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The ONE Thing That Annoys Her To No End, According to your Zodiac Signs

Everyone’s got pet peeves–little things that annoy them like nothing else in the world. Even when the annoying act is committed by someone they love dearly. Because… aarrgghhh! Just don’t do it!

As for the question of why some people are so cranky about their personal space while others get ticked off only when pretentious folks swarm around them with fake words and fake smiles, today’s the day for the answer to that conundrum. It all depends on one’s sun sign!

Because why not? After all, astrology has always given people pretty accurate answers when it comes to the characteristics and nature of each of the signs. From likes and dislikes to favorite foods and communication styles, it’s all there. And what annoys each person falls smack dab in the center of all that.

Whether it’s little things that other people don’t notice or common irritants that totally makes sense, here are 24 things that annoy her to no end, based on her astro sign (two for each!). Confused boyfriends, beware, because there’s more to what peeves a lady than boys’ bad habits.

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Leo Girl: When Her Best Buds Feel Threatened…

The Leo girl is a loyal friend. But not in the way most mortals approach loyalty–as pillars of support and shoulders to cry on. Although, she is also a great pillar of support and has an excellent shoulder to cry on.

Nope. She is the lion child. And lionesses always protect their pride with tooth, claw, and everything else in between.

So be prepared for some dynamic tongue-lashing if you dare threaten any of her friends. Even if it’s just metaphorically because this girl ain’t having any of that nonsense! Bullies be darned, she’s going to defend her girls.

23 Leos Despise Those Who Don’t Pay Attention To What They’re Saying

Besides being incredibly loyal, Leo girls are also very proud and regal. So it irks her tremendously when people don’t pay full attention to her when she is talking. After all, she deserves the attention.

In fact, she also gets ticked when she dresses up with a lot of care and pizzazz and no one compliments her for it. How could they! Are they blind?

And don’t expect her to take the passive-aggressive stance when she is annoyed. She won’t just stop talking to you. Nope. She’s a lioness and she will roar. So watch out!

22 Gemini Girl: People Who Flake On Her

Well, that’s rich. Because the Gemini herself is famous for flaking on others because of her limited attention span and ‘oh, squirrel!’ tendencies. The thing is, she makes time for the people she cares about, and she makes an effort for them.

Nevertheless, this girl is annoyed heavily when she has a social plan with someone and they flake on her in the last minute.

Just because she really likes that person and was looking forward to hanging out with them! So in essence, this annoyance crops up only when she’s on the dating market and looking for a pretty silver-tongue to chat up a storm with.

21 Geminis Can’t Stand A Bore

To be honest, the reason why Geminis flake on people is because they don’t like social confrontations (they care a lot about their amiable reputation). Plus, they can’t stand a bore.

So tough luck if she suddenly whips out her phone in the middle of what youthought was an interesting conversation and excuses herself because she totally forgot she had to meet someone right at that minute!

Let’s face it: you know she is lying. But where’s the proof? Besides, if you can’t hold her attention, maybe you’d best look elsewhere for companionship anyway.

20 Sagittarius Girl: Doesn’t Like Clingy Friends

Is that even surprising? She’s a jolly gal, after all, who likes to whizz from one place to another, meeting new folks and immersing herself in new territories. It feeds her love for learning!

So if you are the clingy sort, good day to you!

Because the Sagittarius has elsewhere to be. And no, thank you. She would like to do this alone. It builds character, you see.

And don’t even try to keep tabs on her. Nothing annoys her more in the world than the big brother types who can’t seem to mind their own business!

19 Sagittarius Will Be Offended If You Insult Their Talent

The Sagittarius girl can seem airy-fairy on the surface because of her bohemian way of life and love for philosophy. But don’t let that fool you into believing she is all sound and no substance.

Because she will break you a new one if you even dare suggest that she is talentless. Trust us, she only seems childlike on the outside because she is wise beyond her years.

In reality, she is chock full of talents because of her endless thirst for knowledge and her incredible ability to keep doing things out of her comfort zone.

18 Aquarius Girl: When Her Friends Don’t Get Off Their Phone!

The Aquarius girl likes interacting with people. Especially those who are worldly wise and have an eccentric-genius bend to them. That’s why the Aquarius-Sagittarius BFF pair is so common! These two love talking about the future and its endless possibilities.

