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The One Thing She Won’t Forgive In A Relationship, A/c To Her Sign

Forgiveness means something different to everyone. Some see it as a clear indicator of emotional intelligence, while others see it as foolishness that opens you up to getting hurt again. There are folks who have conditions to be met before they’ll forgive, and will only do so once. And then there are those who believe that holding onto grudges hurts them more than the person they’re mad at, and for their own peace of mind, choose to forgive and forget.

Everybody has a different tolerance level when it comes to relationships, but even those who are willing to put up with a lot have a line that can be crossed. We all have that one relationship crime that would just be unforgivable, no matter how much we loved the person committing it. And that one thing we refuse to forgive under any circumstances can be determined by our Astrological sign.

Each sign in Astrology has their point of no return, and once their partner goes there, the relationship is as good as over. Read on below to find out what hurts you so badly that you can’t forgive it in a relationship, based on your sign.

The fire signs—Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius—are good at many things, but they’re not great negotiators.

They prefer to do things their way rather than somebody else’s, and this is especially true when it comes to their core beliefs and values.

When someone attacks their values, these signs take it as an attack on the essence of who they are, and it’s very difficult to mend the relationship after that. It’s possible to convince the fire signs to see things differently, but that task is much harder when the subject is something they already feel strongly about.


Aries Can Forgive Most Things, But Not Infidelity

Though Aries has a reputation for being fiery and easily enraged, the truth is she can put up with a lot. She’s a true leader in all areas of life, and part of that job is being tolerant of people who deserve it. That said, she will not accept cheating under any circumstances. Trustworthiness is hugely important to her in a relationship, and a union isn’t real to her unless she is loyal to her partner, and they are loyal to her. She considers infidelity a huge breach of loyalty, and will quickly kick to the curb anybody who betrays her like that.


Hurt Leo’s Loved Ones, And The Relationship Is Over
Like a true lion, Leo is ferociously protective of those closest to her. She has quite a thick skin and can bounce back from a lot of trespasses that are done to her personally, but it’s quite a different story where her family or friends are involved.

There’s enough room in her heart for a lot of people, so just because she falls in love with someone, it doesn’t mean everyone else in her life is no longer important to her.

And if her lover hurts those people, they should probably run away before she finds out and bites their head off.

Sagittarius Won’t Stand For Being Judged
An easy-going and agreeable sign, Sagittarius will put up with a lot. She finds a way to be okay with things that other people would consider deal-breakers and tries her best to go with the flow of a relationship and much as possible, without being too demanding. In return, however, she asks that can be herself, free of judgment. Criticizing others, especially her loved ones, isn’t her thing, so she doesn’t tolerate it when people do it to her. She immediately starts feeling restricted when a partner forces their opinions on her, and she won’t stand for what she sees as a loss of freedom.

Fire Signs’ Ability To Forgive: Pretty Impressive
It’s true that everybody has that one line you just don’t cross if you want to maintain the relationship. But that said, the fire signs are pretty good at forgiving overall.

They might have their individual deal-breakers, but as long as their partners don’t tread into that specific territory, they can bounce back from almost anything else.


The thing to remember about the fire signs is that they react really strongly to things and vent all their feelings out, and then they move on. Their hearts are too big to hold grudges, and they enjoy life too much to live with a chip on their shoulder.

The Earth Signs Know What They Deserve And Won’t Settle For Less
The earth signs may appear sensitive and unsure of themselves, but the truth is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn actually have incredibly high standards. They demand perfection of themselves, but also of other people and one of their greatest fears in life is settling. So with all that in mind, it’s easy to understand that they don’t take well to their partners mistreating them. Some signs will put up with a lot for the people they love, but the earth signs aren’t that lenient. They don’t settle for less than they deserve, and will proudly tell that to anybody who tries to play games with them.


Taurus Won’t Take It Well If Her Partner Can’t Own Up To Their Mistakes
Taurus is a grown woman and she wants to date someone whose maturity matches her own. In every relationship, both people will make mistakes, but the real sign of a quality partner is someone who can own up to those mistakes.

Taurus can’t stand people who can never admit when they’re wrong, and never take the high road and say sorry first.

This is an instant turn off for her because she can be quite stubborn too at times, and doesn’t have the patience to argue with someone who’s in the wrong. She’d rather find someone who can be more honest with her.


Constant Picking At Her Will Be Strike Three For Virgo

This is going to sound a little hypocritical of Miss Virgo because we all know she’s the queen of criticizing others. In reality, though, underneath that judgmental exterior, she’s actually a really sensitive soul whose feelings can easily be hurt. She never picks on people to be mean, but rather to help them improve. When her partner constantly picks at her, it’s not a good thing because she’s already picking at herself, and that overload of criticism messes with her head. Virgo is the picker in the relationship, and she needs someone who will hush that voice inside her, not egg it on.

Capricorn’s Won’t Put Up With Having To Ignore Her Goals For Her Partner’s

Capricorn is the queen of independent women and is one of the signs who’s actually hesitant to commit to a relationship because she’s more focused on achieving her personal goals than romance.

This sign can be happy in a relationship, but she has to ensure that she won’t be compromising her personal ambitions in the process.

If her partner expects her to put her goals on hold to tend to theirs, they shouldn’t expect to hang around for very long. Sooner rather than later, Capricorn will give them the flick so she can get her dreams back on track.


