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Here’s Which Throwback Sitcom Character Each Zodiac Sign Resembles Most

Kids who grew up in the 1990s loved their unique and iconic TV shows, and many probably still watch them even now. While there were some dramas that were created and produced during this time that are awesome (like every teen drama that millennials were fans of, like Dawson’s Creek, for example), when people think of TV from this time period, it’s very possible that they’re remembering the sweet and charming sitcoms that kept everyone laughing.

Sure, there are many great sitcoms currently on TV, but if fans are really keeping it real, they can all admit that there was nothing like watching Ross and Rachel pine for one another on Friends or the Seinfeld gang get into one crazy situation after another. These shows are special to ’90s babies, and they’re not alone because they’re still so popular today.

And since astrology is a big part of many modern lives, and fans love thinking about what their signs can tell them, that’s where ’90s sitcoms come in. After all, plenty of those characters had deep enough backgrounds there was a lot to read into. Read on to find out what ’90s sitcom character each star sign most closely resembles (and then get ready for a nostalgic binge session!).


20 Virgo: Monica Geller On Friends

Virgos love to clean and keep things super neat all of the time. They’re not the loudest of the star sign bunch and they could even be described as kind of obsessive about cleaning (but they honestly enjoy it so much so they wouldn’t mind hearing that).

Doesn’t that sound exactly like Monica Geller from Friends?!

If we know one thing about Monica, it’s that she’s neat and tidy and pretty concerned about keeping her apartment (and her life) that way. She wants everything to be perfect and won’t rest until it is. Are we a Virgo? If yes, then Monica’s our ’90s alter ego for sure.

19 Taurus: Kramer On Seinfeld

Kramer brings countless hilarious moments to Seinfeld. Many of us have seen every episode of this sitcom way too many times to count, and even if we watch it today, we’re still laughing hard.

This show has been called “the show about nothing” but we can agree that it has shown us a lot about human nature and the way that we all behave.

Kramer is also very stubborn and when he puts his mind to something (like putting a hot tub in his room, installing George’s parents’ screen door on the front of his apartment, or creating a fake yard, to name a few), he won’t change his mind. This is exactly what Taurus signs are like, so this is your alter ego if this is your star sign.

18 Capricorn: Charlotte York from SATC

Capricorn signs love family and tradition (and when those two things go together, we can assume). They are the kind of people that want to settle down and think that this would be the best thing ever.

This is just like Charlotte York on SATC. This character is absolutely determined to settle down and find a guy to fall in love with. Of the many dating adventures that we watch on this show, we can agree that Charlotte seems the most concerned with finding a husband. This is totally our ’90s sitcom alter ego if we’re a Capricorn (which is great since Charlotte is so charming and sweet).

17 BONUS Virgo: Carrie Bradshaw On SATC

Virgos are also hard workers who have awesome work ethics and try really hard. They’re called quiet and shy as well.

Carrie Bradshaw on SATC also sounds like she could be a Virgo sign since she seems to have those traits.

After all, she’s a successful professional writer, and she definitely works hard. In fact, a lot of the series follows her job, and we often see her writing. Virgos will be thrilled to hear that this is their other ’90s show alter ego since we all love Carrie so much. Maybe it’s time to rewatch this series from the beginning?

16 Earth Signs: DJ Tanner On Full House

Earth signs are, well, down to earth (that works perfectly, right?!). These signs (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn) can be described as logical people who are also very loyal.

These are the people that you want to turn to when something is wrong or when you just want to celebrate something amazing that is going on in your life.

For that reason, the ’90s sitcom character that works with the Earth signs is none other than DJ Tanner from Full House.

The character that Candace Cameron Bure brought to life went through some regular growing pains on the original show, but she also seems like someone who always has it all together. As we watch her grow up and see her on the Netflix reboot, we can agree that she knows the right words to comfort family and friends.

15 Leo: Rachel Green On Friends

How do we feel about Rachel Green on Friends? Of course, we love her and we love Jennifer Aniston, too, but we can all agree that Rachel wouldn’t be the easiest person to be friends with IRL.

She’s the kind of person who really wants to get her way all the time and she tends to pout quite a bit.

She’s very confident, she has big dreams when it comes to her job, and she definitely would prefer to be the center of attention. That sounds a lot like a Leo sign, so this is the Leo sign’s ’90s sitcom alter ego.

14 Aries: Cory Matthews On Boy Meets World

Did we watch Boy Meets World? Of course we did… and we also thought that Cory and Topanga were one of the best TV couples ever. Even to this day, that statement holds up, and we love them together.

For that reason, an Aries sign’s alter ego from a ’90s sitcom would be Cory. Aries is a very passionate sign and they bring the romance when they like someone. Cory is nuts about Topanga and always makes things romantic for her. Watching them together is very sweet. We can’t help but smile when thinking about this adorable character (and this adorable show).

13 Sagittarius: Jerry Seinfeld On Seinfeld

Sagittarius signs act in a few major ways: they love being free, they don’t like clingy people, and they also like to travel.

Being a Sagittarius means that we most likely have those traits or at least some of them.

It also means that Jerry Seinfeld from the ’90s sitcom of his same name is our alter ego. Jerry isn’t one for serious relationships and we often see him dating someone new in almost every episode. He’s also cool with traveling and does often for his job as a comedian. And we can definitely see that he wouldn’t want to date a girl who he thought was clingy.

12 BONUS Leo: Samantha Jones On SATC

Another alter ego for Leos would be Samantha Jones on SATC. She’s pretty bold and brave as far as characters go and really loves being the center of attention.

More than that, she makes sure that people are paying attention to her. She’s the kind of person who, when she walks into a room, turns all kinds of heads. No one could ever ignore her.