But the Aquarius has many more friends than just the Sag.

And she gets really upset when they don’t respect her time and remain glued to their phones. After all, they were supposed to be having a good time together. And she does not recollect inviting that invisible person that her friend is busy texting to the meetup.

17 Aquarius Are Annoyed By Pretentious Types

The sign of Aquarius is often called the outcast of the signs because those born under it are wise beyond their years and also extremely responsible from a young age. Both in the social context and the personal one. And this often rubs up immature people the wrong way (which most people are).

Knowing this, is it surprising that they are annoyed by pretentiousness?

Trust us, this girl dislikes fake everything. Including air kisses and other superficial manners of relating that seems to be the hallmark of social niceties these days.

So be real. And everything else will take care of itself.

16 Cancer Girl: When People Push Her Buttons To Make Her Cry

The Cancer girl will not forgive you if you push her buttons just to get a rise out of her.

She is tenderhearted and does not appreciate tomfoolery of that kind at all!

In fact, people who have a habit of stirring up trouble just so they can sit back and laugh on the sidelines always find themselves kicked out of her inner circle sooner or later. And of course, they do!

Would you tolerate the presence of someone in your life if all they cared about was making you cry and laughing at your “ugly crying face”?

15 Cancers Don’t Like To Be Called Cry Babies

They have heard it enough. And frankly, they are sick of it. Because hello, it’s called stereotyping! It’s not fair to box someone, anyone, into a label that they haven’t chosen for themselves.

So if you know what’s best for you, don’t ever call a Cancer lady a crybaby. In fact, if you happen to be an astrology enthusiast, never ask her her birthday and then say, “Oh, you are a Cancer. You must be very emotional.” She’ll for sure get emotional at that point!

She’s tired of hearing that as well. Because who isn’t emotional? Only psychopaths, that’s who!

14 Libra Girl: People Who Call Her “Basic”

She ain’t basic. You are!

At least, that’s what she will tell you if you dare call her that. Because, one, it’s not okay to be mean. Two, you obviously are pedestrian and have no manners. And three, fashion starts at her closet. So you obviously are behind the times.

Besides, “basic” is an insult someone came up with to use against those whose presence makes them feel inferior.

The lesson of the day: never mess with a Libra and her fashion choices. Because this Venus-ruled woman was not lying when she said she’s the trendsetter.

After all, fashion is a Venus-ruled industry!

13 Libras Will Be Offended If You Question Their Intelligence

She might be prettier than the latest Miss Universe, but don’t make the mistake of calling her a beauty without brains.

That stereotype has hounded her most of her life just because people get really jealous of her good looks and her easy charm. Both of which have helped her achieve all that she has ever desired.

After all, only a fool would refuse to use the most powerful tools in their toolkit just because of some small-minded stereotypes. And the Libra girl always prefers to be the one who gets the last laugh.

12 Virgo Girl: Someone Messing Up Her Drawers

The Virgo girl is finicky about organization and cleanliness. In fact, she might also be a germaphobe to boot, for all you know!

That’s why her biggest pet peeve is someone messing up her cupboards and drawers just because they thought they would help her out and organize a bit for her. Don’t do that!

Because how do you know it wasn’t organized to begin with? Maybe she likes keeping things that way because it is logically the easiest way for her to grab important things in a jiffy. And besides, touching other people’s stuff is always a no-no, no matter how great your organizational skills are.

11 Virgos Don’t Like Irresponsible People

Actually, all earth signs resent irresponsible people. But Virgos despise them a tad more because it clashes so horribly with their idea of a utopia where everyone minds their own business and is respectful of other’s time and space.

So when she gives you a task and you forget to do it, don’t make excuses and irritate her more. Just apologize and get to work ASAP! She won’t give it a second thought as long as you make amends. So stop groveling and get over it already.

Trust us, nothing satiates this girl like actions done well.

10 Aries Girl: When She’s Asked To “Chill”

No, she is not going to chill. Because she had places to be and ladders to climb. Things that obviously are not on your priority list.

And no, she does not appreciate your speech on materialism and how she won’t be able to take anything with her after she’s dust and bones.

Because if you were ambitious, you would know that it’s not the goal that satisfies her. It’s the act of conquering it that does. After all, good things come to those who wait. But great things come to those who don’t!

