The Aquarius New Moon is almost here, and together with it, you have to educate yourself on what is about to come. Although the energies of New Moons are generally renewing, and usually bring great motivation with them, the more you know, the better.

This New Moon is going to happen in the sign of Aquarius, on February the 4th. The New Moon is probably going to be the one which has the most significant powers from all the New Moons during 2019, and it is going to offer you optimism you were lacking during January.

Check your Zodiac sign below and learn what the New Moon holds for you, or the advice you could have to take:



You have had better days, but also moments of complete discouragement, so today do not throw yourself down as if there were no alternatives. Everything around you might look uglier than it is, with the mood on the ground.

Leisure could help you, it could increase your self-esteem and, at the same time, it could change your perception of the future. You will push yourself out of the tunnel.



Even with some difficulties, you always manage to give the best and solve situations that others think that are unsolvable. It is normal then that everyone should point, and count, on you. This is a double-edged sword.

You often complain that they turn to you, that they seek comfort but also something more concrete, so it’s up to you to decide how to behave if you do not want to be annoyed. Otherwise, you can not complain.



You have felt for too long that people underestimate you, making you very unsure. It is your will that makes the difference, but fortunately, you have understood it, and now you are much better.

Probably you will find other people willing not to recognize the merits you have, but now you are no longer condescending, so you will fight for what is rightfully yours, and even greater respect!



If you want to create something really important for your career, this is not the right day to start concretely. In fact, today you will have to dedicate yourself to the family and to the various daily matters.

First, you will find a balance, then you will be able to give the maximum even in your everyday life. Ideas alone, without a certain inner serenity, cannot develop in the right way. You would risk being spoiled by stress and worries.



Perhaps there is more than one chance to get involved, much more than you have in the past. You have to believe more, you have to be a little more willing to grow personally, to be able to better approach the future.

You have underestimated some of your skills, perhaps because of some unexciting or unsuccessful situations, which led you to believe that it was too complicated for you. But is not so.


Do your duty on this day and try to be more open to those who want to approach and make their contribution to your existence. Maybe you did not manage to give everyone a lot of space, so it’s time to recover.

A careful analysis of your skills and those of others could lead you to consider a better collaboration, both on a personal and professional level since you could be one of the stimuli of the other.



Get ready to show off. Today will be a perfect day to show off yourself, your beauty and your charm. You have to take your revenge and increase your self-esteem.

Without exaggerating, you can highlight your skills, compared to those of others. You are too humble sometimes and you can not emerge because of someone who wants to have always won. Today, try to get everything!



A beautiful day full of joy, but do not forget to smile, otherwise, you could think of a day full of sadness. Make an effort, even if you have small difficulties.

The people around you will want freedom, adventure, and freshness. Do not forget that everyone goes through moments of low intensity, but then you recover and you are in the process of recovery, so help yourself.



You demanded more than you could have. You have certainly gone beyond the expectations of others, but that does not justify demanding the same thing from those around you. You should learn to respect everyone’s time.

Today you are a step above the others, but tomorrow could be the opposite, never forget it. Your humility is not always sincere and these people have understood it. You are a good person, but just like many others.



Treat yourself to a relaxing day, indulge in something that makes you feel good, alone or with friends. The best would be to stay with those you love the most in a welcoming environment that will make you relax.

Nothing exaggerated or extreme, something that can calm you down like nothing else. You may have some pretty bad lighting this day if you take it as correctly as you can.



Try not to give too much weight to those little things that have always bothered you, otherwise your mood may be affected. On this day you will have to be gritty, and never aggressive.

Calm and patience are not exactly your main gift, but you can still try to control yourself because that’s what makes you a better person. Surely you will succeed, even if it will be complicated at first.



Not all those around you want to distance themselves from some situations that have made you suspicious, or made you feel bad. The choice should be personal. This is understandable, at least it should be for you too.

If you decide not to attend a place or a person anymore, change your mind or perspective, it is not said that everyone has to do it. For you, it may be the right choice, while for others it is not. In short, there is always freedom when there is no middle of something vital.



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