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5 Best Breakup Lines

  If you were expecting those funny jokes where you humiliate people by saying something funny when leaving them, I’m sorry, I am not here for you. I am here to devote my time to those who really care about the people they were in relationship with and they want to find the least harmful way out of that relationship. If you’re searching for the right words to say when kissing your loved one forever goodbye, bare with me for a moment. Let’s imagine that you had a time of your life with your partner, and things got out of control since you started wanting different things, you’ve changed your opinion, or just you got worn off as it happens in life. Just because you are closing one door, it doesn’t mean you should slam them. In fact, turning to be a total bitch will have a counter effect of what you want to achieve. We do need more kind people today, since we all decided just to protect ourselves and not to care about others. How do we expect to find amazing people if we’re only leaving broken ones behind? You can’t expect to find oasis when all that you have been leaving behind you the whole life is a wasteland. If we were saying goodbye appropriately, we’d be meeting more confident people and less broken ones. If the situation was reversed, how would you like “to be dumped”- humiliated or treated as a human being since you are one? For those who care about other people’s feelings and those that they are leaving behind I have some lines that you might like to read and maybe they’ll be of use in the time of need.

It has been the most amazing relationship in my life so far, but all amazing things eventually come to an end.

It is a great intro for saying how you really feel and why you decided to break up. The relationship was amazing but at some point you started wanting different things and why temporize something that is inevitable? There is always a better option. There is no need for insulting or saying anything you don’t mean. If you feel that your relationship was truly amazing these lines might help you to give it a nice closure, like a play that has to end but it was so amazing that it deserves an applause. Applause for an amazing relationship.

Thank you for everything you have done for me, unfortunately it is time to say goodbye.

These lines might seem as if you are saying goodbye to somebody that you didn’t spend too much time with, but it doesn’t have to be like that. It is your way to start your monologue or dialogue, whatever you choose it to be and to clearly state what you are doing. It will be clear from the beginning that you are grateful for everything that he has done for you, and that, even though you’re at the very closure of your relationship and bad things might have happened, you still remember what he did for you and you salute that. You salute his actions and the good moments the two of you had together and you salute him as a person as well.  

I’ve learned so much from you and I’m sure that the person such as you won’t take long to find the right one.

“What could I possibly have learned from him, he was my boyfriend, not my teacher?!”- might be something that crosses your mind. But if you stop for a moment and think, you’ll see that every single person that comes into our lives can teach us some kind of lesson. You won’t be expert in algebra when you exit your relationship but you might be wiser in love. You might learn how to love, how to cope with sadness, and even if it was a shitty relationship and you still want to be the best version of yourself and come out of it as a winner, it could be that you learned how not to love, or how not to treat the ones you love. Everything is a lesson, if you choose to learn from it.

I guess we are both “the right ones” but not for each other. I think it would be better to search our other half in someone else.

When everything’s going fine in relationship but you’re just can’t escape the feeling that this is not what you want, and you can’t seem to imagine you two together in longer terms, that is also ok. It is ok to say goodbye to whom ever you think you should say goodbye, I am not here to judge, but to help if that is your final decision. These lines might help you to make a point and give your relationship a proper closure.Finding the right ones always sounds thrilling and optimistic, and it is amazing when you discover on time that you are not dating your right one. Feel free to search such a person as long as it takes you.  

It would be less painful if we ended it now and save ourselves of hating each other. What we had was a rooftop and I’d like to remember you as such.

It can be the case that your partner is no longer what he was before. He’s not treating you as he did when he was doing everything that he could to win you over. Truth to be told, these kind of things happen a lot, and if you didn’t agree on that, then it is totally fine to end it on time. Your start was a blast, but you have been mistaken. You don’t have to continue the relationship until it becomes hell. You ought to yourself to keep your memories in the best shape so feel free to act according to this.   These five-goodbye-relationship lines are way better than “Let’s be friends!”. Such ending never brought anything good to anybody. It never points to the right ending and we can be easily fooled with our hope that we might get the second chance. When using any of these break up lines, it would be nice to add a valuable arguments so that the other side knows why the relationship is ending. To leave them with just this wouldn’t be enough and it would leave them wondering what went wrong. Just make sure your message is clear and that you are firm in your decision. And do relieve yourself of a burden if you’re carrying any.  


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