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Optimist To Pessimist: We Ranked Each Zodiac Sign’s Outlook On Love

Everyone might wish to be a rainbow of sunshine during any given day, but sadly, that usually is not the case when it comes to love. Instead, people often times find themselves in an incredibly optimistic mood, and then turn pessimistic at a drop of a hat.

While it’s usually doable to keep emotions in check without fluctuating too much, people can’t say the same when it comes to their romantic futures.  But each astro sign has an incredibly different outlook on love. Some are total romantics hoping for the best out of every situation, and others are not so much.

Whether someone is solo looking for their dream partner, or taken, it’s helpful to know where they stand on the optimists to pessimists scale. Each sign’s internal energy shows in what direction their internal energy is pulled. One sign might often find themselves leaning towards one or the other, but for others, it’s tough to know for sure.

But for astro signs lower on the list filled with pessimistic energy, don’t freak out! While the vibes that a person gives out into the world can definitely manifest their future, that’s not always the case. The best part is that everyone can always work on being more optimistic, even the grumpiest and most negative signs of them all.


24 Sagittarius Solo: Negative Vibes Can Never Get In The Way Of Love

You’re probably not even a little surprised to see that you top our list as the most optimistic person out there. Everyone around you is constantly complimenting you on your positive nature in everything that you do.

When it comes to love, there is absolutely nothing about to get in your way of looking at the situation in a positive light.

While you might be single and haven’t been able to find that special someone, you totally know that they are on their way. Positivity is constantly coming out of your words and actions, and the universe will totally thank you for all of your vibes. Be prepared to bump into Prince Charming in what seems like absolutely no time if you keep up this awesome attitude.

23 Sagittarius Taken: A Strong Bond Can Get Through Anything

There is absolutely nothing and no one that can get in the way of your relationship. You and your lover are like two peas in a pod and are able to get through anything. Your optimism, matched with your partner’s, is the fuel that keeps your relationship going into the future.

It feels like every moment spent together is like a fairytale. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep things going in this direction as both of you desire to stay together forever. Keep up this amazing energy and we guarantee that your relationship will outlast every other couple on our list!

22 Cancer Solo: True Love Takes Time

While you might not exactly be a classic optimist constantly hoping for the best, you’re definitely up there. There is nothing that is going to get in the way of your positive mental strength.

You of all people understand that when it comes to love, it takes time to develop and grow into something beautiful. 

That’s why you make sure to never take things too fast, and instead simply figure out what’s going on. The person of your dreams is going to come when the time is right. You definitely know that endless work and effort is going to be the key to keeping your next relationship going. Keep on doing what you’re doing and you’ll be pleasantly surprised in what seems like no time.

21 Cancer Taken: Everything Happens For A Reason

While you and your partner have definitely been through some tough times, you more than anyone understand that everything happens for a reason. There is no point in living in the past when you can just learn from it and then forget about it.

You and your lover have been able to learn some amazing lessons from your past relationship that will propel you into the future more in love than ever. As a cancer you’re willing to give your significant other all of the attention that they need to feel cherished. You’re way past optimism as you’re willing to actually put in the work rather than just hoping for the best.

20 Aries Solo: Love Will Come When The Time Is Right

It seems like everyone around you is constantly stressing out to find their perfect love and run off into the sunset. You’re much more realistic than that, but still ooze optimism knowing that everything will be alright.

There is no point in stressing out over what is going on. Instead, a positive attitude is all you need. 

You can’t simply manifest a lover to appear in your life if you aren’t ready. The universe knows when the time is right, and it doesn’t seem like now is the time. Instead, focus on yourself and your dreams prior to looking for a new partner. Everything in life is about timing, and you of all people know that yours is coming.

19 Aries Taken: Hope Should Be Cherished

As an Aries, you know that hard work is the absolute key in every situation that you find yourself in. There is nothing that can get in the way of your relationship, and even if there was you would totally stop it.

While you’re so much more invested in actually working at your relationship, don’t disregard hope. Sometimes a bit of positivity can keep everything together. If you and your partner both share this optimism, we promise that you will be able to get through whatever the world throws at you. Don’t underestimate the power of hope as it does wonders.

18 Capricorn Solo: There Is No One More Optimistic

The number one compliment that you always get from everyone around you is how optimistic you are. Whenever something negative happens in your life, you’re always able to find the lesson and positivity in the situation.

Your optimism is the number one quality that attracts people to you.

Whether it’s lovers or friends, everyone is constantly attracted to your amazing energy. That’s why the last thing on your mind is stressing over finding a new lover. You understand that it is completely out of your hands to find your Prince Charming. Instead, you’re simply going to have to keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing in hopes of that special someone finally entering your life.

