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24 Things Guys Do When They’re Just Not Into Her According to your Zodiac Signs

Men can be hard to read sometimes. Relationships are often complicated and a woman can be left scratching her head in confusion when her boyfriend suddenly acts differently towards her. She shouldn’t leave her fate up to chance. Astrology can give us clues into why men do the things that they do. A man’s astrological sign can determine exactly what signals he might send when he feels like the relationship is fizzling out.

So, exactly how will he let her know that he’s just not that into her? Each sign has a way of letting her know that it’s time to move on. Maybe he’s going to withhold affection even though he used to be very attentive to her. Perhaps he will become blunt and stop returning her texts. From not making eye contact to no longer giving her tokens of affection, he will change the way that he treats his partner once he’s decided that he’s done.

It can be painful to be left guessing what a guy is thinking when the relationship feels doomed. There is nothing worse than playing games when it comes to romance. Perhaps this list will help her understand why he’s acting so strange and give her the strength to move on.

Here are the things guys do when they’re just not that into their partners anymore, according to their astrological sign.


24 Aries Man: He Will Be Dismissive

The Aries man wears the pants in the relationship and is totally confident. This alpha male is attracted to women who let him be in charge. If he’s totally invested, then he’s happy to let his guard down and give his partner his full attention.

However, he can’t stand needy people and tends to be more independent when it comes to love. There’s no doubt about it: It takes a special person who can handle his Aries ego and keep this guy interested.

He can be dismissive if he thinks his partner is trying to control him, and when that happens, he’s basically saying it’s time to move on from the relationship.

23 Aries: He’ll Show A Lack Of Effort In The Relationship

If an Aries guy isn’t that into her then he won’t put any extra effort into the relationship. Period. He’ll string her along, putting in the least amount of work that he can. She may get the feeling that she’s the one going the extra mile, and that should be a red flag for her.

He’ll text back, but it will take hours for him to actually respond. Phone calls might not even be returned at all. She may feel like he’s not really engaged in the conversation and have to repeat herself often. Small gestures go unnoticed and he certainly won’t bring flowers to her doorstep!

22 Taurus Man: He’ll Talk To His Partner

The Taurus man is extremely practical and values his time. This means that he refuses to put effort into a lady that isn’t right for him. Stability is very important and he’s not going to put up with much drama. If he feels like things aren’t going the way that they should, he’s quick to send out a clear signal.

A Taurus guy will tell his partner straight away that he’s not feeling the relationship anymore. Before she tries to persuade him, bear in mind that he’s thought long and hard before taking such a dramatic step.

21 Taurus: He Won’t Do Romantic Gestures

Since Taurus has thought about ending things for a while, he might leave a trail of red flags before telling her it’s over. One is that he won’t be romantic anymore. This means that he’ll just suddenly stop appearing at her doorstep with flowers. He might suggest that they “go dutch” during a date instead of offering to pay for the meal. Those sweet things that he once did will come to a halt.

He may have started out as a very thoughtful boyfriend but he has no problem slamming on the brakes once he feels like the relationship has lost its spark.

20 Gemini Man: He Can Be Hot And Cold

A Gemini man can be tricky to date because he tends to be indecisive. He’s totally independent but also wants to be the focus of his partner’s attention. He has a dual personality, as Gemini Man Secrets explains.

One minute, he’s totally into her and then next, he seems so disinterested. This guy can be super emotional so when he’s all in then he likes to feel connected to his lover.

Yet, if his needs aren’t taking top priority in her world, he’s not afraid to send out signals that he’s ready to move on. She will soon feel like she can’t capture his interest and he simply won’t care if it hurts her. Ouch!

19 Gemini: He Will Come Across As Uninterested

When he has made up his mind that she’s not paying enough attention to him, he will flip a switch, and become distant. The Gemini man is so moody that she will find herself confused. He won’t even offer an explanation for his cold behavior. Conversations will become tense and one-sided.

She’ll feel as though nothing she does will pull his attention back to her. It’s hard to reel him back in. Although, he’s usually so brutally honest that he’ll probably just let his partner know that he needs more attention before he turns to such drastic measures.

