Reasons You’ll Get Dumped In 2019 Based On Your Sign



We all know that feeling when a relationship seems to be headed for the rocks and there are nights spent arguing, and phone calls where at least someone is crying, butterflies living permanently in your stomach… and not the good kind. However, we think we cracked the code, when your relationship is headed for the rocks, we say look to the stars to navigate and find your way home. Air signs, we have news for you, your emotional intelligence index is way off. Earth signs, people are people not chess pieces or projects or goals or spreadsheets… don’t worry we’ll tell you why. Water signs, everybody put on your life jackets, and please try to read through the tears. Fire signs, we know that it sometimes escapes you that people have feelings… but we can assure you that they do.


Below you’ll find exactly how you can tell what your partner is probably thinking, based on your zodiac sign. That’s right, below we have a full on self-introspective manual that will help you figure out why you’re getting dumped so that you can- hopefully- correct it. But don’t worry, below even though you’ll be given a healthy drag, we’ll also remind you of why you’re awesome. We encourage you to put your best foot forward and put forth your good astrological qualities… rather than the others.

Aquarius: Can’t Let Their Hair Down And Just Have Fun

Starting off with a bang, Aquarius if you’re here that must mean that you’ve done the unthinkable… acknowledged that you have flaws! So, let’s get into it, Aquarius you are likable because you’re individual, humanitarian and put together… on the surface anyway. But the main reason your honey is ready to dump you but just waiting for the holiday season to be over? Well, for one you give good gifts, but mostly it’s because you’re a little stiff and quite frankly lack emotional accountability. First, let’s address the fact that it can be very hard for Aquarius to let their hair down and really have fun in a relationship, but, repeat after me: it must be done. But don’t worry Aquarius, it’s an easy fix, simply allow yourself to enjoy the good times and stop thinking about tomorrow, because one that constantly looks to the future tends to neglect the present. Secondly, emotional accountability is a big one, you must stop projecting your internal feelings on other people and take accountability for the fact that it’s likely your own head that has created the cloud over your head, not your sweetie.


Pisces: Can Come Off As Wayyyy Too Desperate

Pisces, if you’ve taken a break from daydreaming to read this article, this means that you are likely ready to come to terms with reality to some degree! We know this is probably already a little too much for you, but stick around because we’re about to give you the play by play on how not to get broken up with… for the 100th time. Anyway, Pisces tends to fall in love completely to the point of near desperation, they’re often times regarded as side chicks or if they are exclusive, they are likely the doormat of the relationship. This can be hard to hear, but make them work for it Pisces! It’ll make for a meaningful and lasting relationship, rather than quick flings or empty relationships. Secondly, Pisces is so disconnected from reality, they find it hard to take responsibility for their actions, and instead turn to escapism and play the victim in a situation they likely caused on their own. Our advice is to stop looking at a relationship as a daydream that’s already perfect, but more of a project to be nurtured to its full potential.


Aries: Expectations To Be Perfect Are Way Too High

Aries we know you’re reading this article alone in a dark room, for fear that someone might catch you reading up on your flaws and then realize that you may have some. We love your fiery spirit, but not everything has to be a battle. Aries can often create a climate in a relationship that makes their partner feel as though they do not live up to Aries expectations, which keeps rising by the way. Aries does not mean to make the other feel as though they are not good enough, but tends to do this sort of as a way to test their partners devotion. Take notes Aries, because that’s not fair. Aries has a hard time opening up and subsequently a harder time creating meaningful relationships and lasting bonds, so they respond by pushing people away with their harsh criticisms and impossible expectations, that they are well aware that their partner won’t live up to. Drop the act Aries, we know you have a difficult time accepting love, but if you’re about to be broken up with, it’s likely because the other person simply gave up.


Taurus: Has An Issue With Showing Any Vulnerability

Taurus… we’re exhausted just thinking about how to explain your own faults to yourself. First Taurus, you have a plethora of great qualities which makes you extremely attractive, your style is unmatched. However, truth be told Taurus can be a little vanilla. Taurus does not like to show vulnerability until they feel you’ve “earned it” which they make impossible by the way, in doing so they’ve made themselves a little bit too unavailable and they’ve already chased their admirers away. Secondly, when Taurus comes face to face with their own behavior and flaws, they react in extremely off-putting ways. They will become catty and aim for the throat, their intention is to make you feel awful about yourself so that you might refrain from criticizing them ever again because you’re under the impression that you’re just as flawed. Nice try Taurus, but you can’t fool us! People are not pawns and it might be useful to learn how to take responsibility for your behavior, otherwise you’ll be permanently unavailable, and not by choice.