17 Capricorn Taken: A Loving Relationship Is All One Needs

You and your partner have overall come to the conclusion that often times all you need is one another. We completely adore you for this and understand your perspective. When you’ve been through what seems like absolutely everything, often times the only person left by your side was your partner.

That’s why you know that as long as you have each other, everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.  There is no point of stressing in the outcome when you know that your partner will be right by your side through thick and thin. You two absolutely have the power to switch your luck around as long as you hold onto one another.

16 Virgo Solo: There Is No Point In Stressing Over Your Love Life

While you wouldn’t exactly describe yourself as a total optimist, you definitely do still hold a positive attitude. This is because you simply understand that there is literally no point in stressing over your love life.

Instead, you prefer to channel this energy into focusing on yourself and your desires. 

Having your dream lover enter your life is out of your control, but preparing for that person is what you can do. Focus on being the best version of yourself so that you’re ready when you finally fall head over heels for someone. The last thing that you want is for your life to be filled with utter chaos when you meet that special someone!

15 Virgo Taken: There Are Only Two People Who Have A Say

Your love is flying high as you and your lover are more connected than ever. It seems like your communication really is the key that keeps everything intact. You don’t even bother hoping for the best as you and your lover know that everything will work out okay between the two of you.

Whether it’s the universe or the people around you, no one has a say in your relationship. Instead, what’s actually important is that the two of you are simply always there for one another. There is basically nothing else as important as the two of you being at each other’s side during whatever situation may occur. Don’t let any negativity enter your relationship and we guarantee it will shine through anything thrown your way.

14 Gemini Solo: Sometimes All There Is Is Hope

You of all people understand that sometimes the only thing that you can hold onto is a little bit of hope. That’s why you’re constantly reminding yourself that the pieces of your love life are a puzzle and they will fit together perfectly as one when the time comes.

Hope might as well be your middle name since you’re made out of it. 

It seems like you’ve been through absolutely everything, and sometimes the only thing that you can hold onto is a little bit of hope getting you through these tough times. You know that everything will work out okay as long as you do your part in being the best version of yourself. Keep up this positive attitude through whatever situation you might find yourself in!

13 Gemini Taken: Let Fate Take Control

While you’re hoping for the best in your love life, you’re not exactly going to stress over it. Instead, what’s actually important is simply that you and your partner are there for each other when things get tough. Sometimes the universe is able to push relationships in the direction she desires, and you’re not going to fight this current.

Even though you’re optimistic for the future, you understand that things are sometimes out of your control. For example, you can’t wait for your partner to be as invested as you are in your relationship. Or, you can’t control the universe and stop her from switching things up on you. Basically, you’re hoping for the best but also understand if fate decides to put a little spin on things.

12 Taurus Solo: Find The Positive In Every Situation

We completely adore your ability to find the positive out of every situation. Even though one person might see it as the end of the world, you’re able to find the positive even in the worst of times.

This quality enables you to be the absolute best version of yourself as you focus on the good in life.

That’s why the last thing that is on your mind is finding a significant other. You’re so fine with spending this time on your own bettering yourself to become the person of your dreams. You know that you’ll eventually meet that special someone so you’re not freaking out over the fact that you haven’t yet!

11 Taurus Taken: A Spark Will Keep It Together

You haven’t been the most optimistic person lately, and rightfully so. It seems like you and your partner have been through something pretty serious lately that almost completely blew up. If you’re serious about keeping your relationship going, it’s time to bring back that spark between you and your partner.

Spend some one on one alone time with your partner in pursuit of bringing back that chemistry that initially brought you together. We promise that this is exactly what you need to take the next step in your relationship. As you and your partner both evolve on your own, you’ll have to make sure that your relationship is able to follow.

10 Scorpio Solo: It’s Meant To Play Out This Way

While you feel at times that the universe is completely against you, it’s simply meant to play out this way. The last thing that you want to do is keep stressing over why things just don’t seem to be going your way.

You understand that this is all part of the universe’s plan, and you’ve come to terms with it. 

Even though it doesn’t seem like the storm will pass over anytime soon, deep within your heart you know everything will be okay. The last thing you want to do is stress over why things are going the way that they are. Instead, focus on the positive. Once you let go of all of your stress and pessimism, everything will come together on its own and you’ll be dancing under the moonlight with someone you adore.

Scorpio Taken: Just Go With The Flow

While you’re not exactly the most optimistic person, you’re not exactly the most pessimistic either. You’re more than aware that your relationship has its own issues that are inevitably going to have to be dealt with. Rather than freaking out over the fate of your relationship, you’re simply going to go with the flow.

