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This Is How You Pushed Her Away

You are sitting alone in your bedroom at 2 A.M. thinking about her and trying to find reasons why she left. You can’t find any ways to figure it out what wrong you did to make her cry. That day when she left all in tears from your apartment is like a memory that just doesn’t fade away. It is torturing you every day but you are not capable to ask her to talk to you again. She has left and she is not going to come back anymore. I know shit happens, but please don’t ever do these things if you want to hold a girl close to you. So listen to me carefully, I will tell you why she left and how you pushed her away.

You don’t have a clue about women

Even you are old enough to be someone’s husband you just don’t know anything about women. You don’t know how they feel when they look in the distance, you don’t know that she needs your support while she is going through rough times. You don’t know that you need to hold her hand while someone is yelling at her. Honestly, you know nothing. And this is how you pushed her away. Even her love was big, her self-respect was even bigger, so don’t bother thinking about it anymore.

She is not your priority

If you rather choose to go to a football game with guys instead to movies with her it means she is not your priority. She feels like she is just an option and you just call her when you have nothing else to do. Do you really think that a girl will stay with a guy if he treats her in this way? I don’t think so! Instead of making her just an option show her that she is the most important person to you and that there isn’t any place where you would rather be than in her arms. Otherwise, she will leave and even that is a part of life, you will be down.  

You just care about her looks

If you are complimenting your lady only when she has a full makeup on and a tight dress, you are doing the wrong thing. You should love her when she is in a tracksuit in the same way you love her when she is all dressed up. Because, dude, that’s what love is all about. Just imagine how she feels when you are only complimenting her looks. What about her opinion? Don’t you like when your lady is smart and intelligent? Doesn’t that count nowadays? If you have a girlfriend be honest with her from the start. Don’t be with her just because you want to get laid and then dump her. That’s not fair and you can be sure what goes around comes back around. So you better watch out!

You don’t know how she feels

If she is staring at the wall the whole day it is alert that something wrong is happening. You should be real boyfriend and ask her what happened and if there is any way you can help her to feel better. If you just ignore her, pretending her behavior is normal she will see that you don’t care and simply leave. Every girl with self-respect would do that, so if you want someone who will make you warm in cold nights, make an effort on time!

You didn’t ask her to stay

Dude, seriously? You say you love her but you don’t ask her to stay when she is about to leave. Are you a kid or what? I will never understand guys who do this. Maybe they are taking their girlfriends for granted and they figure it out what they lost when they leave. No girl will return to you if you don’t ask her to come back. Every girl has some self-respect and she will not let someone making a fool out of her. It just doesn’t work like that. So if you care enough for her ask her to stay so you two can talk. Give her the freedom to take some time if she needs it. The last thing you need to do is to suffocate her. Tell her everything you would like to have heard if you have been in her place. If you just let her go without a single word you can be positive that she is not going to come back. EVER!  

She left because she was tired of you

Maybe you are wondering why she was feeling tired when you did everything she wanted. Well, maybe that’s the catch. Maybe you were just giving her some material things instead of your love. Maybe you were staring at that waitress while she wanted you to look at her. Maybe she needed your support but you weren’t there because you were having fun with your friends. Maybe she got tired fighting for your attention every single day. All those things made her go away from you. So if you ever wonder how you pushed her away, here is the answer. I just hope you will learn from your own mistakes. I hope you will never treat a girl like you have treated her – cold, with no emotions, no feeling, and no love. I hope you understand she couldn’t stay because it would hurt her even more. She had to leave for her own sake. She had to leave to keep her common sense. She somehow had to find her way to save herself from this hell she was going through. Even leaving you was one of the most painful things to do, she had to do it eventually, because my dear you still don’t understand how you pushed her away. And the truth is, she deserves the one who will understand that and put a smile on her face, cherish her and be blessed for having her. Unfortunately, you are not the one!  


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