Gemini: Has So Many Commitment Issues

Notorious for good reason, Geminis have an especially hard time lasting in relationships. Gemini is notorious for their love of variety, they see beauty in literally everything even mildly attractive, in relationships this translates to the notorious Gemini non-committal attitude. Gemini tends to expect all the perks of a relationship, without them having to act like a committed partner. This comes from Geminis deep need to entertain and be entertained, however, Gemini what you fail to realize is people are not your personal television show, written by, directed by and starring the Gemini in question. Instead, consider if you want people to jump through flaming hoops to keep you entertained, you might have to make it worth their while by being committed both physically and mentally and actually putting in some effort. Some people do not want to be cast in your very own reality show Gemini, and before you know it everyone will have already exited stage left.


Cancer: Will Drown You In Their Tears

Cancer if you’re reading this, we know you’ve probably already worried about being broken up with for at least 12 hours and cried about it at least once every hour since. Cancers are extremely intuitive and respond with high frequency to emotions, they actually are so overrun by emotions that it almost always kicks into overdrive. Cancer shows their love by being nurturing, but on the other side of the coin Cancer can also display this by being nagging, overemotional, dependent and controlling, yikes! A word of advice Cancer: stop taking everything so personally, not everything is a personal attack on your character and if you have flaws, guess what… it’s not the end of the world! So basically, if your sweetie hasn’t broken up with you yet for your annoying mood swings, and you want to keep it that way you must also hold yourself to the same standard you hold your partner. Before you say a nasty comment think to yourself, would you like it if someone said that to you?


Leo: Your Lover is Not Your Loyal Servant

Leos are infamous for their pompous pride, and if you’re reading this Leo you’re probably somewhere close to being ready to stop lying to yourself. Leos are often more preoccupied with how their relationship looks to outsiders than the actual quality, and that’s where their problems begin. Leo is regal and lavish, to the extreme degree, so it can be hard for them to admit when things are less than perfect. But let’s get back to their stupid pride: it literally rules all. Leo will literally allow a relationship to fall by the wayside if it’s less than perfect because they absolutely refuse to acknowledge when they contribute to the problem, and even worse, the whole time they’re trying to convince you how right they are. To put it plainly Leo, you can be flat out exhausting. If you want to weather this storm and avoid a breakup, acknowledge that relationships are all about compromises, and not everything can go exclusively your way all the time, make your partner feel like your lover, not your servant.


Virgo: Like To Live In Their Own Heads

One word for Virgo: vexing. Virgo is regarded as the virgin of the zodiacs and this often translates to their love life in a very direct way, so direct that they actually think of themselves as the pure and perfect virgin. So, if you’re reading this Virgo, no need to go to a support group, all the help you need is right here. Virgos are extremely practical and analytical so it can be hard for them to acknowledge their emotions as emotions, but rather calculated math problems to figure out. In other words, Virgo is often cool, calm and collected on the outside but on the inside, they are pure chaos, which they often project on their partner. Virgo lives in their head so much that when it comes to acknowledging and communicating their emotional needs, much less that of their partner, they go completely silent. Virgos do this as a defense mechanism, the longer they stay in their shell, the safer they interpret themselves to be. So, Virgo, if you’re about to get broken up with it’s because your partner is flat out tired of trying to read your mind, learn how to communicate or sink.


Libra: Has A Hard Time Taking Things Seriously

Lucky Libra is often not so lucky in love, and there’s quite a few reasons why. Libras are known for their carefully crafted aesthetic and charisma, however, this is often where they fall short when it comes to relationship. Because Libra is the chameleon of the zodiac, they often will alter themselves and their personality in order to reflect their social situation, the alterations can range from minor to extremely severe. Because of this deep need to thrive in every social situation, Libra can become superficial and fake deep, so much so that they may lose sight of their actual personality in the attempt to blend with their social situation. So, Libra a word of advice: your partner can’t last if you’re a new person every day, attempt to adopt some consistency. Secondly, Libra would benefit from actually taking things seriously every once in a while, because if you’re about to get broken up with it’s likely that your partner has already told you why 101 times, but you never regarded it as serious.

Scorpio: Way Too Intense In A Relationship

Sugar, spice and everything nice, Scorpio is one of the most complex signs of the zodiac, at least in their own head. Most people are attracted to Scorpio for their notorious intensity, but this can easily backfire. Most of Scorpios relationship problems stem from their intense hostility and skepticism when it comes to matters of the heart. Deep down, Scorpio is supernaturally terrified of being hurt because they are often unaware if they will be able to pull themselves out of heartbreak because their emotions run so deeply. However, this is not an excuse Scorpio, because contrary to what you may think, you’re not the only one who’s been hurt before. Scorpio will communicate this mistrust with extreme criticism and erratic behavior, surely constantly asking their partner where they are and who they’re with at least 20 times in a 20 minute time span. If you don’t want to get left on read Scorpio, stop treating your partners as threats of national security that need to be closely investigated and then snuffed out, because soon enough you’ll drive them just as crazy as you claim to be.


