkers. To impress a guy ruled by a water sign, you need to start the conversation and keep it flowing.

They love it when you flirt with them. So go ahead and bat those eyelashes! These guys are just like water, so transparent and clear. Once you get to know them, you’ll realize they are intuitive and sensitive.

They will always be truthful and straightforward with you and will let you know if they are not interested in you or if they want to grow old with you. With these signs, you’ll know where you are headed in the relationship.

Astro Signs That Make Power Couples

Relationships between Scorpio and Leo, Aries, and Cancer or Taurus and Aquarius, are power relationships! These are signs that are almost always three signs away from each other. If you are among these signs then be ready for some tension and leg-pulling in the beginning.

The problem with such power couples is that both signs are strong personalities, so you can expect plenty of friction. Many of their traits are total opposites, but, opposites do attract.

These astro signs can make astonishing couples if they take their relationships seriously and avoid ego tussles. If both parties can display some patience, then they will have a very high chance of making their relationship a huge success.

Next To Each Other

When you are out on your first date, your astro sign matters a lot as it reveals the compatibility between you. Comparing both signs will give you an idea of the kind of chemistry you two will have as a couple. If your astro signs are just one sign apart, you might encounter some difficulties.

But, all you need to do is find some similarities you share and point them out. This makes your date feel like you two can connect on some level.

Your relationship will have lots of surprises and different things to do. As one might like scuba diving while the other could feel anxious near water, this kind of relationship gives you a lot of room to grow but only if you want to learn from each other.

When Both People Share The Same Element

If you and your date are both earth, water, air, or fire signs, you guys are going to get along very well. You are bound to make a great impression in the first five minutes by just dressing the way you like as he is bound to like it too.

Talk about the things that you have in common to connect even further. You just need to keep the spark alive, so talk about things you love to do.

Chances are he loves to do the same things. To impress a guy ruled by the same element as yours, arrange some exciting activities and fun games that you love. Finding common interests is key.

Tips For People Of The Same Sign

If your date’s sign is exactly the same as yours, then you must do what you think will impress you. Yes, a very simple trick, but very effective. Meeting this person is like finding your other half. If you love getting gifts and compliments, chances are he does too. Make sure you keep the opposite gender in mind, however, as giving flowers and chocolates to the guy will not make much sense. Think harder and follow your gut feelings.

The same signs always find many things in common, including their hobbies and lifestyle choices. However, don’t be afraid to try something new so you don’t get into a relationship rut.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable to be yourself. If you do this, you’ll definitely impress him within just five minutes of meeting him.



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