It is so bad when you face the decision to stop caring about someone. Especially if that is your loved one. There are girls just like you who have been through so much bad stuff in their relationships and staying with the same person wasn’t an option for them. So, tell me, how do you stop caring about a guy? Are there some magical words that you need to hear to stop thinking of him? And tell me, why is it so difficult to leave the one you love even though you know he is hurting you? There are a lot of questions and a lot of answers but the catch is—we all need to find our own answer. I know it is difficult and it takes a lot of time but you will be satisfied in the end because it was your way. Every break up is a painful experience. Every human being is an individual. It means we will all go through a breakup in different ways.   Some of us will go out with our friends and have sex with the first guy we see at the bar. Others will stay at home and watch a romantic movie while eating enormous amounts of ice cream, wiping tears from their faces. It is very important how we deal with our feelings after a breakup, especially in the first days. Just remember that even though you broke up with a guy, it doesn’t mean your life is over. Honey, you just need to switch to the positive mode and be yourself again. You will see that life is preparing some positive changes for you. This break-up was just a way of making you stronger. And that’s it! You will probably be confused in the first days asking yourself, “Why does he keep texting me?”   Well, he wants you back because he figured out what he had and what he has lost. He was taking you for granted for so much time, so be selfish and think about yourself only. Try to please yourself by doing things you like. If you want to know how to stop caring for a guy, stay tuned! Here are some simple ways to achieve forgetting him in short notice. No problem, you will thank me later!

1. Be yourself

You know that some girls lose their identities when being in a long- term relationship? Well, it sucks. You totally neglect all the things that make you unique just to please your guy. You stop wearing certain clothes. You stop applying makeup on your face. You stop listening to your favorite music. You change your friends with his friends. And what do you get in the end? Nothing! You will probably end up alone because his friends will take his side and you haven’t talked to your friends for a while. If you don’t want this to happen, be yourself. From the beginning until the end. You may end up marrying with that guy or you can break up with him after a month. The catch is you should always be yourself. It will be much easier to stop caring about him after a breakup. And as far as I know, that is your final goal!  

2. Take your time

Time is essential when we want to forget about something. You can’t expect that you will stop caring about your ex overnight. It takes time for everything and especially for love things. So take your time. Cry if you want. Destroy things. Shake the stress away. Do what makes you feel good. But never forget time is the only way to heal completely. It is impossible to automatically stop caring about someone; however, distractions can help. Remember that every second you spend focusing on the person who doesn’t care about you is letting them have control over your thoughts and feelings. And that is not something you would wish for yourself.

3. Make a physical switch

I am not saying you should change your looks totally, but some slight change can help you to get rid of bad feelings. For example, if your guy loved your long hair, you can get a new haircut. That is one way of showing him that you are not the same person anymore. You want and will be the best version of yourself. And he doesn’t have anything to do with it. You can also change your everyday makeup style. Experiment with styles that suit you well. He can’t forbid you any more to apply some new makeup. In fact, he can’t forbid you anything. You rule over your life and you are the one who will decide what to do.  

4. Release the pain

I am not saying you should smash his car with a baseball stick. I am just saying you should be aware of the fact that the two of you broke up and the game is over. Don’t think about letting him in your life again. That is the worst thing you could do in this moment. You should find some ways to feel better. If that means drinking a bottle of Jack alone while watching your old photos, just bring it on. Everybody has his or her ways of dealing with pain. If you find your own way, you are already on the right road. Accept the reality that those who don’t care for you are not really worth being around you. You deserve better in all possible ways. Say this to yourself every day when you wake up. Good things happen to those who do well to others. Wait patiently till you find someone who cares about you. You must recognize that your attachment to another is amplified by the insecurities you harbor. You must accept this, and then you must forgive yourself. Instead of trying to gain the approval of another, approve of yourself. Practice loving yourself with positive affirmations and positive imagination. Once you fully accept and love yourself, the approval of another will have little to no effect on your peace of mind, and your deepest desires will attract themselves to you magnetically.

5. Allow yourself to be sad

You should know that tears are a good way of releasing the pain and toxins from your body. So cry. Cry as much as you want. Trust me, you will feel much better. It is okay to be sad. You have just lost your partner. He was the most important person in your life. Your rock. Your support in rough days. We don’t lose close people every day. That’s why there is a roller coaster of emotions once that happens. You have the right to feel sad. If you aren’t feeling anything, you wouldn’t be a human being. Being sad is just one of the recovery phases. It happens so we can actually realize that we lost a loving one. We lost him not because of us, but because of him. Once you are aware of this fact you will stop being sad. You will realize that he doesn’t deserve your sadness. He is the one guilty of the fact that you couldn’t have a happy ending. He is the one who needs to be sad. Move on. Life is too short to care about someone who does not care about you. Focus on the people who really care about you. Remind yourself of how special you are. Do you really think you deserve someone who doesn’t appreciate you? I don’t think so! Try to go through all the stages of grief. That is the only way you can be completely healed. In the end, that is your goal, right? In the end, I just want to tell you that you are not alone. There are many girls out there just like you. They were honest and innocent. They once made a big mistake. They believed in the wrong guy. And that made them feel the pain. Please don’t quit being happy. Do you know how beautiful you are when you are smiling? A jerk like him doesn’t deserve your tears. You only have the right to cry while you are chopping an onion. And that’s it! The bottom line is that you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. Okay, you were together, you realized that you don’t get along and you broke up.   So what? If you think that sorrow and pitying yourself will make you feel better, you are wrong. Be a survivor. You can do it. Just bear in mind that God sends us difficulties because we can endure it. He just wants to teach you a lesson. Maybe after all this, you will be much stronger and independent. Trust me, there is a reason for everything that happens. Who knows, maybe your Prince Charming is waiting for just around the corner. There is only one way to find out. So go ahead, fight for yourself and make me proud of you!  


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