New Moon in 2020 Will Bring Relaxing And Romantic Moments For The Zodiac Signs

The New Moon in Libra is going to herald the Libra season. It will find its feet on the 28th of September. This New Moon is going to be incredibly relaxing, for it belongs in Libra.

Libra, as we know, is already a peace-loving sign. And with the position of the Sun, this New moon is definitely going to be a chilled out period after the emotional gravitas of the preceding Full Moon.

Here’s how the zodiacs will fare at the New Moon.


For cool and hip people, this is you turning into a heart emoji. Aries has the capability to bring out the Romeo in you. Yet, it would be of importance for you to remember that things aren’t how they seem. It would be prudent for you to think before jumping into curiosity. After all, curiosity did kill the cat.


You will see that your professional life is getting influenced by the position of Venus. This means that you will turn into a social butterfly, and probably have a lot of connections trailing you. Bonding and friendships are on your cards.


You will be left feeling fresh and inspired due to the buoyant nature of the Libra season. You might have newer inspirations, which would draw you closer to intellectuals, and probably bring out the creative intellect out of you.



Your family hasn’t really been there in the bigger picture, so it seems to be the time when you should put them on the forefront. We mean, they are obviously so important to you, and this Libra season is all about making sure that you don’t get isolated from your support system. Comfort is of the essence, so try to establish that.


You and your professional life have been on a rise. But this might over-exert you to the point of exhaustion. What you should do, is let go for a bit. You have worked a lot, and maybe it is time to relax now. Go out with friends, enjoy life, hang out, or go on a road trip. Do things that make you happy, rather than being happy and doing things.


You will be beset with new beginnings, especially in the sectors of money. It would also seem that you have been investing throughout and maybe the position of Venus is finally giving you that door of opportunity. This is going to put you on a train to prosperity. So, don’t give up!


This is the time when you need to focus on yourself. The energies all converge upon your existence, so you might as well focus on yourself. The most important person for you is you. Therefore, it is of essence that you break free from the illusions and start living your life to the fullest.



Bring out your desires this New Moon, for the energies would all manifest on your being. This isn’t the time to sludge through the drudgery of life, so why not focus on what brings out the real you. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet, and let your imagination flow. You will get an idea, hopefully.


This season will have you bring out the strainer and strain all the useless people from your life; people who are simply dragging you down, and people who are a burden to your being. We know it can get tough, but you have been making a lot of connections, so to speak.


You might still be in your previous job, but the New Moon is going to bring out something new out of you. You might be beset with a new job, for which you need to bring out the big guns. Don’t just stay your usual languishing self. Move out, glam yourself up, and be the face that people notice.



Walk the talk. That’s all this season is for you. Don’t just run your mouth, have the ability to back your words with actions. We know the Uranus’ influence will probably unhinge you a bit, but this is in Libra- balance is eternal.


Venus and the New Moon both want you to get your feet back on the ground when it comes to things about money. You could have been lackadaisical about it, so why not just bring out the accounts and see where you can cut back, or improve. Get a relationship with money, for that will ensure your survival.


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