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The More Amazing You Are, The Harder It Is To Fall In Love

You are smart, beautiful, unique, funny and kind. All those amazing traits that define you and yet you seem to be unhappy when it comes to love. You seem to think that it’s so hard to fall in love or to find love in general. You can’t even change it but even if you could, you wouldn’t know what exactly the problem was.

Well, let me tell you: the more amazing you are, the harder it is to fall in love.

I am not even joking with you nor am I trying to make you sound arrogant but let’s observe the situation.

You are all that a man could want and there are so many men who are hitting on you but none of them is interesting enough to catch your attention. You see the way they smile at their phone while they’re texting someone at the dinner table, you see the way they try to convince you that something happened when you can’t remember it, and you realize all those other red flags that are keeping you away from these men.

The way you are today hasn’t just appeared overnight. Your caution and your amazing strength aren’t just things you were born with. You earned them through your tough life that kept on making it harder for you each day. You were heartbroken, you were a victim of abuse and you were mistreated and misunderstood too many times.


That’s why today, you are a woman who everyone wants but they can’t have you. They can’t have you because you see right through them. You see right through their sweet words and charming eyes, you see right into the soul of a man who doesn’t want anything other than to take advantage of your kindness.

But also, let’s be honestwhy would you want to spend your days with someone who isn’t as amazing as you are? Settling for someone who’s not as intelligent as you, not as kind as you, not as attractive as you, isn’t an option. It’s not that you have high expectations or high standards, it’s just that you deserve so much more than a man who won’t love you full-heartedly.

You are too good and I’m too damn serious. Don’t even think about your flaws because they are completely normal. Everyone has them and they’re what make us human. But also don’t deny the fact that you are so precious and that you would only be happy with a man by your side who understands your awesomeness and continues on working together with you to become an amazing couple.

So, the next time you go on a date with a d-bag, don’t even try to be nice, don’t even try to make it through the night, just tell him that you’re too awesome to fall in love with him. Assholes simply aren’t worthy of you.


Believe me, it’s better to stay single than to settle. Settling is the worst thing we all do out of the fear that we might end up alone, hugging our knees in the corner of the room. We settle for people who are just ‘OK’ because we don’t look for amazing. We don’t look for the extraordinary men who can turn our life into something good and who can help us see the way a woman should be loved properly.

Be proud of yourself for the fact that you’re single by choice. You are single because you don’t want to fall in love with someone who won’t treat you right, someone who will disrespect you and someone who won’t know how to love you the way you deserve to be loved. You have the full right to turn down all those dates and all those potential relationship partners with the only argument that they are not ‘amazing enough’.

You have everything in your life that makes it wonderful and fulfilling and if a man is not a part of it, it’s OK! It’s fine and you are allowed to protest to anyone else who keeps on telling you to just find a man and ‘figure it out’ (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that).



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