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How To Ask Each Sign Out That Will Snag A Great First Date 

Asking someone out can feel like putting on a pair of too-tight jeans. The jeans look amazing on the rack, and we know that we were meant to fill them. But the second we pick them up and try to squeeze ourselves in we find that we’re in for more of a struggle than we bargained for. All of a sudden we have to either give up and go back to our old, comfortable sweats, or we have to fight through the fear and get that button done up. While asking someone out might be more of an internal struggle than an external one, the emotional quality can be kind of the same. There’s always the potential for the jeans to not fit (or our crush to say no), which results in some of us not even trying in the first place. It’s so much more heartbreaking to never take the chance, though; trust us on that. So much happiness can come from putting ourselves and our feelings out there. And by utilizing the ancient wisdom of the star signs, we can actually force the success a little bit more. While these aren’t fail-proof phrases, they can help us have a little more success. Here’s the way to ask each sign out that will guarantee a better chance of them saying “YES!”

Gemini Women: “Are You In The Mood To Go Out Tonight?”

Geminis will never admit that they’re sensitive, but they certainly do make a lot of their decisions based on mood. For a sign that tends to jump between yes and no (or hot and cold) quite often, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to actually ask a Gemini woman out. By asking her out in such a way that she can answer in the moment and based on her feelings, she’s able to give us a more direct answer (with much less indecision). Spoiler alert: chances are she’s going to say yes, or at least “no, but let’s try tomorrow”.

Gemini Men: “I Feel Like We Connect Really Well. Want To Get Together And Talk Even More?”

By removing the pressure of a formal first date, the Gemini man will be more inclined to get together. By making it about the two of you connecting in the moment (rather than some sort of let’s-be-together-forever thing) he’s going to feel much less stressed about whether or not he should go out. Connecting is a big part of what the Gemini man wants out of life. His indecision sometimes makes it hard to achieve that. By offering the reassurance that you two are already connecting well, he’ll be happy to keep that going strong with a coffee date or walk around the block.

Virgo Women: “Want To Grab A Drink And Trade Our Favorite Books?”

Virgo women are surprisingly quirky. Their big, beautiful brains are almost always focused on a practical solution to problems, even if those problems aren’t be-all-end-all issues that need to be solved. Virgo women will love the suggestion of getting together to trade books, as they love that kind of practical-but-fun date night. Throwing a drink into the mix will still make it feel like a classic date, a tradition that the Virgo woman likes. More structure is good when it comes to the Virgo woman, but still remember to keep things fun. She won’t do boring for very long!


Virgo Men: “I Have This Theory… Meet Me For Coffee And We Can Discuss?”

Virgos aren’t as chatty as Sagittarians, but they do love a good conversation every now and then. They’re idea-based people, but their reserved nature means they won’t always engage in heated, idea-focused discussion (unless they’re invited). They will, however, jump at the chance when offered. That’s why this first date ask is always such a hit. The Virgo man gets a chance to flex his discussion skills, and you get to show off all of your smarts. Plus, coffee is almost always going to be a hit. This is the kind of ask that will leave both partners happy and excited to go out for a second time.

Aquarius Women: “There’s This Unknown Band Playing A Secret Show. Come With?”

Aquarius women are secret rockstars. Not literally; we don’t know if every Aquarius woman knows how to play an instrument. But they’ve got the spirit that lends itself well to rock and roll. They like to experience the world, and tend to like people who are willing to show them new experiences. Aquarius women might seem like they keep to themselves, but they’ve got some of the biggest hearts out of all of the signs. This adventure will definitely be enough to get them intrigued and willing to go out. If there’s no secret bands playing, we also recommend underground art shows or poetry readings.


Aquarius Men: “You’re So In Touch With Yourself. Can I Get To Know You Better?”

Aquarius men are sensitive, but they don’t always wear their hearts on their sleeves. They like to tease a little, but won’t show their cards fully unless they really trust the person they’re with. It’s not that they want to keep things hidden away; they like to know people, and want people to trust. By making the first move and asking if we can get to know them better, we’re able to establish trust and loyalty, two values that Aquarius holds highly. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear someone say they want to get to know us better? It’s like the ultimate flattery for a sign that has such a strong sense of self.

Sagittarius Women: “We Don’t Know Each Other Yet, But Let’s Hang Out!”

Sagittarius women are some of the wildest signs. Sure, maybe Aries or Leo is a little more impulsive and centre-of-attention based. Sagittarius has their own drum that they like to march to, and fully embrace anyone who wants to join them. By keeping the pressure low (keeping it in the realm of a hang out rather than a full-on date) the Sagittarius woman won’t feel too stressed, and will be able to keep being her sparkly and shining self. If she gets too caught up in her head she might back down; while she loves change and adventure, she’s such a good talker that she can talk herself out of things. Just keep it light and breezy and she’ll say yes.

