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12 Flirting Tips That Get His Attention &  Never Do, Each Sign


Break out the lashes and confident shoes. It’s time to talk about flirting… From both the do and the don’t perspectives. That’s right ladies, this isn’t just a one sided flirting article. This is a how-to guide that’s put to use all the secrets of the stars. Some people love the thrill of the chase. Others appreciate being courted more than they want to actually go on the hunt. Dating apps have in some ways made it much easier to flirt. Swiping yes is as good as asking someone out in a lot of ways. Mutual attraction has been established, and everyone knows that the interest is certainly there. But what happens when we meet someone face to face? How do we flirt without the assistance of a firm swipe? The answer is both more simple and more complicated than one might think. Each sign will be more receptive to one flirting style than another. Sometimes we even find that non-flirting offers more success than a traditional pick up line. How do we know which method to use, though? We look to the stars. These are the secrets that many signs don’t even realize they hold. These are the flirting methods that will capture the hearts and minds of any sign. These methods might not be foolproof, but they’re certainly a step in the right direction. Just for posterity, we also added what not to do. If nothing else, listens to these star sign don’ts.

Taurus: Do Indulge In A Romantic Gesture Or Two

Tauruses as a whole are very calm and relaxed creatures. They never get too angry or perturbed and don’t feel put out or upset if something doesn’t go their way. While it’s a bit of a mystery as to how they can stay so calm, we think it has something to do with their love of comfort.

Tauruses like good food and good friends, and would rather choose a cozy sweater over a hot looking jacket.

They love affection in the form of presents, which is why indulging in a romantic gesture is sure to win their heart. Try bringing a flower on a first date or surprising them with coffee and their favorite treat at work.

But Don’t Play Coy Or Hard To Get

Yes, Taurus is relaxed and willing to go with the flow. However, they’re not going to go along with any games. Some people like to pull the whole he-said-she-said thing, making it hard for the Taurus to keep track of who’s actually feeling what. Taurus isn’t one for rumors or hearsay. They take things at face value, and don’t want to deal with someone who isn’t going to be upfront with their emotions. Taurus, believe it or not, are fairly shy when it comes to emotional expression. They need their partners to be open so they know what side of the page everyone’s on.

Virgo: Do Bring Some Fun Into His Life

Virgo is a fairly closed sign, which means that he might need a little convincing to come out of his shell. Some dating opinions might be set on how intellectual compatibility is the best way to get with a Virgo man. That’s not always true, though. Intellectual compatibility is likely a given if you’re attracted to this Virgo guy. The best way to really get him intrigued, though? Bringing the fun and freedom into his life that he has trouble gifting to himself. Having a good time is a great way to get him excited, and excited about spending even more time with you!

But Don’t Keep It Casual For Too Long

Fun and free is great, but eventually the Virgo will want to settle down. As an Earth sign he’s just going to get more and more excited about the idea of a committed relationship. Eventually all of the casual relationship aspects will need to stop and we’ll need to decide if we want to commit. And if things are seemingly staying casual for the indefinite future? Well, Virgos don’t like to keep a lot of spare time around. We might find ourselves cut off from that handsome Virgo if he doesn’t see the potential. That being said, try to not force a relationship if it’s really not wanted… On anyone’s part!

Capricorn: Do Cater To His Preferences

Capricorns are one of the most stubborn signs, but they’re actually not that difficult to please. Earth signs tend to keep their cards close, not wanting to give away any details or incite any miscommunications. Capricorns consider themselves to be on a need-to-know basis. That is, until they decide that you need to know everything.

Build up trust with a Capricorn man first by listening to what he has to say, and caring about his preferences and opinions.

Definitely consider for the first little while what he cares about and likes to do. This kind of concrete action means a whole lot to the Capricorn man.

But Don’t Be Afraid To Show Him Your Interests Too

That being said, no relationship is good if it’s one sided. Relationships need to be a thing of mutual caring and companionship, as well as full of respect and consideration for the other person’s needs/wants. The Capricorn man might seem a little stuck in his ways and wants initially, but don’t be afraid to show him the things you love too. He wants to get to know you as much as he wants to enjoy himself. He’s actually one of the most thoughtful signs; he’s just not that outgoing with question-asking. Don’t be afraid to offer up opinions and your own loves too!

Leo: Do Shower Him With Affection

Isn’t it obvious? The one thing that gets a Leo excited about a relationship is the affection and emotional connection. Leos love to be praised and showered with both emotional and physical affection. They respect people who aren’t afraid to share their hearts, and love when people want to get to know their heart as well. While the Leo wants to be the centre of attention, they know when to back off and hold their tongues. They might hesitate a little at first from being physical as reading subtle signs isn’t their strong suit. That’s why it’s really attractive to the Leo man if you’re able to make the first move!