18 Cancer Man: He Uses Body Language To Communicate

The Cancer man thrives on affection and expresses his love through touch. Once he’s committed, this guy will lavish his girlfriend with attention. He prefers staying in rather than going out and would happily spend the evening snuggled up on the couch with his lover.

That being said, if he feels like the feelings aren’t returned, he’s quick to keep himself at a distance. He’s just so sensitive that he won’t tolerate staying in the wrong relationship for too long. Insecurity is something that he seems to always be struggling with. He requires a deep connection and won’t take anything less than the real deal.

17 Cancer: He Will Freeze Out His Partner

A woman will know that her relationship is in trouble with a Cancer man when he quits being affectionate. He’ll no longer reach out for her hand or kiss her on the forehead. The date will end in a loose hug instead of a warm embrace.

He won’t rub her back or cuddle up to her anymore. She may find herself reaching out to him more only to be rejected. This guy isn’t going to tell her how he feels as he prefers to show his emotion through his body language, and the space between him and his partner will be very calculated.

16 Leo Man: He Makes His Intentions Known

The Leo man isn’t shy when it comes to letting his intentions known in romance. He’s confident and isn’t afraid to let a woman know when he’s interested. If she’s flattering him and stroking his ego, then he’s happy to shower her with attention. This guy doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, that’s for sure!

But the opposite also holds true. When he’s not into a woman anymore, he doesn’t play games or string her along. The wrong woman could easily find herself dumped out of the blue. If she’s happy to keep hanging out, despite the relationship fizzling out, then he’ll totally stay in her life.

15 Cancer: He’ll Put Her In The Friend Zone

A woman with a Cancer boyfriend shouldn’t be surprised if what was once romantic and affectionate suddenly turns into a friendship. The Cancer guy will put her into the friend zone the second his feelings change. At least he has the honesty to let her know where she stands. There won’t be a question in her mind once he’s decided he’s not into her.

That being said, he’s a loyal pal and loves companionship so she won’t be cut out of his life completely. She just shouldn’t be surprised when he starts dating someone new and comes to her for relationship advice.

14 Virgo Man: He’s Totally Picky About Who He Dates

The Virgo man is a perfectionist who will only settle for the best, especially when it comes to picking a partner. He can be a bit of worrier as well and become obsessive if the relationship seems to not be working out the way that he would like it to.

His neurotic nature makes loving him complicated, but things can become even more strained once he decides that he’s not really into his partner. Before long, she’ll feel like she can’t do anything right. He suddenly becomes very hard to make happy.

13 Virgo: He’ll Criticize Her

The fact that the Virgo man is so picky means that once things start going south in a relationship, he will become overly critical. This guy will have an opinion on everything she does and will have no problem calling her out on it. His insecurities will take front and center.

The Virgo man will over-analyze everything, from the tone in which she speaks to her selection of words. She will feel like she can’t do anything right. What used to make him laugh will annoy him. What he once loved about her will drive him crazy. It will be as if he is a different person overnight.

12 Libra Man: He Likes To Show Off His Woman

Libra men don’t hold anything back when they’re in love. They have an innate desire to show off who they date to the world. He can have a wandering eye but once he meets the right person, he has no problem dedicating himself completely to his lover.

He is a complicated man, however, and that can make a romance with him challenging. His indecisive nature can leave a potential mate playing a guessing game. Yet, there is one sure way to know that he’s not into her anymore. If he suddenly doesn’t want to take her out on a date but would rather stay in, the relationship is doomed.

11 Libra: He’ll Hide Her From His Friends

So, a woman dating a Libra man should take notice if he stops inviting her out with his friends. He’s a very social creature and is comfortable in just about any social situation. When he’s with the right person, she feels like his partner in crime. He makes a big deal about their connection in front of other people.

Then, just as quickly as he can make her feel special, he’ll suddenly act ashamed of her. Date nights will be spent at home, just the two of them.

10 Scorpio Man: He Doesn’t Open Up To Just Anybody

The Scorpio man is super intense by nature. He has a sensitive soul that he doesn’t share with just anybody. There is a dark side to him that can be mysterious, so it takes just the right woman to coax him out of his deepest thoughts. If he lets a person in, then she’s in for life.

As The Astrologer points out, he’s highly committed but he wants his partner to show him just how devoted she is to him. 

