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The ONE Thing They’re Conceited About According to your Zodiac Signs

It can be hard to read someone when you don’t know them very well. That can make navigating a relationship in the beginning even harder. Whether you believe in signs or not, you can learn a lot by following someone’s personality.

There is usually something that every sign is conceited about, the thing that always makes them feel good about themselves. Some signs can be a little more arrogant about these things than others, but we usually all have something that we generally like to pat ourselves on the back about. Sometimes it works in your favor to know what your partner is conceited about because you can help to build them up in that area or learn more about what they like. It definitely couldn’t hurt. It sounds like a win-win to us.

Knowing your partner as well as you can means you can eventually learn to read their minds. You can anticipate the things to say that would light up their whole day. Read on to find out The ONE thing they’re conceited about (based on his & her astro sign).


24 Aquarius Men: He Wants You To Know How Amazing He Is

We aren’t even joking about this. Aquarius men genuinely think they are amazing, not that it’s a bad thing to think highly of yourself but he’s very interested in letting you know that.

The problem with Aquarius men is they lack good communication skills, so he may be trying to show you how awesome he is and failing miserably, which in turn will make him frustrated.

What he wants most is freedom so you shouldn’t make him feel like he has to check in all the time. What he most wants to hear is that you want him to be free.

23 Aquarius Women: They Believe They Deserve The Best

This one of the friendliest and kindest of the signs, so she would be a great person to be friends with or start a relationship with. But she also has low tolerance in people who are mean and cruel. She values herself enough that she isn’t going to let anyone get in her way. Or treat her poorly. She is born a rebel and would never consider dating a person that didn’t see her worth.

22 Pisces Men: Need to Focus On Their Artistic Talent

Anyone who dates a Pisces man may feel like he isn’t always present in the relationship and it’s true. He has a deep soul and is usually always deep in thought, contemplating his next artistic project.

He’s a very sensitive sign who is likely spending his time writing, painting, or playing an instrument.

A great way to break through his artistic fog is to show him lots of love and let him know that you are always there for him no matter what.

21 Pisces Women: She Refuses To Fight

If you are one of those catty girls who love to gossip, you might as well avoid a Pisces girl altogether. She considers herself to be above all that and she’s not going to stoop lower to humor you.

If you are a guy that love passive-aggressive arguments, she’s not going to have any time for any of that either. She’s a nice girl that doesn’t like to fight.

If you even begin to start a fight with her, she is likely to just walk away from you.

20 Aries Men: He Doesn’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best

Well, if you happen to be dating an Aries man, then you can pat yourself on the back. An Aries man believes that he deserves the absolute best in life and that’s the same when it comes to women, so if he’s dating you, it’s because he considers you to be top shelf.

He’s not going to put up with any nonsense either because he believes that working hard will get him everything good in life.

He’s not going to take no for an answer either, so you have to be a special person to be in a relationship with him.

19 Aries Women: She’s The Most Courageous Girl In The World

An Aries woman has no problem telling you all her amazing qualities. She’ll tell you that she’s courageous, fiery, passionate, assertive, and energetic. She’s headstrong as well so don’t even bother to argue those points with her.

She won’t believe that she is any less than she is. She is so arrogant about herself at times, that she can come across as a little catty at times. She is someone that could use a spoonful of humility in her coffee every morning.

18 Taurus Men: He’s A Tough Bull Of A Man

The reason that Taurus has the symbol of a bull is that’s the feeling that they invoke in life. Don’t mess with him or he will charge at you. His conceit comes with the fact that he knows he’s tough and can handle anything that comes his way.

There is a sensitive side to the Taurus man, but he won’t show it to just anyone.

He needs to know that you are loyal to him first.

17 Taurus Women: Never Mess With This Woman

Taurus is not the one that you should mess with mainly because she is someone that puts up with a lot, to begin with so if you manage to light the fuse, you are really going to regret it. These women are patient which is golden for any guy because she will do whatever it takes to make him happy. Just don’t cross her or you will regret it. She is very generous and she is the kind of person that would let you have the last French fry.

16 Gemini Men: He Can Charm You Into Anything

A Gemini man is charming and someone who is a master of words. He could charm the pants off you if he wanted to and he knows it. His downfall is that he comes across as someone who lacks emotions and that aggravates his partner.

If you think you are going to debate with him and win, you probably won’t because he is a master and his mouth is usually running a mile a minute.

Don’t get into an argument with him unless you are sure you are in the right.

15 Gemini Women: She Thinks She Is Better Than Everyone

The Gemini woman is one to watch for. It’s because she loves to gossip and has been known to spread rumors about people whether they are true or not. If you really want to see her snap, just try to confront her about her gossiping or the rumors that she spreads and you will likely see her flip out in front of crowds of people and embarrass you further. She would be someone to avoid unless you are lucky enough to be in her inner circle, then she’ll keep your secrets no matter what. She’s a loyal one to the people closest to her.

14 Cancer Men: He Knows He’s Prince Charming

He knows it and you will likely know it too if you are dating him. He is always willing to help and if you are looking for a capable and dependable man, then he is the one for you. He knows he can save the day, so he is always looking for a damsel in distress. He will kill that fiery dragon for you. The problem with him is that he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He’s gorgeous and will turn heads wherever he goes while he searches for a woman who will stimulate him intellectually.

