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Irresistible Romantic Gestures That Would Sweep Any Girl Off Her Feet

  Every girl wants to feel special and one of a kind. Most importantly, she needs her guy to prove it to her every day. Nowadays, many men think that romantic gestures – which are rarely seen outside of movies anymore – are not cool and somehow make them appear less masculine. Guys, you couldn’t be more wrong! Girls are suckers for romantic gestures, especially when they’re unexpected. When our partner does something romantic for us, it blows our minds and we’re left with an incredible, unforgettable feeling. Girls might say they don’t care about romance, but they’re lying. Who wouldn’t like to be surprised by a cute, romantic gesture every now and then? Come along with me and let me give you some ideas. Believe it or not, there are still guys that do these types of things.


Girls fall for this one every time. No matter how she’s feeling, this will make her day. There’s nothing better than finding a cute little note in your bag that simply says “I love you”. It will bring a smile to her face immediately.


Never leave your date to get home on her own. Walk her home or ride in the cab with her, even if it’s completely out of your way. Go to her doorstep just to make sure she is safe and sound. After you leave, text her to be sure that she entered her home. Show her that you want to make sure she’s OK and that you care.


If the two of you are going to a restaurant, drop her off at the front door to save her from walking along the sidewalk, especially if she’s in heels. She’ll think you’re the perfect gentleman!


Show her that you want to make memories together. Take her to romantic places and watch the sunset. This may sound a bit cheesy, but believe me, these beautiful, natural moments make us rethink our lives and help us bond with our partner even more.  


Gently touch her face for no reason when she least expects it. Stroke her cheeks and play with her hair while you are watching TV. Stroke her back with the tips of your fingers just to make her feel good.


Surprise her with a dinner or a romantic date. Bring her breakfast in bed with a single rose in a vase. Tell her to pack a small bag and that you’ll be waiting outside her house in an hour. Surprise her and take her somewhere romantic. Chick flicks are not wrong – girls love these things, even though some of them won’t admit it! In the end, be the perfect gentleman and sweep her off her feet. Be her Prince Charming and let her be your Cinderella.  


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