Sagittarius Men: “I Went On This Cool Adventure Once. Want Me To Take You When I Go Back?”

Sagittarius men are suckers for adventure, and will say yes to going on one even if they don’t know what it will be. While this is less of a first date activity and more of a “let’s go out” icebreaker, the sentiment it’ll inspire is one of excitement and positivity. Rather than planning the adventure right away, we suggest starting off with a coffee date. This will let the plans hatch naturally in person, and will allow Sagittarius the freedom to chat to his heart’s content. Trust us, though: this line is going to be a winner whether the adventure actually happens or not.

Aries Women: “Would You Be Interested In Going On A Date This Friday?”

Direct and to the point: that’s what an Aries woman wants. While she certainly likes to be praised and romanced as much as any other sign, she doesn’t want to beat around the bush trying to figure out someone’s intentions. Nor does she want to play games. She wants to know what a person wants, and wants to help them achieve it. In this case the line is a little more generic, but it really does work. Choose any day of the week for the date as well; we suggest Friday, as the hardworking Aries will most likely feel okay taking Saturday morning off. If she’s got a different work schedule, feel free to work around that.

Aries Men: “I Like You. Can We Date?”

Remember when we mentioned how Aries like to have conversations that are direct and to the point? It doesn’t get much more direct than this. Aries men are often the ones in the position of power. They’re magnetic, charismatic, and don’t let anyone overstep their boundaries with them. While it’s likely the Aries man will ask a person out first, it’ll be refreshing for them to have someone asking them out. We suggest keeping it to the point and with a little bit of flattery. Knowing how we feel will make an Aries man more comfortable; and he’ll be able to share if he’s on the same page.

Scorpio Women: “I Want To Take You Out. What Do You Want To Do?”

Scorpio women are leaders, yes, but they’re also incredibly in touch with their emotions. They don’t like people who play games, hide things, or keep secrets. That being said, they’re not the type to wear their heart on their sleeve. We know we’re dealing with a Scorpio when they first answer “how are you” with “fine”, and then 30 seconds later are exploding about this thing that happened at work. By letting the Scorpio woman decide where to go, she’s already set up for happiness on the date. The idea of getting taken out is still a bit of a romantic notion, and one that she’ll love. It’s bound to be a yes.

Scorpio Men: “Hey Are You Busy? I’m Going For A Walk Right Now, Come Join Me!”

While they’re not the most impulsive signs, they are the kind who don’t like to give up good opportunities. By embracing this aspect of a Scorpio, they’re going to be more likely to say yes. Walks are a no-pressure activity. If we don’t like the person we’re on the walk with, we can just turn around and walk away. Scorpio men will embrace the chance to get to know someone, and will love the fact that you’re showing off your willingness for adventure and opportunity. This is a first date ask that will win their respect as well as their heart.


Leo Women: “You’re So Brilliant! Can I Take You Out To Your Favorite Restaurant?”

Leo ladies love the spotlight. They love being embraced and noticed, and will sometimes push their way in if they’re not getting the attention they feel they need. While this is great in situations that are lacking leaders (after all, Leos are wonderful leaders) it’s not so great when faced with a partner who also wants to be in the spotlight. Leo ladies will love the expectations that are set up by this ask. Not only will starting off with a compliment soften their lioness tendencies, but getting to choose where to go? Now that sounds like a perfect date.


Leo Men: “Wanna Come Over?”

Seriously, just ask. It doesn’t need to be all weird and clandestine in the middle of the night; it can be a regular old day time date, or even have the addendum to meet at the coffee shop down the street. Leo men love boldness. They want to know that whomever they’re dating is going to be able to keep up with all of their ideas and opportunities, as well as push them to be even better. Plus, attention is always a good thing. One little phrase shows off so much: the boldness of taking the chance to ask, the push to go for what you want, and the flattery that comes with getting asked. It’s a perfect Leo love potion.

Pisces Women: “I Just Feel Like We Can Talk About Anything. Please Be Mine.”

Pisces woman are perfectly matched to anyone who’s willing to indulge in a little romance. While Pisces might not always be loud and proud with their emotions, they’re certainly present and engaged with those they’re interested in. They’re not the greatest at recognizing signs, which is why the direct approach is great for Pisces folk. Mentioning how connected the partnership is is a great basis for building up the trust, and professing a little bit of love is particularly exciting for the fantasy life of the Pisces. Ultimately it doesn’t even matter what the date involves. As long as there’s some romance the Pisces woman will be happy.

Pisces Men: “Let’s Make Beautiful Music Together.”