But Don’t Stop Teasing And Tussling

With all that heart-to-heart action happening it can be tempting to fall into the mushy and gushy romance category of relationship. Don’t be fooled, though. While the Leo loves intimate connections (as well as kisses and cuddles) they also have a thick skin that they love to use.

They’re happy to poke fun and play around with a partner, and need someone who’s able to match them in humor and intensity.

We believe that this is a great way to really lock in a Leo relationship. Teasing with humor and intelligence is the perfect balance to some mushy love and affection.

Aries: Do Bring Your Passion To The Table

Aries men are incredibly hard working. They’re driven, and they love people who can match them. If a partner can push them to being better and working harder, that’s even better as well! Aries are always on the lookout for those that want to compete, which means it’s time to bring your A game. Get ready for a wild ride with your Aries man, even when you’re still in the dating phase. Flirtation is a great thing, and one that’s never going to go to waste on the Aries guy. Just ensure that your passion is honest, and not pushed; being too in-his-face with the love and romance might be more of a turn off than a turn on.

But Don’t Just Get Caught Up In The Physical

It’s a trap we all fall into. A new relationship starts and we find ourselves wanting to stay over every night. Dinner dates suddenly take twice as long because we can’t let go of each others’ hands. Saying goodbye takes ages, since there needs to be at least 27 kisses every single time someone turns to leave. Is that the best thing for the relationship, though? While it might feel good in the moment, Aries are forward-thinkers. By building a strong emotional base with them first they’ll know that there’s a future with this relationship; not just raw passion, though that can be tempting sometimes.

Sagittarius: Do Ask Questions And Embrace All His Stories

Sagittarius guys are the traditional free spirits of the star signs, which means there’s a certain amount of loosey-goosey-ness to this relationship already. The right person for the Sagittarius man doesn’t mind a little spur-of-the-moment love or adventure. They’ll also know that the Sagittarius man likes to talk… But not always about himself. For all their witty ways, Sagittarians actually don’t like to open up all that much. By asking questions and listening to his stories you’re going to show that you really do love and care about who he is inside. That’s the best flirtation there is; intimate caring!

But Don’t Forget To Jump In With Your Own!

Due to the fact the Sagittarius man likes to talk, some of his stories can go on for a while. Ages, in fact.

The Sagittarius man has a great mind that’s able to make all sorts of fun and out-of-the-blue connections.

He can tie what he had for breakfast this morning to his favorite childhood memory easy as pie. Because of his long-windedness (which we totally say with love) any potential partner is going to need to be able to jump in with their own stories and ideas. Discussion is only as good as its give and take, which is why it’s important to never be afraid to share. Trust us; he wants to know.

Cancer: Do Reveal Some Of Your Secrets

Some folks in the dating pool might believe that a certain amount of time should elapse before a potential partner should reveal their secrets. We say that that’s not always the best course of action, especially when dealing with a sign like Cancer. Cancer men are sensitive, and aren’t afraid to dive deep into someone’s emotional world. While they might hesitate to reveal theirs, they’re always happy to listen and learn about who you are. By revealing yourself, you’re setting an expectation that a partnership with you is a safe space. That’s incredibly valuable flirting for a Cancer, even if it feels too vulnerable and raw right off the bat for some of us.

But Don’t Push Him To Reveal His

The number one mistake many of us make when dealing with a Cancer is trying to get him to reveal things he doesn’t want to reveal. While we might feel a little exposed sharing our secrets and our hearts, it’s not fair to ask him to reveal his if he’s not ready. He cares, though, and won’t be afraid to show it when secrets are being spilled. Pushing him to spill his before he’s ready is going to have a negative reaction though. Instead of opening up, he’s more likely to clam up when being put on the spot like that!

Scorpio: Do Make A Grand Declaration Of Romantic Intent

Scorpio men are suckers for romance even if they would never admit it. They’re incredibly passionate, and feel everything so incredibly deeply. Not only do Scorpios love to be emotionally close, they love when other people set the standard. They’ll play by anyone’s rules, but only if they know them and think the playing field is even.

Scorpios may not be the most subtle folks, but they’ll never overstep the boundaries that are already in place.

If there’s a grand declaration of romantic intent (for example: “I really like you, want to go on a date?”) they’re much more willing to embrace the flirtation.