Aries Are Seriously Annoyed By Slow Movers

Yup. Because she’s not into marathons. She’s into sprinting. And into being the first to cross the finish line. The thing is, she’s not going to wait around if you’re just getting in her way.

So if you happen to be a plodder, good luck to you, but the Aries girl has places to be. And sorry about the dust!

She’s ruled by Mars, you know? The planet of passion, desire, and the will to conquer. So step aside, all slow movers. Because she prefers the company of those who listen to their gut and do, do, and do!

Capricorn Girl: When People Blame Her For Their Mistakes

Oh, so you thought you could get away with pinning the blame on her just because she’s a girl and might be an easy target? Too bad you didn’t realize she was a Capricorn girl. Because she’s going to rip you a new one. But not in an angry way.

She’s an earth sign, and therefore, prefers playing her pawns and bishops before she pulls out the checkmate. And what a checkmate it will be!

After all, she’s a master strategist and has the acumen of Julius Caesar. So don’t cross her with your irresponsibility!

Capricorns Don’t Like Ill-Mannered People

Capricorns are traditional folks with an intense desire to make it big in the world. And one of the things they learn early on in their quest for ambitious gains is that discipline and patience aren’t enough to get you to the top. You also need charm and the ability to make friends and allies wherever you go.

That’s why they are turned off by ill-mannered people. They look at them and immediately see someone who won’t make it farther than they can throw a thousand-pound iron brick. Get the drift? Good.

Pisces Girl: When Someone Asks Her To Shut Up

She doesn’t talk much, to begin with. She’s a Pisces, after all, and prefers the company of her imagination to that of boring, everyday folks whose main concerns are how many likes they got and what should they make their outfit of the day!

So when she does speak, it’s a sign that she actually likes you and wants to share all the interesting things she is into with you.

And yes, she does tend to get excited when she speaks up. But that’s not an excuse to be mean and ask her to shut it!

Pisces Don’t Like Know-It-Alls

Well, to be honest, nobody likes a know-it-all. They get off on the wrong foot with everyone when they act all condescending and superior.

But Pisces people tend to dislike them the most because such people take advantage of their quiet nature and dislike for confrontation by preventing them from amicably walking away from a conversation they do not want to have.

Because in reality, Pisceans tend to be very well-read and worldly wise. And so it infuriates them when know-it-alls try to pretend as they if they are the only ones with knowledge of any kind!

Taurus Girl: Strangers In Her Personal Space Freak Her Out!

That’s true. But not because she doesn’t like to interact with people. It’s just that her body is very sensitive to strange auras in her personal space because she is ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality and materialism.

And so she prefers to keep physical contact only an inner circle thing. A privilege for her close friends and family only.

So please don’t try to hug or kiss her when you meet her for the first time. Or even the third time! It really freaks her out. Treat her delicately and give her the space to warm up to you, and then she’ll decide if you pass the test.

Taurus Seethes Over People Who Don’t Return Their Money

Ah, yes! That’s a big pet peeve for them. And just because their friends think it’s okay to delay the debt settlement since the Taurus has more money squirreled away anyway.

Nope. That’s not how things work in their world. Or any world for that matter.

Plus, they abhor it when people pretend as if they are a cheapo for asking for their money back. Because hello! Whose money is it anyway? And who was the one who begged to have it because they foolishly and ran out of cash?

Scorpio Girl: Liars Get On Her Nerves

The Scorpio girl has trust issues because her sign has a history of being betrayed in the past. That’s why she gets really upset when people lie to her. Even if they are white lies.

So if you want to remain in the Scorpio’s good books, try not to lie to her.

And if you do (because we all do), admit it as soon as possible and also tell her why you were not strong enough to tell her the truth then.

Trust us, she understands human weakness and will not shame you for it if you own up to it on your own.

Scorpios Dislike When People Ask Them Too Many Personal Questions

Oh, this is a big one! And it’s because Scorpios are very private by nature. That’s why they like to keep their important info close to their chest and others’ noses out of their business.

So if you know what’s good for you, never make the mistake of asking them personal questions when you meet them for the first time. Or even the third, for that matter! And this includes digging for details about their work.

If they like you, they will open up to you on their own. But it always has to be on their terms. Never yours.


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