Are you single? Do you have someone? No matter your relationship status, it is always good to know the Love horoscope 2020. After all, it is better to know what you can expect to be prepared for anything. If you are dying to know what the next year is saving for you, read this article now.


Oh, dear love! Perhaps, love is the most fulfilling feeling among all. However, can turn into agony when many wish it but do not have it. Or for those who have it, keeping the flame alive is also a challenge.

Maybe you catch yourself wondering why you still have not found true love. Or why all the people you bumped into your life were trouble. Once you start understanding how the Universe works, as the astrological energies, you can deal better with love.

After we go through certain experiences, we can discover new sides of our personality and evolve to better human beings. Face it like you are working for the arrival of a calm and enduring love.

Much of what the Universe gives us has to do with what we are and can handle right now. The more you work on your evolution and self-knowledge, the more elevated things you will attract.



All the planets and celestial bodies are constantly moving through the Universe and every year, they configure a new planetary drawing in the sky. From these configurations, some cosmic energy arises and influence us here on Earth.

To know more about Love horoscope 2020, we should focus on Venus, which is the planet that represents the old Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty.

We can start sharing some good news as Venus will be very loving since the beginning of the new year. A mantle of happiness and joy will fall over the planet making everybody look for a relationship. Even if you do not look for one actively, you might have that little flame inside.

If you are not satisfied with what happened to you in 2020, now you have the chance to leave things in the past. We know that in terms of love, it is hard to treat situations with a practical eye. But you should take some time to organize “the drawers” of your heart.

If you decide to go for a long-term relationship in 2020, the chances will be high. But if you prefer to be alone to reflect on your true desires, you will also have the blessing of Venus.

The only thing that Venus asks everybody in the next year is to not neglect some little details in case you have a relationship or want to start one. She is a charming and loving Goddess who wishes to see her children acting the same way. So, be kind and try to be thoughtful when relating to someone.



Love is one of the most sublime feelings among all. However, it can become synonymous with anguish because many wish to have it and fail to do so. Keeping the flame of love alive is also a challenge.

When you understand the astrological energies, you can deal with the subject better. You can even attract and keep partners more easily. Generally speaking, you are quieter in waiting for what the destination has reserved for you.

Maybe you are wondering why you still have not found love or why all the people who went through your life were troublesome. Know that the Universe constantly poses challenges in front of us so that we can learn and evolve.

When we go through certain experiences, we discover new facets of our personality and become better human beings. It is as if we are preparing our best for the arrival of a serene, quiet and enduring love.

Or do you prefer a turbulent love, full of ups and downs and that does not bring you peace? Much of what the Universe brings us has to do with what we are and can receive right now. The more you work on your self-knowledge and evolution, the more full things you will attract.


The Universe is in constant motion and at every turn of the year, new planetary configurations and cosmic energies arise. It is like a giant puzzle with endless combinations.

These energies impact the 12 signs of the zodiac differently, but in general everyone will feel the influence of Mars, the ruler of 2020. Some signs will be more privileged than others in love, but everyone will feel the powerful force of this planet that comes down to action and achievement.

Relationships tend to be overwhelming, those that happen by surprise and revolutionize your life. But beware, many of these relationships will be based only on carnal pleasure and will end with the same speed they started.

Confusing “instant crushes” with “lifetime love” will be a trend of love horoscope 2020.



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