Earth Signs’ Ability To Forgive: Don’t Bother Asking

Though the earth signs are capable of forgiveness, they’re also capable of holding a grudge for a long time. Over-thinkers, these signs tend to live in the past or the future rather than the present, and have a hard time letting history go. They take note of and remember absolutely everything, and it’s very hard work to get them to change their opinions about someone once they’ve been formed. They’re less idealistic and passionate than the other signs, making decisions out of logic rather than what their heart desires. Therefore, even if they’d like to forgive someone, they just won’t do it if it doesn’t make sense.

The Air Signs Won’t Waste Time With People Who Aren’t Compatible With Them

The air signs will give anything and anyone a chance, but they’re quick to evaluate whether that arrangement works for them or not. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius know very quickly whether they’re compatible with the person they’re dating or not, and if they’re not, they don’t see the point in sticking around.

These signs see the world as endless opportunities to grab by the horns and believe that time spent with someone who doesn’t bring the best out of them, and whom they don’t enjoy, is time wasted.


If they decide a date isn’t for them, there are usually no second chances afterward.

Gemini Can’t Get Used To A Partner Who Is Closed-Minded

There are many words to describe Gemini, but closed-minded is not one of them. This sign is always on the lookout for something to push her out of her comfort zone, is exceptionally positive, and wants to get the best out of life. She’ll accept a lot from a partner, but she won’t be able to handle being with someone who’s a bit of a wet blanket. If someone is closed-minded, prejudiced or just generally grumbly and negative, they aren’t compatible with the sunny Gemini. She won’t allow them to bring her down and ruin her mood for very long.

Libra Can’t Forgive Being Humiliated In Front Of Her Family And Friends

In her circle, Libra has a reputation to uphold. Everybody knows her as the voice of reason or the wise one, and she’s earned that reputation fair and square.

So it gets under her skin and hits a nerve when someone embarrasses her in front of the people who mean a lot to her.

A partner who does anything in public to show that Libra isn’t actually a good judge of character will probably be dumped. Libra can forgive infidelity, rudeness or mistreatment to a degree, but not when it’s done openly for her friends and family to see.


Aquarius Has No Time For Possessiveness

Being independent and sure of herself, Aquarius isn’t the type to cling to a partner. She is perfectly capable of handling life on her own and only gets into relationships because they enhance her life, not because she’s lost without them. She’s not possessive at all, so she can’t handle it when her partner is possessive. For her, clinginess is an instant turn-off, and if that behavior persists, she usually doesn’t have the patience to stick and around and wait for it to get better. She doesn’t like feeling trapped or controlled in a relationship, and won’t stand for it.

Air Signs’ Ability To Forgive: Mostly Good

Although the air signs don’t like to waste time with people who don’t enhance their lives, they’re very tolerant of the people who do. If they can see it working with someone, they tend to give out lots of chances.

These signs are quite understanding, so they see where the other person is coming from rather than judging them and focusing on their own hurt feelings.

And when they do decide to cut a date off for good, there doesn’t have to be bad blood or hard feelings. These signs don’t like conflict and prefer to stay on good terms with everyone, even exes!


The Water Signs Are Sensitive And Have Conditions That Can’t Be Challenged

The water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—love being in love, and in most cases, will do whatever they have to do to keep their partner happy. Because they’re quite empathic by nature, they tend to be understanding and tolerant to a degree. However, being sensitive signs, they definitely have lines that cannot be crossed. While they accept things that other people wouldn’t, they also are offended by things that others wouldn’t think twice about. There are certain issues on which they won’t meet a partner halfway, and conditions that they demand to have met if the relationship is going to work.

Cancer Can’t Handle Being Mocked And Made Fun Of

Cancer can take a joke, but not when she’s the subject of that joke. Perhaps the most thin-skinned sign in Astrology (once she lets down her super hard shell, that is), Cancer takes a lot of things personally, even if they were said in jest. She’s just that little bit more sensitive than other signs.

Teasing sometimes occurs in relationships, but Cancer is really uncomfortable being on the receiving end.

Particularly when she’s mocked or made fun of in a way that’s not just for fun but is actually mean-spirited, she’ll soon be pushed to her limit and call it quits.


Scorpio Won’t Forgive A Pathological Liar

Honesty is probably the most important thing to Scorpio in a relationship. If things turn toxic, she can be a little dishonest, but in a healthy relationship, she tells the truth and she expects her partner to do the same. She has little to no patience for someone who feels the need to lie about everything. Of course, the big lies are a problem for her, but she’s also intolerant of little white lies. Sometimes people twist the truth for convenience, or to avoid conflict, but with Scorpio, it’s always better to say it exactly how it is.

Pisces Has No Time For People Who Are Aggressive Or Violent

Above all, Pisces is a peaceful sign. Though she’s not perfect, she doesn’t make room for violence or any form of aggression in her life. If she’s with a partner who has anger issues, she’s more than happy to talk to them and help them vent out that anger in a healthy way.


In fact, that kind of support is what she’s best at.

But no matter what they’re going through, she won’t tolerate aggressive or violent behavior. Whether it’s aimed at her or someone else, she won’t forgive someone who brings those negative vibes into her world.

Water Signs’ Ability To Forgive: Possible After Time
When it comes to forgiveness, the water signs can move on from the past only when their emotional wounds have fully healed. Avoiding conflict and pleasing people isn’t as important to them as venting their feelings and being honest, so they won’t just hand out forgiveness for the sake of being agreeable. Only when they are no longer hurting and truly have no more anger toward a person can they extend the olive branch. Sometimes this can take quite a while because these signs have a lot of emotions to get through before they are finally ready to heal.



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