If he feels like she isn’t trustworthy, she will be cut out of his life pretty quickly.

Scorpio: He Will Keep Things To Himself

If the Scorpio guy isn’t into her anymore, then he’ll keep his feelings to himself. Nothing that she does will make him open up to her. What was once an intimate relationship will slowly shut down and transform lovers into complete strangers. He won’t even make eye contact if he suspects that she’s been unfaithful.

Loving this guy is wonderful if he feels the same way. He can be an amazing boyfriend. Yet, if feelings aren’t reciprocated on his end it can be a lonely and heartbreaking experience.

Sagittarius Man: He’s Always On The Move

The Sagittarius man is very independent and seems to always be on the move. It takes a laid-back partner to keep up with him. The truth is, he is a very honest person and would more than likely be direct with a partner if he was over her. Yet, he does have his own subtle ways of sending signals.

This guy craves freedom and once he decides that he’s over the relationship, he will be even harder to pin down.

If he’s in love, he totally makes time for the right woman. Otherwise, she won’t be able to keep his attention.

Sagittarius: He Will Cancel Dates

A woman will totally know that a relationship with a Sagittarius man is in trouble if he quits making an effort to spend time with her. He won’t go out of his way to meet up and will avoid her like the plague. Nothing she can do will lure him back into her arms.

Hopefully, his directness will kick in and he’ll just tell her that he’s not that into her. He’s really not one to string a partner along and would much rather tell her the truth than play dating games.

Capricorn Man: He Craves Affection

The Capricorn man has needs that make him a very sensual person. He has no problem basing an entire relationship on a physical connection. This guy is self-reliant and communication doesn’t come easy for him.

He’s extremely goal-oriented so relationships can take a backseat to work. If he’s not careful, his partner will get totally bored with him. If he’s dedicated to a lover, then he likes to take his time. Yet, even if he’s not that into her, he’ll keep stringing her along just so he can get some extra snuggles out of her.

Capricorn: He’ll Break Their Emotional Connection

Once the Capricorn man figures out that the relationship really isn’t going anywhere, he won’t cut her out of his life. Especially if they have a healthy physical connection. He will no longer make plans to go out on a date but will insist that they stay in and get a little bit closer.

She might feel emotionally distant as they cuddle. He won’t show an interest in her thoughts or act like he really cares to have a deep conversation. It will be obvious that he just has one thing on his mind.

Aquarius Man: He Can Fake Being Interested

It takes effort to keep the interest of an Aquarius man. He can be competitive and needs to feel like he has the upper hand at all times. He gets bored very easily and can quickly lose interest. Yet, he’s very talented at pretending like he’s into someone.

He’ll act like he’s totally listening when he is actually ignoring every word she says. It can be hard to catch him in the act because he’s so skilled at feigning interest. He is always on the move and it can be hard to truly capture his attention.

Aquarius: She May Have To Repeat Herself

If a woman is in a relationship with an Aquarius man and catches him asking her to repeat herself often, then the relationship is on its way out already. When he’s into a woman, the Aquarius guy will hang onto every word she says. He loves nothing more than to have an intellectual chat, and enjoys a battle of wits, with his partner.

That being said, if she can’t keep up with his quips, then he will simply stop listening to anything that she says.

What was once an easy conversation will suddenly feel very one-sided. He more than likely is daydreaming about his next girlfriend instead of focusing on her.

Pisces Man: His Priorities Can Be Off

Anyone who has been close to a Pisces man can tell you that they have a very giving spirit. That sounds great but it can make dating them a challenge since they often give too much of themselves to their friends.

Sure, he’s reliable and a great listener, but that doesn’t help his partner too much.

When he’s totally into a woman, then he has no problem putting her first. She will claim the top spot in his world. The catch is that if he’s over the relationship, she will slip down to the bottom of his priority list.

Pisces: He Won’t Focus On Her

So, if he’s not into her then she will notice that he suddenly isn’t there for her as much as he used to be. If she felt special because he made her a priority, then she will begin to feel pushed aside for his friends.

He might cancel a date to help out a buddy that needs a ride. A phone conversation may be cut short because an old pal calls in. She’ll soon realize that he no longer is willing to sit and listen to her problems like he used to. It can feel very lonely to be dismissed by a Pisces man.



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