But Don’t Try And “Take Things Slow”

The only thing that might turn a Scorpio off of a budding romance is wanting to take things slow. Scorpio wants everything right away, and doesn’t particularly wish to change their own internal rhythm. If they’re into a relationship, they want to go all in. If they’re not interested, we tend to know pretty quickly. Doing things “halfway” isn’t an option for the passionate, full-steam-ahead Scorpio. Taking things slow feels a little underwhelming most of the time, which makes the Scorpio less inclined to commit. Remember, though: the decision to be in a relationship has to be mutual. If you’re not into it (and would rather go slow) don’t pressure yourself to commit.

Pisces: Do Make The First Move

Pisces men aren’t the most forward. They don’t like to make people uncomfortable, and certainly don’t want anyone to feel upset with them due to an overstepped boundary. Pisces love to live in their heads, which is why it’s usually up to a potential partner to make the first move. They love to tell people what they’re thinking about, but only when asked. They’re not ones to offer up information, which is why we need to really put ourselves out there at first to make things happen. Making the first move will also fuel some of their fantasies, which will do half the flirtation work for you.

But Don’t Push Too Far Forward

As much as we believe that the Pisces man will be receptive to someone who’s forward and upfront, we also know that they’re not necessarily the type to jump into intimate things without preparing first. The Pisces man might say that he’s the one who wants to go all-out, all at once, but in actuality he’s probably a little scared.

Pisces are prone to anxiety, which often means they talk a bigger game than they’ll really play.

Pushing too far forward in the relationship too soon can actually push the Pisces man farther away. That’s the opposite thing we want to happen when we’re flirting!

Gemini: Do Dress Up When Going Out

Gemini men love to get close to people, and love to go on adventures. They’re the kind of people who we can call at midnight and ask for a long talk and a walk, and they’re into it. Due to this kind of willingness to go on adventures with people, there needs to be a pretty clear distinction as to when a date is actually a date. By dressing up and going out it sends clear signals that this taco dinner isn’t just a fun meal at the new neighborhood food stop. It’s a serious date, and one that we hope will have some seriously fun consequences.


But Don’t Let The Surface Be All There Is

A common pitfall that happens with those that start to become concerned with their looks, is that they become overly concerned with their looks. Make no mistake: the Gemini man doesn’t really care how high our heels are or if we’ve put on makeup. He’s more of an ideas man than anything else. Ensuring that we’re giving just as much emphasis to the creative and intellectual connections will ultimately be the thing that locks us in as future partners. Looking good is great, but sharing ideas? Definitely the way to a Gemini man’s heart, mind, and soul. Heck, just his life in general!

Aquarius: Do Get Creative When It Comes To Date Night Shenanigans

Aquarius men are similar to the Geminis in that they like a creative mind. They want someone they can philosophize with. Water signs are thinkers, which is part of the reason most of this flirtation stuff has to consist of discussion and debate. Aquarius men especially like to live inside their heads, making it nearly impossible to talk to them in anyway other than through deep conversation.

They love creative minds, and will feel close to anyone who puts a little creativity into a date night.

Plus, they’ll love the commitment it takes to plan something creative, fun, and relevant to their interests.

3…But Don’t Forget To Build Trust From The Ground Up First

This is often the step that goes missing when it comes to flirting with an Aquarius man. People think that because he’s such an internal processor he’s willing and able to jump right in to a relationship. After all, he’s got it all figured out inside his head, right? While it can be hard to read him, don’t assume that he’s actually got it all figured out. Sometimes the Aquarius guy can think himself in circles, making it tricky for him to trust his own views on a situation. Be sure to build trust from the most fundamental level first, and then feel free to dive into the fun and wild shenanigans. That’s the best way to do it.


Libra: Do Impress Him With Your Knowledge

One of the best things a girl can do when flirting with a Libra man is to impress him with her knowledge. The subject of that knowledge isn’t what’s most important; whether it’s basketball or mystery novels, a Libra just wants to know that he’s with someone who has an interest and a passion in something. He doesn’t particularly care about what it is. After all, the Libra is curious about many things. While he only tends to invest in the things that align with his interest, the more information we share with him the better. Plus, he’s going to have a lot of respect for those that are able to impress him with knowledge, or hold their own in a conversation about one of his interests.

1…But Don’t Let Debates Overwhelm The Conversation

One of the worst things we can do as a potential Libra lover is to let debates run the conversation. While it’s great to spar intellectually once in a while, if that’s the only thing you two are doing there’s going to be a bit of disparity between the flirtation and the tone of conversations. Balance the debates with meaningful dialogue, or else he might think we’re just here to fight. And that’s definitely not the reaction we want when it comes time to flirt! Ultimately, it may all about balance. Be forward, but not too forward. Hold your own in a debate, but don’t get attached to winning. Listen, but also share… Hey, that kind of sounds like a relationship!


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