We love Samantha and her storylines are always about how confident she is and how she goes after what she wants. It’s pretty cool if she’s our alter ego and we can be inspired by these traits.

11 Fire Signs: Chandler Bing On Friends

The fire signs are always the life of the party. They’re fun, funny, and always up for a great time.

That’s exactly what Chandler Bing is like on Friends. Calling all fire signs (that would be Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius): if this is us, then we’re totally Chandler. And that’s the best news ever since Chandler is super hilarious and fun to watch. Friends just wouldn’t be the same without him, and many of us have watched this sitcom so many times, we can basically quote every single thing that Chandler has said (along with the rest of the characters).

10 Libra: Phoebe Buffay On Friends

Phoebe Buffay on Friends is a favorite character from the ’90s and she’s a reason that many of us tune into the show on a regular basis even to this day.

Phoebe is kind and she’s quirky but she cares about people and does lots of good deeds, which is something that Libra signs do. It’s awesome that she’s our ’90s alter ego if we’re a Libra sign because then that means that we have those qualities, too. Being caring and helping other people is always the best thing to do. And people love hanging out with us for that reason.

Gemini: Kimmy Gibbler On Full House

Gemini signs don’t enjoy being on their own and they could even be described as clingy. Honestly, when we think about Kimmy Gibbler from Full House, we would describe her as clingy, too.

So it’s only fitting that she’s our alter ego if we’re a Gemini.

It seemed like almost every time Kimmy was on screen, she was bugging the Tanner family by coming over when she wasn’t wanted or trying to get involved in their business. It was all in fun, though, and we have a soft spot for her along with the rest of the characters on this amazing show.

Aquarius: Miranda Hobbes On SATC

Aquarius signs are kind of like two people because they can be social sometimes but also they’re very much in their heads the rest of the time. That’s how we could describe Miranda Hobbes for sure.

This SATC character is an interesting case. She’s super smart and we know that she cares a lot about her job (and is also awesome at it). But other times, we see her partying with her friends and going on dates and it seems like she can be pretty fun. She’s complicated the way that the best people (and characters) are.

BONUS Libra: Sabrina Spellman On Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Before The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, there was Sabrina The Teenage Witch, the ’90s sitcom that made us smile and wish that we were teen witches right along with the character played by Melissa Joan Hart. That would have been so cool. Okay, so we still wish that this was the case, we can’t lie.

Sabrina Spellman on Sabrina The Teenage Witch is kind and always trying to help others. She’s our alter ego if we’re this sign.

This is awesome news since chances are, we absolutely love her and we loved this show when we were younger.

Air Signs: Stephanie Tanner On Full House

Air signs are social signs but also big thinkers. Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are all air signs. Which means Stephanie Tanner is our ’90s sitcom alter ego.

The Full House character is introspective since she spends a lot of time wondering about her life and thinking about her place as the middle child in the Tanner family.

But she also is fun loving and friendly. She cares about her family and is always up for a good time, and we think that she is just so adorable. Stephanie also has some absolutely amazing and epic lines of dialogue throughout the show, like her classic “How rude” statement.

Pisces: Ross Geller On Friends

Ross is definitely very sensitive and emotional, so it’s no wonder that he’s our ’90s sitcom alter ego if we’re a Pisces sign.

Whether we’re watching Ross think about his ex-wife, take care of his adorable monkey, or pine after Rachel, there’s no question that he’s full of feelings.

He could probably stand to take it down a notch but, hey, then he just wouldn’t be the same guy. Some people have mixed feelings about Ross as a character but we can’t deny that Friends wouldn’t be what it is without him, so we’re always glad to see him again whenever we tune in.

Scorpio: Uncle Jesse On Full House

Scorpios have a few traits that define them: they’re stubborn, they’re passionate, and they tend to get jealous. Doesn’t this sound so much like Uncle Jesse from Full House?!

The role that John Stamos took on and made famous is one of our favorite ’90s sitcom characters. Uncle Jesse loves his wife Becky, his hair, his music, and his family. We’re going to say that he loves them all exactly the same… although it does seem like he puts his hair first. Just kidding, he’s the best!

He’s always one to make things romantic with Becky, and he cares deeply about the things and people in his life.

Cancer: Grace Adler On Will And Grace

This sign is a homebody so it’s only fitting that Grace Alder on Will and Gracewould be this sign since she’s an interior designer.

Will and Grace is such a beloved sitcom that the reboot is currently airing and it’s even in its second season, and we can see why.

We love these characters so much and Grace is one of our faves. Debra Messing plays her with such humor and, well, grace, and we love seeing her intact with her BFF Will. We wouldn’t say no if she could design our apartment (now we’re wishing that was possible).

BONUS Pisces: George Costanza On Seinfeld

Also very sensitive and neurotic, George Costanza is a total Pisces sign.

George is our other ’90s sitcom alter ego if this is our sign, and we’re probably happy to hear that since he’s a character that so many people love. Sure, he gets really upset and angry sometimes, and it seems like he’s always facing one annoying situation after another. But he’s real and he’s just going through life like the rest of us are. We love George and are proud to say that he’s our alter ego.

Which 1990s sitcom are we going to start rewatching first?

Water Signs: Elaine Benes On Seinfeld

The water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer signs) are emotional and sensitive. These are their two defining personality traits.

Elaine Benes on Seinfeld is both of these things. She might be called “neurotic” (and so would her friends on the show, let’s be honest here), but it’s super charming and also pretty funny, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We often see Elaine getting emotional about something that’s happening to her, whether it’s a work problem or a dating situation. She’s our ’90s sitcom alter ego if we’re one of the water signs, and that’s good news since she’s so loveable.


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