There is no point in making radical changes in your relationship when you simply don’t need to. Rather, switch your focus onto how things currently are rather than looking at the future. It is the present moments that will eventually lead into the future. As a Scorpio, you’re more than willing to go with the flow and see how things turn out, rather than stressing out!

Pisces Solo: Every Situation Teaches Something

Even though you’ve been pretty bummed out over a recent event, you’re slowly coming to terms with what really happened. You hold the ability to see the light in any darkness, as you just have in this situation.

The last thing that you’re going to do is continue stressing over what occurred. 

Instead, focus on the amazing lesson that you were able to get out of the situation. We promise you that there are endless things that you must of learned, even though you may not have been able to realize it initially. Take all of these lessons into your next relationship. However, make sure that you’re not currently wasting your time obsessing over what had occurred, and what could’ve been. It’s time to move on!

Pisces Taken: Don’t Be Scared Of What’s To Come

Even though your relationship may have just gone through some troubled waters, don’t be scared of what’s to come. The future is filled with endless possibilities and does not have to do with the past. There is no point in digging up past issues that can stay buried deep beneath the ground.

Focus on upholding your relationship with your partner and all will work out. While we can’t promise it’s exactly how you hoped things would end up, there will always be a positive. Let go of any fear you have holding you back from enjoying your relationship. Fate will always take control when we aren’t willing to ourselves.

Aquarius Solo: Keep Holding Onto Hope

Even though your last fling may have not worked out exactly as planned, there is still hope for the future. It’s time that you shift your focus onto looking at the future in a positive light as you work to build something new out of it.

While you might feel like you’ve lost everything, you still have hope. 

If you find that parts of yourself are still lacking, focus on fixing them. The last thing that you want to do is keep obsessing over the past instead of moving into the future. You have the power in you to make a change and create something beautiful again. We promise you that in almost no time you’re going to be finding yourself with another lover chasing you!

Aquarius Taken: The Cards Just Aren’t On The Table

Your optimism seems to have simply disappeared lately. You’re so over hoping for the best and are instead much more focused with the current reality of things right in front of you. Let’s just say the positivity ship has sailed, and you’re left behind dealing with the reality of your relationship.

However, that doesn’t mean that what you and your partner have built isn’t still salvageable. If the two of you are willing to shift into a positive mindset and put in the work, everything could definitely turn around for you. However, if either you or your partner aren’t willing to give their full self to making the relationship work, there is no point. Make a decision on what you’re going to do rather than ignoring the issues right in front of you.

Leo Solo: Maybe It’s Not Meant To Be

Recent events have definitely left you a little more negative than usual. It seems like everything that could’ve went wrong, totally did.

You’re totally not adoring this new negative outlook on life, and it’s time to ditch it. 

We completely understand that you simply feel like you can’t help ditching this pessimistic outlook on life. The worst case scenario with your last lover totally occurred, and now you’re terrified for the next. The only piece of advice that we can give you is to not give up on love! You have the power in you to find the best out of any situation that you find yourself in.

Leo Taken: It Almost Doesn’t Even Matter At This Point

You’re so over hoping for the best at this point. Instead, your mind is constantly filled with everything little thing that is wrong that you cannot even think about anything that is good in your love life. While you might be looking at your relationship through an optimistic perspective, let’s just say it’s not with your current lover.

You’re so over your relationship that you’re looking to the future in hopes of hitting it off with someone new. We cannot guarantee that anything like that will occur whatsoever, so you might as well deal with the relationship you have right in front of you. Have a talk with your partner about what’s going on and what your next steps are. While it’s the worst to have to deal with a problem head first, it might be what you’re meant to do!

Libra Solo: Optimism Only Causes False Hope

This is definitely not your most glamorous moment finding yourself as the most pessimistic person on our list. Worst part is, you’re not that surprised.

Due to an array of recent events, you absolutely lost all hope for anything positive occurring in future relationships. 

While it feels like your soul is just filling with negativity, it’s your job to switch things around and build sometime positive out of the situation. Just because something old didn’t work out, doesn’t mean that something new won’t either. Take all of the lesson that you can out of your past and then ignore it. We’re positive that you can turn things around and start looking at the future with a little more optimism!

Libra Taken: Seems Like Nothing Is Working Out

While things were once flying high with you and your lover, it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Instead, you and your partner are on two different energy levels that just don’t seem to be connecting. Your optimism is completely at 0% as of right now since nothing seems to be going right.

However, don’t forget that your relationship is still completely salvageable. Both you and your partner have put in endless effort to make things work, and you can still do it again. Figure out what is truly important for you and shift your focus to working on exactly that. There is no point in doing anything other than bettering what you already have in front of you!




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