Remember when we mentioned the fantasy life of the Pisces woman? It’s very similar to the Pisces man. Pisces men love feeling wanted, and especially love being showered with romance. This line won’t just ensure a date, it’ll ensure a whole slew of passion and love. Assuming the Pisces man is interested, of course. Don’t take hesitation as a no either! Pisces are naturally a little more shy, which means they might need to take a little more time to warm up to the idea of actually going out. They’ll be more inclined to date if friendship has been established first, making this more of a declaration-of-love line than a first date note.


Capricorn Women: “You’re Way Out Of My League, But Could I Have The Honor Of Asking You Out?”

“My queen” is probably the Capricorn woman’s favorite pet name. She loves to feel valued and respected, and is looking for a partner that she can trust. Mutual respect is one of the most important values for a Capricorn woman. Trust can be a little difficult for her, as she doesn’t necessarily like to take risky chances. By upping the respect, adoration, and love right off the bat, we’re more likely to capture the Capricorn woman’s attention. She’s definitely going to appreciate the flattery as well; who doesn’t like to be told they’re a 10/10? We’ll certainly take that compliment whenever it’s offered.

Capricorn Men: “Your Confidence Is So Impressive. Can I Buy You A Drink?”

Capricorn men pride themselves on the fact that they’re their own person. They never change who they are to fit in with a group. Capricorn is a take-me-or-leave-me sign, which means we need to be able to handle that determination and individuality. Sometimes they possess a touch of stubbornness, but those that know Capricorns will understand that they don’t mean to be obstinate. Confidence is something the Capricorn loves having, which is why it’s a great idea to compliment him on it. Since he’s normally the go-getter in a relationship, asking him out will be a refreshing change. He’ll love it!

Taurus Women: “Instead Of Going Out, Do You Want To Make Dinner Together?”

Taurus women are relaxed, but definitely don’t rest when there’s stuff to be done. People love the easy-going nature of a Taurus woman, but they don’t always know how to approach her. Keeping things cool and casual can be a hit with the Taurus woman, especially if you two knew each other prior to when the passion began bubbling. By keeping things chill and relaxed, the Taurus woman won’t get worried about meeting any expectations. A Taurus woman goes her own speed, and won’t comply with other speeds. As a sign that likes to stay in, staying home and cooking a meal together is going to be the best bet for a positive response.

Taurus Men: “Want To Join Me On A Tasting Tour Of The Best Bars In The City?”

Okay, okay: we know that we just talked about how the the Taurus isn’t necessarily the most out and about person. They like to stay calm and cool in the face of adventure (or danger) making them great partners to have in the event of a crisis. Believe it or not, the adventure is invigorating for them as well. Taurus men aren’t afraid of trying new things; they just want it to be direct and easy. The Taurus man will love going on a date that’s full of new things, as well as one that’s full of delicious food and drink. After all, Tauruses love those little luxuries. Food is always a good bet.


Cancer Women: “No Pressure, But I Think You’re Really Lovely And Want To Take You To Dinner. But Only If You Want To.”

Cancer women are fiercely loyal and aren’t afraid to show it. They love when people are upfront with them, but they also know that they need a little bit of love to balance it out. They keep themselves in a particular balance; they’re controlled, calm, and totally connected to their inner life. This means that they don’t let people in easily. They tend to protect themselves until they’re sure that the love will be reciprocated. Asking a Cancer woman out is the first step in what will be an amazing relationship, but there needs to be a little bit of delicacy. Take the time to set up the ask right, and it’ll be great.

Cancer Men: “I’d Really Like If We Could Go Out. Are You Interested?”

Cancer men are direct, believe it or not. While they don’t like to give away their emotions, they will let themselves get swept up in love when the mood is right. They tend to believe their inner monologue more than anything else. This is a good thing in the event of a big decision. The big decision in this case? Figuring out if they can trust something new, like a relationship. By prefacing with your emotional state, they’ll be more willing to open up and relax. Knowing how their potential partner feels is important, as it reassures them that everyone is on the same page.

Libra Women: “Can We Grab A Coffee To Talk About Going On A Date?”

Libra women are not the best decision makers. While a Gemini is indecisive and an Aries is impulsive, Libra is the sign that gets stuck between what they perceive as a rock and a hard place. They just can’t decide whether or not to do something if they don’t have the right kind of background or information supporting their decision. Libra women will appreciate the heads up and conversational approach to going on a date. By sitting down and talking it out they know exactly how to decide: your intentions are clear, their needs are clear, and everyone knows what the future holds.


Libra Men: “I’m Heading Out To Do Some Work In A Cafe. Want To Join Me?”

Libra men are hard workers when it comes to doing things they love. They like their to do lists and will do things in what they perceive to be the best order. Efficiency is a big thing with the Libra man, who’ll respect someone that holds those same values high. The Libra man wants nothing more than to find someone who balances him out. By suggesting a work session not only will there be some productivity (and a logical, practical reason to spend some time together) but there’ll also be some camaraderie. Easy conversation flow is excellent for a Libra relationship. Especially when it’s a first date.


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