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When the person you share your life with really cares for you, you never doubt his feelings, no matter what. Even when the two of you argue or disagree and even when your relationship is at its lowest point, the love of this person never comes into question. It is a constant in your life—something you know will always exist and something you can count on even if your life depends on it.

When a real man loves you, he never makes you question or second-guess his love. He never plays games just to prove to you that he is this tough, hard to get guy and he never makes you chase him just to repair his broken ego or heal his insecurities.

When a real man loves you, he does it with all of his heart. This guy makes sure that you are always fully aware of the depth of his love and he doesn’t have a problem with expressing his feelings or exposing his vulnerabilities to you.

This guy doesn’t send you mixed signals and he doesn’t leave you wondering what is happening between the two of you. He never makes you crave commitment or labels and he never makes you beg for things that he should give you from the start.

Instead, he gives you the title of his girlfriend right away and he is more than proud to show you to the entire world. He doesn’t take you for granted after the initial passion goes away and he always keeps on proving and showing his devotion to your relationship.

Nevertheless, this is not something your boyfriend does, is it now? If you look at things realistically, you’ll notice that this guy is anything but clear about his feelings for you.

You’ll notice that he isn’t consistent about the way he treats you and that you always end up wondering where the two of you stand. If you look at things logically, you’ll admit to yourself that you are not sure whether he loves you or not.

Well, let me tell you the harsh truth you probably want to escape from – if you are not one hundred percent positive of a man’s love for you, chances are that this love is non-existent, as much as you want it to be real. If this man makes you feel emotionally neglected, unwanted or unloved, chances are that he actually doesn’t love you. And that is the last thing you deserve, especially after everything you’ve given him.

You don’t deserve spending sleepless nights trying to read between the lines and trying to get to the bottom of this guy’s intentions. Trying to decode his mixed signals and trying to figure out what he really means and wants.

You deserve more than someone who isn’t sure about you. More than to waste years of your life waiting for him to make up his mind about you, to reach a decision about your relationship and to get his shit together.

More than wondering why you can’t be enough for this man to choose you for real and what it is that you can do to make him come to his senses. More than blaming yourself for this situation, when he is the only one responsible for it.

You deserve more than settling for breadcrumbs of his love and more than begging for his undivided attention. More than rereading his texts, looking for clues of his feelings and more than being his second choice and never a priority. More than waiting for his late-night drunk call in which he tells you that he is crazy about you and more than being the girl he goes to when he runs out of all other options.

You deserve more than not being able to rely on someone, more than not being sure if this man will be in your life tomorrow and more than not knowing if you can count on him for anything. More than racking your brain, trying to plan the future with this inconsistent guy.

So please, look the harsh truth in the eye and finally accept that this man doesn’t love you enough. Stop making excuses for him and justifying his behavior just so you can keep on deceiving yourself and so you can stay in this relationship.

Instead, understand that this guy isn’t emotionally unavailable, he isn’t scared that you’ll break his heart and he doesn’t need time to open up to you. Accept the fact that he just doesn’t love you the way you love him, walk away and wait for someone who will give you all the love you deserve.


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