Sagittarius: Loves To Self-Sabotage

Next up is Sagittarius, the freedom seekers of the zodiac. People are often attracted to Sagittarius for their individuality and their carefree attitude, but as was the case with most of the other signs, their most defining qualities are often their downfall. For Sagittarius, self-sabotage is the name of the game. Sagittarius is constantly trying to preserve their freedom and individuality, but what they fail to realize is no one is actually trying to take it from them. So, in response to the perceived threat to their individuality and freedom from their relationship, somewhere down the line, Sagittarius will self-sabotage in a major way. Unintentionally making a major decision that is sure to make the climate of their relationship nearly impossible, just to test their partners limits on how much of their bad behavior they’re willing to accept. News flash Sagittarius: people, especially partners, are not lab rats. If your relationship is falling apart Sagittarius, do some soul searching and ask what’s more important: meaningful relationships or aimless freedom and relative individuality.


All Work And No Play Makes Capricorn a Dull Sign

Last, but certainly not least calculating Capricorn is here for the tea. People are often attracted to Capricorn for their tenacity and consistency, which can easily go into overdrive. Capricorn can tend to have an all-business persona, often time leaving a lot of the fuzzy warm stuff out of their relationships, except on special occasions. Capricorn is simply too involved in their own life, persona and success to really consider their partner’s feelings and believe me, it does not go unnoticed by their partners. If Capricorns relationship is headed for the rocks, it’s probably because it’s all work and no play, making Capricorn a dull sign. A word of advice to Capricorn, success is nothing without someone to share it with, if you can stop looking at people as projects and spread sheets you might actually find some meaning in your relationships.


Air Signs Take Flight

Yikes! Can you say flighty? That’s just a little preview of the drag we have in store for our air sign friends… that’s right we’re looking at you Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Our austere Aquarians (January 19th-Febuary 18th) are often regarded as the class presidents of the zodiac: well rounded, kind, intellectual, so how can these complex cuties possibly get dumped? Don’t worry we have the tea. Next is generous Gemini (May 20th-June 20th) they’re jovial, witty and cunning. But, despite what you’ve heard Gemini, we know your real weakness. And lastly our lucky Libras (September 22nd-October 23rd) charming, stylish and diplomatic, Libras are natural born superstars… but keep reading Libra and we’ll teach you how to be lucky in love for once.

Earth to Earth Signs

Hello! Earth to earth signs, I know you think you’ve got everything already figured out, but don’t worry we’ll let you know what to look out for, and exactly what your partner is thinking. First up is conspicuous Capricorn (December 21st-January 19th) disciplined, sarcastic and responsible, as you can guess Capricorns are all work and no play, chasing their sweetie away. Next is tawdry Taurus (April 19th-May 20th) ambitious, trustworthy and tactical, Taurus is quite the catch.. until their facade fades of course. Don’t worry Taurus, we’ll teach you how to live up to all that talking you do. Last, but certainly not least, Virgo the virgin (August 22nd-September 22nd) intelligent, sophisticated and organized, Virgos are the picture of pure perfection… to themselves at least. Don’t worry Virgo we’ll teach you how to live up to even your own expectations!


White Water Rafting With Water Signs

Buckle up and get ready for the tears, because we’re about to drag water signs, even though they’ll probably just pretend they didn’t read this. First up is pensive Pisces (February 18th-March 20th) sensitive, intuitive and hard working these characters can be quite the big fish in a little pond, but don’t worry Pisces, we’ll teach you how to come back to reality. Next is conspicuous Cancer (June 20th-July 22nd) who is compassionate, creative and helpful, but don’t let that fool you.. they can be quite the pain in the you-know-what. Please try to read this through the tears Cancer, because we’re sure to throw you a life raft. Lastly, our supernova Scorpios (October 23rd-November 21st) are passionate and loyal trendsetters, but all that passion can be a bit overwhelming, we’ll teach you how to pull in the reigns Scorpio.


Faux-Pas With The Fire Signs

Make sure you have your fire extinguisher ready for this scalding read on the fire signs. First up is ardent Aries (March 20th-April 19th) they are bold, heroic and energetic, but they’re fiery persona is a double edged sword, just keep reading Aries… we know you’re intrigued. Secondly, lively Leo is not to be excluded in this drag (July 22nd-August 22nd) these kings and queens of the jungle are loyal, courageous and entertaining, but perhaps all that royalty talk can get to their head a little.We know you saw your name Leo and don’t worry… we have a whole section about you. Last but certainly not least is spicy Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st) they are often honest, inspiring and enthusiastic, however these archers have a real nasty side that definitely can add them to the naughty list. If you’re reading this Sagittarius don’t think we’ll go easy on you because it’s your birthday, think of this dose of reality as a gift.


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