13 Cancer Women: She Knows Her Own Strength

You have to catch a Cancer woman when she’s in a good mood because otherwise, she will rip you apart. She’s like Mean Girl Regina, if you catch her on a good day, she will tell you how jealous she is of your new shirt and how you are so much prettier than she is. If you get her on a bad day, however, you will probably wish that you could be anywhere else in the world.

12 Leo Men: He’s In Love With Himself

It may be hard to get any attention for yourself if you are in a relationship with a Leo man because he wants to be adored. If you can’t find him, he is likely in the middle of a crowd somewhere being adored for the beautiful man that he is.

This is easily seen as arrogance, but it’s more to do with the fact that he likes being around people that he loves.

He wants to live life to the fullest and will look for a woman who wants to do the same.

11 Leo Women: She Is Good At Taking You Down A Notch

The thing that you will love about a Leo woman is that she is forgiving, warm, and loving. But that doesn’t mean that you get to push her around. She is a lioness at heart and if she is angered, she will go for the jugular. She will say something so harsh and unfeeling that it could cause a breakup.

It could cause you to become so upset that you assume she doesn’t love you.

It’s always best to be kind to a lion.

10 Virgo Men: He Has To Be Right All The Time

Virgo men typically take a long time to make a decision because they want to be comfortable making the right decision.

He tackles his problems from all angles because he wants to be right.

He’s a perfectionist because he believes that everything should be in the right place and time because that’s what he deserves. He believes that he is a superhero which is a good thing because he will always be going to find people who are in need.

Virgo Women: She Is Queen At Backhanded Compliments

Virgo women have been referred to as unflattering words for decades because they are scathing with their insults. She won’t just throw out a regular insult your way, she will give you a backhanded compliment and you will wonder if you were even insulted at all. When she is mad, she won’t be physically or verbally abusive to someone, she will be more passive-aggressive about her thoughts. She’ll say something like, “What a fabulous hairstyle — it’s about time you did something with yourself.”

Libra Men: He Strives To Achieve Calmness

This guy knows that he can achieve equilibrium in his life because his ability to achieve a sense of calmness is perfect. He will avoid conflict at any cost. The best part about being in a relationship with him is you won’t feel like you are in a battlefield or a rollercoaster ride. He’s strong will and seeks balance in his life. He would be the guy to go to if you need a mediator because he would be fair and impartial.

Libra Women: She Thinks She’s A Saint

It’s hard to see any conceit in a Libra woman just because they would give up their own happiness to make another person happy. If anything, they are the last women that would ever be called anything unflattering.

Their arrogance could only lie in the fact that she believes that she can bring about world peace if given a chance.

They want harmony, justice, and equality for everyone and they are determined to get it. They will rarely start an argument and are usually the ones trying to end them.

Scorpio Men: He Fears Nothing

A Scorpio man is fearless, so he believes that he can handle any challenge that comes his way. He is a man that actually chases new challenges. He doesn’t accept “no” for an answer and he believes that he controls his own destiny.

Because of his confidence and self-assuredness, her rarely faces defeat.

He’s the kind of man that is perfect for a strong woman. He actually wants a powerful woman by his side, he won’t be able to handle someone who crumbles easily.

Scorpio Women: She Is Likely To Scare You

Talk about powerful women, a confident Scorpio woman is not someone you want to trifle with. The tough words get cast at her on a regular basis because when she is angry, she will only think of revenge. She can be cold and methodical when she’s crossed. She is conceited in the fact that she will get her way regardless of the cost. She can be vengeful, distrustful, malicious, and combative if need be. She’s not the kind of woman that you want to turn your back on.

Sagittarius Men: He Believes No One Is Above Him

Sagittarius men are conceited in the sense that they know their own worth. He has no boss, no one is above him, and he won’t be ruled by anyone.

He craves his freedom and he won’t let anyone take that from him.

These are the men that you usually find traveling the world. They usually work for themselves because they can’t handle answering to anyone. It may take him a while to realize it but he will come to the point where he sees he is missing a great woman in his life.

Sagittarius Women: She Has A Low Tolerance

Sagittarius women are so confident in their self-worth and value system that she won’t even listen to you if she thinks you are ridiculous.

She can be restless and impatient and that’s why she won’t even bother with you if you don’t walk the straight and narrow.

She won’t fight you; she will just disengage from you, walk away, and forget that you ever exist. She’s not someone you want to lose.

Capricorn Men: He’s Loyal When You Are

You won’t find a more loyal man than a Capricorn but he’s not just going to give his loyalty to anyone. He knows that he deserves a good woman who is loyal and until you can prove that you are, he will hold back.

He likes stability and although there are times he can seem to be emotionally detached, it’s only because he takes life seriously.

When you have proven that you are loyal, he will become fiercely loyal to you.

Capricorn Women: She Is Comfortable Being An Ice Queen

She is comfortable in the fact that she can destroy you if she wants to. You don’t want to anger a Capricorn because she will ruin your life. They are true ice queens, and when they are mad, they won’t yell or get physical, you will just see a freeze go over the room. They will gossip about you behind your back or try to get you fired from your job. You won’t even see the revenge coming.



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